Thursday, November 22, 2007

SLS blog fan and Pulling the Wishbone

Received from a blog fan from SLS :

"hey danni - i read your blog today and it was so hot -love the stories of you and badkitty. what's the best way to start getting into the swing scene? my wife and I aren't up for six-somes where everyone fucks everyone (although that might happen..who knows). I think we'd be more comfortable with watching or being watched - what's the best way to get into a more milder scene than what you write about? "

Dear Mr. Anonymous,

I thought I'd be clever (or a smart-ass, whichever works best for you LOL) on this Thanksgiving evening and embed some answers within the email above based on past blog posts. We've written SO much over the years on many of these topics. You'll just have to dig through the archives for the gems. (Link to the archives are on the right-hand sidebar!)

We had other blog fans recently email us and say they'd stayed up all night to read EVERY post we ever made. Laughed my ass off on that one, especially when they wrote that they had to stop every now and again while reading to "get busy". LMAO!!!

Oh, and this is the ONLY post on our entire 3 years of blogging that we've even used the word MILD, and then it was from sharing information from a Kinsey report. LOL "Mild" just doesn't describe us and Danni654 Swingertime! Happy Turkey Day!

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