Friday, March 31, 2006

10 Worst Blowjob Mistakes...debunked!

We cancelled our House Party tonight in the hopes of having a quiet, relaxing weekend. Plus some of our favorite playmates weren't available (damn!), so thought we'd share these with you:

10 Worst Blowjob Mistakes from (hilarious!)

1. Teeth
The number one blowjob mistake: letting your teeth hit his cock. We can't stress this enough. Ask any guy and he'll tell you again and again: nothing is worse than a blowjob that is "all teeth". In fact, most guys won't admit it, but their idea of a perfect blowjob would be getting sucked off by a gorgeous woman with removable dentures. Teeth can nick and scrape the sensitive skin of the penis. Open your mouth wide enough that they stay away from his cock, or suck your lips in over them to cushion the rough edges. If he's wearing a condom during the blowjob this may provide a slight buffer, but don't count on it.

2. Going too fast
Some guys enjoy a quickie, but unless they're in a hurry to get back to work or back to their wife/girlfriend, most men like to savor the experience of getting their cock sucked. So don't rush them. It's not a race to see how fast you can get him to spurt. Take your time and make it last. Concentrate on different parts of his penis, or his balls, then go back to basic sucking and stroking. At the end of a luxuriant BJ session, he'll blow a much larger, more satisfying load.

3. Sucking too hard
Hoovering him like a dustbuster may seem like a good idea in theory, but there's a wrong way to do it. Don't fasten your mouth around the head of his cock and suck like you're trying to get a triple-thick milkshake though a straw. Guys' dickheads are the most sensitive part of the penis, and uncut guys are even more sensitive there. The proper technique to hoover is to take more of his cock into your mouth and apply moderate suction.

4. Crushing his nuts
Don't grab his balls and squeeze like you're trying to crack walnuts. This is a move you want to pull on a would-be rapist, not a guy you're trying to get off. It's painful. Many guys like to have their sack rubbed, licked, or gently tugged during a bj. You can even take a break from sucking his cock to take one or both of his balls into your mouth. But don't yank on the family jewels, and don't put them in a vise grip.

5. Barfing and gagging
Throwing up while giving a bj is definitely a turn-off, although sometimes this happens to the most well-intentioned cocksuckers. What happens is they get over-enthusiastic, take the cock too deep or hard into their throat, the gag reflex gets triggered, and then it's all over. Or once the cum starts hitting the back of her throat, things start flowing the wrong way. Don't try to deep throat on your first BJ. Everyone will be sorry. Practice first on dildos to get your gag-reflex under control. Or just work up to it at your own speed.

6. Remaining immobile
Putting his cock in your mouth and then doing nothing is as bad as overdoing it. Most guys don't want to feel like they're face-fucking a cadaver. You need to work it at least a little. A total lack of effort or enthusiasm on your part is a real buzz kill. If you don't know what to do with your tongue, at least bob your head. After a while, he may want to take a more active role and have you relax while he fucks your mouth, but you need to give him a little encouragement to get him aroused.

7. Not using enough pressure
Wimpy blowjobs are no fun. Be firm and suck him like you mean it. Lapping his dick lightly will just make him feel teased. Licking his dick like it's a lollipop or popsicle may be fun to get warmed up, but then you have to get down to business. Use a firm (but not too firm) hand to work the shaft of his cock, while you get your mouth all over his knob and caress it with your tongue.

8. Spitting
Most guys want you to swallow and think that a BJ really isn't complete until his load goes down your throat. The only exception is if he gets off more on spraying it on your face, tits, or somewhere else. If you really don't want to swallow, this can be an acceptable compromise. Symbolically, swallowing shows that you accept him and his manly essence fully. Although we can't endorse unprotected bodily fluid exchange in any form, if you happen to be giving an unprotected blowjob (i.e., without a condom) and you end up with his spunk in your mouth, do not retch his cum into a wastebasket in front of him. If you really feel you must spit, do it discreetly into a towel or tissue.

9. Dry mouth
A good BJ involves a lot of saliva. Don't be afraid to get a little sloppy and drool on his cock. If your mouth is dry from nervousness or whatever, there will be too much friction and stickiness to give good head. If your mouth is dry, drink some water and rinse. Try to work up a good mouthful of spit before you go down. Suck on a hard candy to get your juice flowing, or suck on an Altoid to give him a mentholated BJ.

