Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Have We Reached Urban Legend Status!?!?

Yes, we must have reached Urban Legend status!?!? At first I was a little pissed...I hate rumors! But then I was thinking ...well, how cool is it that others in the lifestyle must be so in awe of your prowess as swingers that they spread rumors to past "playmates" that you've fucked 400 or more couples in a year's time.

Wow! That number is staggering...

In order to accomplish such a feat, B& I would:
a) have no time to work, unless we earned our living being paid for sex (yeah, I wish!) or
b) we'd have to have weekly orgies with 7 to 8 couples (yeah, I really wish!) or
c) we'd both have to be on multi-Viagra!

But, thanks to whoever out there in the "swing" community is growing our "legend"! Kiss, kiss!! Maybe you'll get lucky and hook-up with us! LOL

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Add Yourself to our Map!

We have found this neat little service that will allow us to see where our readers are from.

Please add yourself to our map!!! Thanks!

Here is the link (also in the sidebar). You don’t even have to use your real name, just make something up!!! Picture is a sample map...

Monday, November 14, 2005

Our Party Schedule.....

P.S. Don't worry...this picture is NOT us! We're definitely for real with no least no unpleasant ones! LOL

We'll be at VA Friends in Richmond on Friday, 12/2 and for New Year's on Friday-Saturday, 12/30-31. We actually have two Saturdays and a few weeknights available for meet-greet and potential "play" before the end of the year. Give us a shout if you're interested in hooking up! xoxo

Sunday, November 13, 2005

What to do when your Regular Life and your Lifestyle Bump Heads? And Dissuading Cheaters!

What to do when your Regular Life and your Lifestyle Bump Heads? I'm interested to hear what others have done in this, or similar cases...

I recently received a phone call from a guy who knows us very well in our "regular", professional life. He said he saw our profile on AFF and was traveling out of the area and wanted to know if we knew of someone he could "party" with. (I am well known for NOT having a poker face and am a terrible liar. I didn't think to just say that I didn't know what he was talking about. We don't use face pictures on AFF, so he basically had to put 2 and 2 together reading our profile and seeing what he could from our pics.)

Anyway, I asked if his wife was going along and he said "no"..."you know how things go sometimes." Which I took to mean he was looking for someone to cheat with. B thinks he was trying to hookup with me. And, I was just too stunned by the call itself to ask what he was really looking for. Hell, for all I know he may be bi-curious himself.

B & I are very adamant about NOT playing with OR promoting cheating on a spouse. That's what's so great about our lifestyle. We both get all we want out of life without cheating and lying to each other. Our lifestyle actually brings us closer together each and every day. We love each other very much and I think it shows. When we meet couples who are bored with each other and not deeply "in" to each other, we're always disappointed with the "play". Their lack of respect for each other really shows!

So tell me what YOU do (or have done) when your Regular Life and your Lifestyle Bump Heads?

Want to know more about The Private Affair?

I've recently been asked more about TPA , the wonderful on-premise club, just north of Baltimore, off I95...

If you're interested in attending, check out their site at and follow the instructions. TPA requires a phone call to validate you are real. You can pay for your membership with a credit card. When you RSVP for a party (every Saturday night), they'll give you a confirmation code. You give this code to the gatekeeper on the night of the party to gain entry to the parking lot. Very 007 kind of stuff, but makes one feel so secure!

When you pay your party fee inside, the club hosts will give you name tags. Everyone is supposed to wear their name tags. Single males (they do allow a few) are noted on their name tags. As a female, my guy's name is on my name tag. And my name is on his name tag. Another nice security feature. If you're new, come early and the nightly hosts will give you a personal guided tour.

The club pricing is very reasonable compared to the value! The parties start early and run very late. They have food available all night long. A great DJ and dance floor, complete with stripper poles, mirrors and an elevated cage all give the club a very "night club" atmosphere. It's BYOB which makes it all the more cost effective for lifestylers! (They do have a "no sex on the bar" rule that I broke once. tee hee hee) If you need more visual stimulation, there's porn on tv's everywhere.

Then, there's the play areas....a huge hot tub, many rooms - about 25 - (some themed, most mirrored) for group or individual play. They have a "glory hole" room, which B just loves. This is a room where the guys can stick their cocks through holes (there are 3) while not knowing what girl is sucking them from the other side.

