Sunday, November 13, 2005

Want to know more about The Private Affair?

I've recently been asked more about TPA , the wonderful on-premise club, just north of Baltimore, off I95...

If you're interested in attending, check out their site at and follow the instructions. TPA requires a phone call to validate you are real. You can pay for your membership with a credit card. When you RSVP for a party (every Saturday night), they'll give you a confirmation code. You give this code to the gatekeeper on the night of the party to gain entry to the parking lot. Very 007 kind of stuff, but makes one feel so secure!

When you pay your party fee inside, the club hosts will give you name tags. Everyone is supposed to wear their name tags. Single males (they do allow a few) are noted on their name tags. As a female, my guy's name is on my name tag. And my name is on his name tag. Another nice security feature. If you're new, come early and the nightly hosts will give you a personal guided tour.

The club pricing is very reasonable compared to the value! The parties start early and run very late. They have food available all night long. A great DJ and dance floor, complete with stripper poles, mirrors and an elevated cage all give the club a very "night club" atmosphere. It's BYOB which makes it all the more cost effective for lifestylers! (They do have a "no sex on the bar" rule that I broke once. tee hee hee) If you need more visual stimulation, there's porn on tv's everywhere.

Then, there's the play areas....a huge hot tub, many rooms - about 25 - (some themed, most mirrored) for group or individual play. They have a "glory hole" room, which B just loves. This is a room where the guys can stick their cocks through holes (there are 3) while not knowing what girl is sucking them from the other side.

There's a variety of favorite is the full body leather one in the huge voyeur room...that's on the electric hoist. I liked it so much, I bought one just like it (including the hoist) and had it installed in our bedroom when we were building. But I digress...

More on TPA. Most room play tends to be in full "swing" by midnight. If you haven't staked out a room (and playmates) by then, you will end up with sloppy seconds...or thirds. Doors do have locks although a few people choose to leave their door open, either for viewing or joining in by others.

The only thing B and I find annoying about TPA is the utter disregard some people have for others. For instance, there are 2 voyeur rooms...however, the TPA club owners have chosen to put shades on the windows. WHY? This is dumb. It's great to be watched and not have to worry about unwelcome visitors (door can be locked). But some people use these rooms (because they're very spacious) and pull the shades. I'm particularly pissed when I see 1 couple emerge from these rooms. And, then there's the people who will stake out a room for the entire night. Duh! Let's try a little common courtesy!

Oh, and I wish there was a way to identify people girls from the girls who are just looking for cock....voyeur couples vs. true lifestyle couples....hard swap vs. soft swap, etc. We're all for socializing with people, but when you attend a club to play, it's a real pisser to find you've spent a lot of time chatting with people who just want to be "friends". Agh!!!!

TPA also has pool tables for those who want to play a different kind of game. Hope this little synopsis helps explain better what TPA is all about. Next time we go to TPA, we'd love to chat with some people prior to going and then meet a few new couples there. The TPA Message Board is a little lacking, but that's not the owners fault....that's a members thing.

Anybody have comments on TPA...or other clubs we should check out?????

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