10. Stranglehold
Don't put his cock in a deathgrip. It's fine to wrap a hand around the shaft, but don't clench and for god's sake, watch the nails. Just hold it enough to keep it from flopping around and shuck his pole with your hand while you work him with your mouth. His dick shouldn't have a handprint on in when you're done.

And if I had to add an #11, it would be that 2 cocksuckers are better than one! xoxo, Danni

Monday, March 27, 2006

10 Worst Cunnilingus Mistakes...debunked...well, sort of!

Check it out! This is hilarious!!!

1. Making like a gynecologist. Sure, you're curious about what a pussy looks like up close. Go ahead and take a good look. But don't spread her labia open so wide that she feels like she's getting her annual pelvic exam at the gynecologist. Just use your fingertips to gently hold back her lips and slip your tongue in there. (Omigod! I love when B explores's a turn on like no other!)

2. The head shake. Don't emulate the exaggerated oral techniques in porn movies, especially that move where the guy sticks his tongue straight out and instead of licking, shakes his whole head side to side between the woman's legs till his ears slap against her thighs. It looks dumb even on camera and it doesn't work in real life. (Hmmm..I happen to like this!)

3. Blowing air up her coochie. Do not form a seal around her vagina with your lips and blow into it. What, do you think she's a blow-up doll? Blowing lightly or breathing on and around the pussy is hot, but blowing air into the vagina is just dangerous and can lead to serious queefing (pussy farts). (I happen to REALLY like this! Giving AND Receiving! And, what the hell is wrong with pussy "farts" feels great!)

4. Lapping like a dog. It's good to lick, and it's good to keep your tongue loose and relaxed. But don't get sloppy or slobbery. Use a little restraint and don't pant. If your oral technique reminds her of her pet Golden Retriever, that won't be a turn-on. At least, we hope not.

5. Clit hickeys. Hickeys are so high school, but if you wanna leave your mark, do it on her neck, arm, tit or thigh. Don't clamp your mouth around her clit and suck it so hard you give her a welt. Strong suction on the clit (sucking it like a vacuum cleaner) isn't going to feel very good to her and might hurt. (Hmmm...depends on the girl, I guess...I know plenty of girls who like their clit sucked HARD!)

6. Drunken pussy eating. This is as bad as a drunken blowjob, and you'll really ruin the moment if you're so wasted that you toss your cookies in her crotch. Remember, keggers and cunnilingus do not mix. To do a good job eating her out, you need to be able to pay attention and coordinate your tongue action. If you don't throw up, you still might pass out, and that pretty much guarantees you won't get another date with her. (Although, sometimes, you just need those beer goggles! LOL)

7. Singing the Alphabet Song. Some guys like to use the trick of spelling the letters of the alphabet on her clit using their tongue. Fine, just don't start singing "Now I know my ABCs" while you're doing it. If you're going to get studious while your down in her muff, try composing your term paper with your tongue. It may be the first time anybody ever got off on Kafka.

8. Jabbing and stabbing. Having someone insistently jabbing and poking their pointy tongue on your clit and into your pussy is just as creepy and uncomfortable in oral sex as it is in French kissing. It makes you come off as overeager and unskilled. Relax your tongue and take your time. Gently caress her clit and let her bring her pubes to you. (Who wrote this shit? I love when B jabs my pussy with his LONG tongue!)

9. Orthodontia and pubes don't mix. Some of you may still be wearing braces. If so, make sure she shaves or at least trims, or you're going to end up snagged in her short curlies. It'll be extremely painful for her and gross for you when you have to pick the hairs out of your teeth. Of course, the worst is if you're cheating on your girlfriend and she spots someone else's pubes in your teeth. (Ewww...this is really gross! I just don't go down on furry pusses anyway!)

10. Blowing raspberries. It's fine to make some noise while eating pussy. Moaning is OK; most women like that. Even slurping is acceptable within limits. But sticking your face up in her bush and blowing raspberries or making fart sounds is not going to go over well. Neither will burping. See our warning about keggers and cunnilingus.

Now if you really want to know how to eat pussy...check out God-Des & She and their song "Lick It". We heard it on the L Word and just had to download it from iTunes immediately. We're trying to get the lyrics now.