There's a variety of favorite is the full body leather one in the huge voyeur room...that's on the electric hoist. I liked it so much, I bought one just like it (including the hoist) and had it installed in our bedroom when we were building. But I digress...

More on TPA. Most room play tends to be in full "swing" by midnight. If you haven't staked out a room (and playmates) by then, you will end up with sloppy seconds...or thirds. Doors do have locks although a few people choose to leave their door open, either for viewing or joining in by others.

The only thing B and I find annoying about TPA is the utter disregard some people have for others. For instance, there are 2 voyeur rooms...however, the TPA club owners have chosen to put shades on the windows. WHY? This is dumb. It's great to be watched and not have to worry about unwelcome visitors (door can be locked). But some people use these rooms (because they're very spacious) and pull the shades. I'm particularly pissed when I see 1 couple emerge from these rooms. And, then there's the people who will stake out a room for the entire night. Duh! Let's try a little common courtesy!

Oh, and I wish there was a way to identify people girls from the girls who are just looking for cock....voyeur couples vs. true lifestyle couples....hard swap vs. soft swap, etc. We're all for socializing with people, but when you attend a club to play, it's a real pisser to find you've spent a lot of time chatting with people who just want to be "friends". Agh!!!!

TPA also has pool tables for those who want to play a different kind of game. Hope this little synopsis helps explain better what TPA is all about. Next time we go to TPA, we'd love to chat with some people prior to going and then meet a few new couples there. The TPA Message Board is a little lacking, but that's not the owners fault....that's a members thing.

Anybody have comments on TPA...or other clubs we should check out?????

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

From a Kinky Woman (at least from her blog)

1. Were you named after anyone? Who?
A neighbor my family liked. Hmmm...wonder if there was a family secret?
2. When did you last cry?
At a sappy movie.
3. What is your favorite lunch meat?
Fried bologna.
4. What is your most favorite CD?
Aerosmith's Big Ones
5. Where is your second home?
I don't even have one. I'm a "kept" woman!
6. Do you trust others too easily?
Not at all...I tend to very cautious. Feel I'm a good judge of character though.
7. What was your favorite toy as a child?
My bunny rabbit with the chewed-up nose. Must have had an oral fixation back then too.
8. Would you bungee jump?
No way! I'm a scaredy-cat.
9. Do you think that you are strong?
Strong-willed, yes.
10. What are your favorite color(s)?
Black and blue, but not bruises.
11. What is your least favorite thing about yourself?
My big mouth; sometimes I speak before thinking. Although it comes in handy during sex.
12. Who do you miss most? deceased? Living?
Deceased-My dad who passed away in 1991.
Living-My honey (B) when we're apart, which luckily isn't often.

13. What was the last thing you ate?
A Keebler Fudge-Striped cookie. Oops, diet slip!
14. If you were a crayon, what color would you be?
15. What is the weather like right now?
It's way too warm for this time of year...I'm ready to turn my electric blanket on!
16. Last person you talked to on the phone?
My honey...actually text-messaged.
17. Do you wear contacts?
Long story, I used to wear contacts, then had lasik (which didn't last but 18 months before my vision changed again) and now I'm wearing glasses until I feel confident enough to find another eye doctor to do the lasik enhancement.
18. Last Movie You Watched? fave!
19. Favorite Day of the Year?
My birthday.
20. Where Would You Want to Go on your Next Vacation?
I still want to try to get to Desires in Cancun. We're gonna try (again) for the Lifestyle Takeover for October 2006 and pray for NO Hurricanes.
21. Favorite Smells?
My sheets after a few nights of hot sex with B...what a smell! Hmmmm....
22. What’s the furthest you’ve been away from home?

Now it's your turn!

To Whom It May Concern

Thanks to those of you who've emailed with great comments, pictures of your own wild times, witty banter and the "all powerful" and always appreciated offers of sexual favors to be rivaled only by Jenna Jameson herself.

On the other hand, we receive lots of emails and sometimes all I can say is "duh". We get asked for things that are available right here on the blog.

