Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Vegas Adventures, Part 3-Monday

Today was planned to be a relatively quiet day, at least by Vegas standards. We dined at Emeril's at MGM and then enjoyed Dennis Miller's last show at The Hollywood Theater. Little did we know what was in store...

Our g/f's sent a text message that they wanted to hang out. Well, how does one turn down 2 gorgeous blonde strippers? So, off to the West Wing Lounge we go to meet the girls. I'm certain that MGM security enjoyed watching (via their cam) everything that went on in the Lounge that night. Especially between CJ showing us her new clit piercing and both girls playing with me.

After enough teasing, we all went up to our room for another round of 4-way play with B as the only cock in the room. But I'm getting ahead of the story....

CJ laid on the floor so we could help her off with her pants. B and I both got closer to check out her clit piercing. What pretty pink lips! And B enjoyed licking and fondling her pussy with his tongue while I enjoyed watching and taking pics....pant pant!

I complained that B hadn't had a lap dance from either of the girls, so MK did her very best dance for us. I love it when she turns upside down and shoves her cunt in his face...and in private, she does it with no panties. Of course, B's tongue just doesn't stay in his mouth with pussy nearby. Hearing MK moan and seeing her writhe on top of him, I knew B was doing his usual best at making our friend cum...over and over and over again.

Picture removed on Request

CJ slithered her way on the floor over to where I was seated in a chair, enjoying the show, my own pussy aching with anticipation. Her cute little tongue lapped away at my dripping juices. I finally couldn't take it anymore and pushed CJ to the bed. I needed to taste that pussy and check out her clit piercing myself. I used my tiny finger vibrator on her while I sucked on those beautiful pink pussy lips, feeling her orgasm against my finger.

As I turned my head to see what MK and B were up to, MK leaned over to kiss me and taste CJ's juices on my lips...and where was B? Fucking MK from behind, of course.

As I mentioned, B was the only cock in the room. Well, he was the only warm-blooded cock anyway. He told the girls that I had a fantasy about being DP-ed by 2 hot blondes (hmmm, wonder how that came up? lol). So both MK and CJ donned my strap-ons to fulfill my ultimate girl-on-girl-on-girl fantasy. CJ laid down on the bed and I straddled her "cock", shoving it deep inside my wet pussy. MK pulled out the lube and slathered it on her "cock", slowly pressing first her fingers and then her "cock" into my ass. I was so excited that in 2 strokes of MK's "cock" into my ass, I had squirted hot cum all over CJ. (The look on CJ's face was priceless...not only was I the first girl she had seen squirt, but the first to cum on her!) So I had my first DP ...during our trip to Vegas...at least my first DP with other people! Is this a hottt pic or what!?!?!

Picture removed on Request

We weren't finished yet. I laid back against the leather headboard and pulled CJ into my lap. She's so petite and soft and has wonderfully huge breasts. As CJ laid back against my warm, wet cunt, I pulled her legs up and spread her wide, inviting B to taste the yummy pussy that I had just tasted.

I'm sure non-swingers must think this awfully odd. But I get terribly horny watching B work his magical tongue and lips on a pretty pink pussy. I can feel every lick and nibble deep in my own cunt, knowing what's in store for me later and knowing how much my g/f is enjoying this now.

We finally kissed the girls g'nite and sent them on their way. I badly needed to have B eat and fuck me only the way he knows how. I fell asleep with a very big smile on my face in the wee hours of Tuesday morning.....Viva Las Vegas!

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