Friday, March 24, 2006

Power of the Pussy...Girls, if you read nothing else on this blog, read this PLEASE!!!

a serious post by Danni (the bi-fem of this couple) during a kids weekend

Guys, if you're reading this, please be sure your girl reads it, too. And feel free to use it as an educational piece for your girl. There is nothing better than eating pussy or having your pussy eaten. So don't let anything stand in your way.

Not withstanding her intellect, the most powerful weapon a woman has in this world is her pussy! And, I love pussy! I love looking at pussy, I love touching pussy, I love licking pussy, I love nuzzling it, fingering it and fucking it. I love the feel of it ... and (usually) I love the smell and the taste of it.

Yes, every girl does have her own unique taste. That taste just doesn't have to be bad, though! No one should have to hold their breath or slather the pussy with flavored lotions or pass that "bad" pussy off to the next willing (and, hopefully, de-sensitized) pussy-eater.

It has come to my attention that maybe some women just don't know how to take care of their all-powerful pussy. Let me put it bluntly...girls, if you finger your pussy and wouldn't lick your own fingers due to the taste or smell, how can you expect to:
#1) maintain your pussy power and
#2) have anyone else taste you, let alone eat you out, like you deserve!

FIRST-Hygiene is so important. I know, I're saying "I'm clean". You would be surprised how many women we meet that really don't get it. Being clean outside is obviously important. (Hanging toilet paper is ... er... NOT a turn-on!) But, even more importantly...douche! I know your doctor may tell you not to douche. Well, doctor doesn't always know best! And, besides, unless you're fucking your doctor, he/she isn't going down on you. Just be sure to use an all water or vinegar-water douche... NO scents or additives. Do it as needed, just not everyday, or you may mess up your natural balance. And, I find douche works wonders after an orgy, too! A dip in the hot tub before play can't hurt either! {wink}

SECOND-Pussies are naturally acidic. That's a common fact. Sperm is a base in the chemical world. Too much cum can cause the pussy problems, and we're not talking unwanted pregnancy here. (ok, stop laughing!) Again, douching can help this. If you've had one or even several guys cum in you, be sure to urinate as immediately as possible, and douching is a good idea as well. Being acidic already is a strike against the pussy when it comes to taste.

THIRD-Keep in mind that the taste of your vagina is affected by what you eat, so if you smoke, drink coffee and alcohol, and eat a lot of meat, fish, or spicy foods, these flavors will come out in your pussy juice. For sweeter nectar down there, you can try switching to sweet drinks, a vegetarian diet and eliminating as many toxic habits as possible. Just like guy's cum is affected by what they eat/drink, so too does the pussy juice! (And, if you must drink coffee, use lots of cream and sugar!)

FOURTH-Of course, it is also possible that you may have an infection of some sort. If you have a yeast infection, you would be itching and having a white "cottage cheese" consistency of vaginal discharge that smelled like, well...yeast. If you had a bacterial infection, you might have a milky, whitish or yellowish discharge that smelled really nasty (usually fishy), sometimes accompanied by vaginal pain or itching. If you're having any of these symptoms, please visit your doctor or health center and get it checked out. It is so easy for the pussy, as powerful as she is, to become infected. Nature just did not build us properly to promote avoidance of yeast and bacterial infections. Case in point...

I recently made a promise to a wonderfully sexy g/f that from now on I would be honest with other women and let them know if there was a problem with their pussy (in a nice, discrete way, of course). God knows the g/f who I made the promise to, her pussy always taste great, so I will bow to the power of the pussy!

xoxo, Danni

P.S. And, I'm not the only one who believes in the Power of the Pussy! Read on...

Artist: Iggy Pop
Song: Pussy Power
A certain burning that makes me insane
She's on my beam oh no she's in my room
She's all around me now and I'm a tool
Pussy powerPussy powerPussy powerPussy power

She wears a raincoat in the sun all day
She says she wants to have some fun, well, hey
She calls me over on the sidewalk
She's got a joint, she's got a cute walk
Pussy powerPussy powerPussy powerPussy powerPussy power-hour by hour
Pussy power oh what a flower

I want to hold her close to me
'Cause pussy power's pulling me
When it's there and I can't have it
I get real real rabid
I've got to figure out a way
I'm so pent-up, like this I can't stay
I've got to look this in the eye
I'm much too crazed, I'm much too shy
But all in all, at least I am I
Oh my oh my oh my oh myPussy powerPussy powerPussy powerPussy power

Pussy Power!
by Betty Dodson
My Pussy is a miracle of Nature.
My Pussy is strong.
My Pussy is Sensual.
My Pussy is a Life Source.
My Pussy is Love, Compassion, Beauty and Wisdom.
My Pussy is one of The Great Mother's Bodies.
My Pussy is of The Earth. My Pussy is of The Spirit.
My Pussy houses a Beautiful Soul.
My Pussy is Magnificent.
Pussy Don't Fail Me Now!