For instance, we've provided links to our Yahoo profile in the right-hand column here, as well as tons of other pertinent links. Also, most of the time when we receive an email, there is no profile for us to check out and if there is a Yahoo profile, it's stats whatsoever, no pics, etc. So why do we want to respond to you? Why should we care? Come on, you're smarter than that! To receive interest, you must generate interest. Works in everyday life and online.

For instance, how do you respond to this kind of email...? or more importantly, why bother?

From : (Name Removed to Protect Whoever - M or F? - with the Blank Yahoo Profile)
Sent : Wednesday, November 9, 2005 12:15 PM
To :
Subject : Profile
I saw your blog but can't find your yahoo profile w/pics. Can you send a link?

Sorry for the uncharacteristic rant; I must need pussy bad! Thankfully we have a hot couple driving in from Roanoke tomorrow night for some decadent fun!

Monday, November 07, 2005

Vegas Adventures, Part 8-Saturday #2

And then on to TPA just north of Baltimore for Halloween on Saturday night.

My Halloween costume.

Vegas Adventures, Part 7-Friday

Friday took us to dine at Fusia at the Luxor Hotel before we took in the show...Fantasy!

We fly back into DC on Saturday.

Vegas Adventures, Part 6-Thursday

Thursday on our trip to Las Vegas was relatively quiet. We dined late on sumptuous steak and lobster at the CraftSteak at MGM. And then onto Studio 54 for the beginning of their weekend-long Halloween bash.

We danced the night away to the tunes of Michael Jackson's Thriller and the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

And enjoyed the stage show of three lovely girls playing with their "pet" snake...and each other. What a show!

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Vegas Adventures, Part 5-Wednesday

Wednesday we did a bus trip to the Hoover Dam and Grand Canyon-West Rim. Yes, I know...very "vanilla" compared to our usual posts.

The Grand Canyon was awesome! B flew in a helicopter into the Canyon, sitting in the front seat with his hot female pilot. The copter dropped B at the bottom of the Canyon on the Colorado River where he drove a boat around. We got some great pics, some that could have doubled for postcards! Yes, I'm a chicken when it comes to that stuff, so I stayed on the ground.

I received an email and a voicemail on my PDA during the bus trip from two of the also "Detoured Desires" couples. Both couples had hoofed it to Vegas as well, one from Colorado and one from Canada. We met K&J (before their show "Ka" at MGM) and E&M (they were just coming from the same show) for drinks. Luckily I had presence of mind to shave before we went never know when you just might "hook up"!

We ushered E&M over to the West Wing, our new favorite "haunt". After a drink or two, I suggested we go to Sapphires (see post from Saturday), but E suggested she'd rather just play with ME! Being that this girl needs very little encouragement to get naked, off we went to E&M's room.

We had a blast with E&M. Funny thing, they told us they don't play very often except when on vacation. E admitted that she was just learning about the whole "girl-girl" thing. Well, B & I both were astonished. For a relatively "quiet" couple, both were animals in bed, very balanced in 4-way play (except guy-guy which is forbidden in my presence and not very fun for 2 straight guys LOL) and playful and very fulfilling. Both E and M made me squirt, not to mention scream!

E & M...hope they don't mind me using their pic (yes, this is how we saw them!). They're just too hot not to include! Sorry we didn't get any naked action shots, maybe next time! And, sorry for getting your bed so wet...hope you actually got some sleep before catching your plane home....but, then, it WAS a memorable night all the way around! xoxo , Danni&B

Vegas Adventures, Part 4-Tuesday

Tuesday was destined to be an enforced quiet evening since we planned to do the Grand Canyon trip on Wednesday and had to get up way too early to catch the bus. I planned to not even shave on Wednesday so I could sleep as long as possible.

We did the "We Will Rock You" show at the Paris Theater, an awesome stage production based on the music of Queen. There is not much better than rocking out to songs like Radio Ga-Ga, We Are the Champions and Bohemian Rhapsody. Great show! I'd love to see the remaining band members of Queen do a search for their new lead singer just like INXS did (you did see Rock Star INXS, didn't you?). Although, I'm afraid no one could even come close to replacing Freddie Mercury.