My quiet vagina is sensitive to my moods and needs constant communication in some form or fashion. I give her warm baths and tell her how sweet silky smooth she is. When I choose the perfect lingam to lie inside of my wet cunt I feel her power envelop my lover and grip his cock and lock his heart to mine.
Pussy Don't Fail Me Now!

Keep it up pussy...and let that tingling sensation that takes my breath away flow from the top of my head down my spine and into my nipples straight into my clits lipping into my toes. My great wonderful cunt keep it coming… keep me coming and dump all of my sweet smelling juice all over my lover!
Pussy Power Pussy Power Pussy Power!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Mardi Gras Magnifique

The wake up call was WAY too early for me on Saturday morning at VAF, but like a trooper, I went off and worked all day while Danni stayed at the hotel and spent the day shopping (yes, new sex toys and clothes!) and enjoying a movie. I didn't get back until about 8pm and was pretty beat. I was half thinking about just passing on the party to get rested up for the "after party".

But then Gina G (yes, that Gina G) walked in our room and started trying on some of Danni's outfits, and I suddenly found the necessary energy to be "up" for the party.

It was Mardi Gras after all.

We had all bought plenty of Marid Gras "stuff" for the party between the Friday and Saturday house parties last weekend. Danni wore a sexy fishnet dress with a little purple itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeny bikini. (Keep reading; you'll see the pic later.) I had a big purple hat and tons of beads, including one special set of "big balls". We headed to the party and saw all sorts of friends.

Ok, they were just big ball BEADS!

Of course, following in the Mardi Gras tradition, I offered up beads to each little hottie that showed me her tits (and thanks to most of you for letting me suck your tits as well ;-) ).

As I mentioned, I had a special set of "big ball" beads. Tons of ladies wanted me to give these to them, but as Danni and I told each of them, these balls had to be "earned" and flashing me tits or pussy wasn't gonna cut it, lol.

While the party wasn't packed, maybe 80 couples, lots of our hot friends were there. Gina G had brought Greg with her. This was the first swinger party for both of them, and the first time that we met Greg. We'd only had the pleasure of Gina G's company as a single female previously. Gina G wore a metallic blonde wig and hot yellow mask that intrigued the crowd. I had all sorts
of people asking who she was.

Greg wore a big afro and huge sun glasses. Think Greg Brady with Elton John glasses. Boy did he look different when the wig came off.

Also at the party were N&F, who we'll now call OuiOui (yes, that's French for YES! YES!) and Barney. We danced and groped and grabbed each other all night. There was a contest for which girl had collected the most beads and Gina G was one of the finalists. We think that she should have won, but being new (and hiding that gorgeous face behind the mask), I guess she didn't quite have the extensive built-in fan base of the other finalists, no matter how loud we cheered. And, she even had my one-and-only "big ball" beads!

Midnight came, and our regular readers know that this is when the party really starts. We took Gina G and Greg and headed for our room. Danni and Greg decided to walk up the stairs, while Gina G and I took the elevator. I made the right choice.

As soon as the doors closed, Gina G was on her knees and pulled out my cock and started expertly sucking away. The 4th floor is restricted, so when the door opened on the 4th floor, I wasn't concerned. But Gina G quickly covered me up as there were a lot of people right outside the elevator. I told her not to worry, that they were all "players" so, she returned to my cock. The elevator then moved to the 3rd floor and opened, and I recognized the people and told Gina G not to worry about them, either. I think at that point, Gina G felt she had nothing to worry about.

Down the elevator moved to the 2nd floor and when the door opened, a guy saw us. But this time, Gina G didn't stop. Of course, this time, it was not a member of VAF and this 20-ish guy got a full view of Gina G sucking me hard and fast. Thumbs-up!

Eventually, we got to our floor and headed down to the room. Danni and Greg were at the other end making out, but still clothed. Apparently Greg was hard. Gina G bent over and had Greg fuck her from behind while she went back to sucking me.

OK, now we really did eventually get into our room. Of course we were quick to get naked. Gina G said she felt bad that I didn't get much "Gina time" last week, so she was kind enough to pay special attention to me.

We fucked in a number of interesting positions, but perhaps the most interesting was when Gina G laid on her back, knees behind her ears and had me get on my stomach, feet near her head and stick my cock in her pussy while my head was near her feet. I'm sure there's some sort of Kama Sutra name for this position, but I just can't seem to find it, at least not here. If you know the name of that position, let us know.

The girls enjoyed both the double-headed and the strap-ons. Gina G certainly has a talent wearing a cock, lol.

Both girls got on their knees and we fucked them doggie style. I first fucked Danni while Greg fucked Gina and blew his load all over her back. When he finished, Gina G told me to fuck her the same way, so damn, I did. Gina's such a hottie that she has a way of making me cum fast, and after some of her nasty talk, I too, blew my cum load all over her back with Danni enjoying a close-up view and licking her fingers after caressing Gina G's back.

While Gina G was eating Danni's pussy, Danni took both Greg's and my cock in her hands sucking both of us. Danni was in heaven and Gina had Danni squirting numerous times, the first time that Greg had ever seen such a wet-hot display.

We were in the middle of a nice big interactive pile of four when there was furtive knocking at the door. The problem was who was going to "disengage" a body part long enough to answer the door. I'm not sure who eventually got up, all I know is that I was able to keep fucking, lol. And Danni stayed on her back.

Much to our delight, OuiOui and Barney entered the room. They were quick to get naked and hop on the bed and started fucking. Soon, OuiOui and Barney got intermingled with the rest of us. I was able to have OuiOui's pussy, which tastes so good.

We've played with OuiOui and Barney a lot, but they've always been soft swap with us, which was fine. That was what they were comfortable with. So, you can understand my surprise and joy when OuiOui got on top of me, grab my cock, and lowered herself onto my hardness. She began power squatting up on down on me, holding my hands as my cock pound deep inside that tight, wet and wonderful pussy.

Danni saw OuiOui fucking me and realized that the rules had just changed. So she hopped over to Barney and immediately got on him and rode his waiting cock.

OuiOui looked so good going up and down on me, and Gina G was helping me out while keeping Greg happy at the same time. Soon, OuiOui had me cumming deep inside her and she fell onto me, kissed me all while my cock throbbed from her tight cunt.

Eventually, we were all too sore to keep going (though we think Gina G might have a battery somewhere up her ass, lol). OuiOui and Barney didn't have a room so decided that they had better get on the road. We kissed them goodbye. I owe OuiOui either some big ball beads, or as we talked later, we think she earned my purple Mardi Gras hat.

Gina G and Greg joined us as we went to check out the party floor. By this point, it was around 2:30am and most people must have been in the rooms doing what we just finished. (at least we hope so). Gina G got on the pole and put on a sexy show for the 10 or so people in the room. A few other girls joined her on the pole and we were able to watch these sexy girls grind and tease each other.

The music then stopped for the night, and we realized that it was time to head downstairs. I gave a quick attempt at my own kind of pole dancing. Fortunately, not many people saw this rather unseemly attempt to be sexy.

The four of us went back to our room and spent a couple of hours (yes hours) talking. We talked about our lives, our loves, and just got to know everyone better. Normally when we get together, we seem to get naked and our mouths are too full to really talk.

We kissed goodnight sometime after 4am.

It was a great weekend for Danni and me, and we can't wait for the next VAF on April 21-22. If you're going to be there, be sure to let us know. The theme on Saturday night is Leather and Lace.

Hope we'll see you there!

Monday, March 20, 2006

Lani and the amazing ass

Readers of our blog may wonder if we are really a couple that you can hook up with. Well, we recently heard from a little hottie in Virginia Beach that has been enjoying our blog. After a little chatting on yahoo, we agreed to have dinner and possibly have her join us at Virginia Friends.

We agreed to meet Lani at the hotel around 7, and we headed off to Hooters for dinner and a chance to get to know each other. After some beer and wings and enjoying the St. Patrick's Day fanfare, we headed back to the hotel, and introduced Lani to the world of Virginia Friends.