And, I also did the spa at the MGM during the day and was pleasantly surprised to find the female technician was a bit more friendly than normal. I had an all-over body scrub and then a wrap that was divine. My new "friend" had great hands, especially as she reached inside to massage my inner thighs, trailing her fingers alongside my pussy. Even better...after I rinsed off the scrub and stepped out of the shower, patting my skin dry, I then dropped my towel. She encouraged my nakedness, dipping her warm, strong hands in oil and rubbed my skin all over, paying special attention to my ass. What a tease! Although, she did get quite a good tip from me. Kisses to Amy at the MGM Spa! xoxo

Speaking of INXS, we got tix to their DC-Warner Theatre February 18th show featuring new lead singer JD Fortune (pictured below) with the Lovehammers, featuring the show's runner-up, Marty Casey (in the back of the pic, clapping). Good rock always gets me horny so we"ll have to plan an "After Party in DC at our hotel...anybody interested?

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Vegas Adventures, Part 3-Monday

Today was planned to be a relatively quiet day, at least by Vegas standards. We dined at Emeril's at MGM and then enjoyed Dennis Miller's last show at The Hollywood Theater. Little did we know what was in store...

Our g/f's sent a text message that they wanted to hang out. Well, how does one turn down 2 gorgeous blonde strippers? So, off to the West Wing Lounge we go to meet the girls. I'm certain that MGM security enjoyed watching (via their cam) everything that went on in the Lounge that night. Especially between CJ showing us her new clit piercing and both girls playing with me.

After enough teasing, we all went up to our room for another round of 4-way play with B as the only cock in the room. But I'm getting ahead of the story....

CJ laid on the floor so we could help her off with her pants. B and I both got closer to check out her clit piercing. What pretty pink lips! And B enjoyed licking and fondling her pussy with his tongue while I enjoyed watching and taking pics....pant pant!

I complained that B hadn't had a lap dance from either of the girls, so MK did her very best dance for us. I love it when she turns upside down and shoves her cunt in his face...and in private, she does it with no panties. Of course, B's tongue just doesn't stay in his mouth with pussy nearby. Hearing MK moan and seeing her writhe on top of him, I knew B was doing his usual best at making our friend cum...over and over and over again.

Picture removed on Request

CJ slithered her way on the floor over to where I was seated in a chair, enjoying the show, my own pussy aching with anticipation. Her cute little tongue lapped away at my dripping juices. I finally couldn't take it anymore and pushed CJ to the bed. I needed to taste that pussy and check out her clit piercing myself. I used my tiny finger vibrator on her while I sucked on those beautiful pink pussy lips, feeling her orgasm against my finger.

As I turned my head to see what MK and B were up to, MK leaned over to kiss me and taste CJ's juices on my lips...and where was B? Fucking MK from behind, of course.

As I mentioned, B was the only cock in the room. Well, he was the only warm-blooded cock anyway. He told the girls that I had a fantasy about being DP-ed by 2 hot blondes (hmmm, wonder how that came up? lol). So both MK and CJ donned my strap-ons to fulfill my ultimate girl-on-girl-on-girl fantasy. CJ laid down on the bed and I straddled her "cock", shoving it deep inside my wet pussy. MK pulled out the lube and slathered it on her "cock", slowly pressing first her fingers and then her "cock" into my ass. I was so excited that in 2 strokes of MK's "cock" into my ass, I had squirted hot cum all over CJ. (The look on CJ's face was priceless...not only was I the first girl she had seen squirt, but the first to cum on her!) So I had my first DP ...during our trip to least my first DP with other people! Is this a hottt pic or what!?!?!

Picture removed on Request

We weren't finished yet. I laid back against the leather headboard and pulled CJ into my lap. She's so petite and soft and has wonderfully huge breasts. As CJ laid back against my warm, wet cunt, I pulled her legs up and spread her wide, inviting B to taste the yummy pussy that I had just tasted.

I'm sure non-swingers must think this awfully odd. But I get terribly horny watching B work his magical tongue and lips on a pretty pink pussy. I can feel every lick and nibble deep in my own cunt, knowing what's in store for me later and knowing how much my g/f is enjoying this now.

We finally kissed the girls g'nite and sent them on their way. I badly needed to have B eat and fuck me only the way he knows how. I fell asleep with a very big smile on my face in the wee hours of Tuesday morning.....Viva Las Vegas!