The crowd Friday night was relatively small, maybe 30 couples or so. We introduced Lani to a bunch of the VAF regulars and everyone hit the dance floor for some serious grinding and gyration.

Now, Lani is an "erotic dancer" and proved herself with her ability to shake her ass. It was almost as if it was a completely separate part of her body. My mind (as well as my cock) had all sorts of images going through it as she rubbed her ass up and down my hard cock while dancing, lol.

At midnight, we went upstairs to the party floor. It was pretty quiet, but Lani put on a sex show on the stripper pole. After all of this teasing, we knew that it was time to head to our room.

Of course, the girls were naked in no time and on the bed. Danni was eating Lani's pussy, so I figured I'd move to the other end. Lani grabbed my cock right away and began sucking it deep into her mouth.

Once Danni stopped hogging all of the pussy action, I quickly moved down between Lani's legs and enjoyed her. I took my time licking her wet cunt and tongue fucked her until she eventually came, spasming to the point that her pussy was too sensitive to touch.

She eventually calmed down, and with her legs spread wide as they were and Danni laying next to Lani sucking on those big tits, I just had to fuck that tight little thing. She had me so hard as we fucked and fucked. Danni laid next to us, enjoying the scene until we both eventually came. Lani had me so horny that I didn't lose my hard on, and kept fucking her for a while longer.

We eventually stopped from exhaustion and we all laid naked on the bed, relishing the hot night. Lani left around 5am as we kissed her goodbye.

Unfortunately, the morning was to come early for me..........

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Marathon Progressive House Party....revisited in pictoral...

Yeah, eat your heart out...and try not to cum all over your computer while checking out the hot chicks (and some pretty cool cocks, too) that partied with us last weekend. Just makes you want to take the day off and masturbate all day, I know!

Just so you know, that's the head of the Hitachi wand (white thing) stuck in between B and me after I dropped it. He was cuming and I was squirting, so how did you expect for me to hold onto it?!?! LOL

Ahhhh...see you at VA Friends Friday night for the St. Patrick's Day party and Saturday night for the Mardi Gras party. We've got beads!!!!!!
xoxo, Danni

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Progressive Marathon House Party....damn!

NOTE: We'll post more pics of the party as soon as our official photographer sends them to us!

Wow...where to begin? Our friends Slick and Lucky Bastard (LB), Jade and Dom (Adventuresome4u), single g/f Gina G and J&N (whom we hadn't seen since the Vixens orgy) helped make our House Party a marathon, going full steam from Friday evening until Sunday morning.

To change things up a bit for this House Party, we decided to add a mattress to the living room complete with black satin sheet as an extension of the leather play pit sofa. After an a-rousing game of Strip Poker, the early "losers" (now naked, of course) hit the hot tub. The "winner" Gina G, Danni and LB (the dealer) ended up christening the living room mattress.

While 6 of us were enjoying naked jacuzzi, we started hearing Danni moaning and then splashing. Yep, Miss squirter was at it again. At the end of the night, I polled the players, and we figure that Danni squirted 11 or 12 times during the party. WET WET WET!!!!! I walked back to the living room, to see Gina shoving 3 of her fingers up Danni's ass as she had her favorite toy in her tight pussy. Gina has become an expert at getting Danni to squirt. At one point, Gina was laying nice and naked on the mattress, and I noticed her belly button filled with Danni's juice. I mentioned it, and Danni sucked it up and then sprayed it all over Gina again.

Of course, there was lots of fucking and sucking. It was so hot watching the girls getting friendly on the mattress.

I tried to encourage the party to move upstairs and was able to get Jade back into the swing (yes, our current record holder from a past party). Jade has a wonderful body, perfect tits and I was able to really spend time admiring her pretty (and tasty) pussy. N and LB both came up to the swing for a bit, but I guess the mattress was too fun to get the rest of the girls to leave it.

Back downstairs, I grabbed J and laid her on the mattress and put on a show for everyone. While I was deep into my thrusting action of her tight pussy, LB came over and fed her his cock. She was taking both like a pro. Eventually, she flipped LB over and rode his hard cock until she milked every drop of cum from his balls.

The Slickster then sat on my hard cock reverse cowgirl for all to see and rode me like the wild thang she is. I just held on for dear life. Guys, if you are ever blessed to have a chance to be with Slick, be sure you've taken your vitamins. Whew!!! She made me blow a deep load into that bucking bronco cunt.

At some point in the wee hours of Saturday night/Sunday morning, J&N made the trek home, opting out of staying for the slumber party. They were the smart ones! Danni and I will be recupertating all week, I'm afraid!

Again, we tried to encourage some bedroom action. LB, Slick and I headed upstairs. Rather than join us, Gina, Jade, Danni, and Dom hopped into the jacuzzi. Lucky guy that he is, Dom had the pleasure of these three incredibly hot women.

I laid on the bed and Slick began sucking me. God can she take a cock. LB came out of the bathroom, and started working Slick from behind. When I saw him grab the lube, I knew where the party was going. LB greased up his massive cock and, while Slick was now riding me, he spread her ass wide and filled that tight little ass. Now we were both double penetrating her, and Slick seemed to be right where she wanted to be. LB and I both came in Slick at about the same time, filling her pussy and ass with thick loads of our cum. As we seperated, I noticed a large amount of "spooge" on my thigh. We agreed to agree that it was just a combination of Slick and me, and NO ONE ELSE. lol

I do need to give a special thanks to Gina for being my therapist during the party. I've had this terrible image of a certain "blonde" in our swing from our last party (ahem, LB), and she replaced that disturbing image with that of a smokin' hot blonde with a killer bod. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Early in the morning I had a dream where this hot chick was moaning and moaning. Then I realized that I was awake, and the moaning hadn't stopped. I knew that I needed to get up, even though I probably could have used many more hours of sleep. I walked downstairs and saw Gina and Dom laying naked on the matress. I asked if I was interrupting anything and Gina mentioned that she had just used some of her favorite toys for a big O. Boy, was I sorry to miss that!

After some great breakfast thanks to the efforts of LB and Jade, someone got the idea to get Jade naked and propped into a chair. Oh, I think it was Jade's idea! After Slick did her Buttery Nipple Shot Glass fucking of Jade's pussy with her mouth, Gina got between Jade's knees and began working her pussy expertly for at least a half hour. We all enjoyed watching the action. Dom eventually took Jade onto the mattress and finished her up.

We eventually all went out to lunch and did some fun shopping (that's normally an oxymoron in my book) for next week's Mardi Gras party. I think I owe Gina at least 4 strings of beads for her little acts of indiscretion while at the store, lol.

The party moved to Jade and Dom's home on Saturday evening. Having a swinger party in Lynchburg, the bastion of the bible belt and home of Jerry Falwell, held such sweet meaning! After another game, concocted by the guys favor, of course...everyone ended up naked and in a human pile of jenga proportions with me standing on the top holding onto the ceiling while getting blown.

Jade shared her favorite toy with the girls, the Hitachi wand. Danni was worked nine ways to Sunday with the thing. When LB turned it on high, she screamed that her pussy was so hot, she surely smelled smoke. Danni says she'll have to work up to high speed. However, she liked it so much that she ordered one online as soon as we got home, along with the g-spot attachment. LOL

Since Danni and I didn't get to have much interaction Friday night, she was quick to grab me. She laid me down, and started her power squats on my cock. She was riding so hard and getting interested spectators using the magic wand on both of us, that I began to cum and, in turn, Danni squirted all over me and herself and then back all over me. Simlutaneous squirting orgasms are a good thing!

I figured that with all of the action in the past 24 hours, I wouldn't recover very effectively. But with these 4 hotties all around me, some of them licking up the "results", they were able to keep me hard, so no recovery was necessary. Slick hopped up on my cock and LB got behind her again to replay our DP from last night, this time with an audience.

After some fucking, Slick slipped off and began sucking my cock while LB again moved behind her and continued to fuck that tight back door. She worked and worked my cock while Danni and Gina were commented how red my balls were getting. She continued working my cock and started deep throating me. Did I say she can take a cock?

Since I was the last hard cock in the room...and actually outlasted Slick's pounding squat thrusts and hoover-ific, deep-throat blow job, I was dubbed the Fuck-King and Slick was named the winning jockey!

Danni and I got up early to head home...and hopefully grab a little quiet time before hitting work on Monday. We slipped out before Slick and LB were out of bed, but we shared squeezes and kisses with everyone else and thanked Jade and Dom for their hospitality. On their way home, Slick and LB gave us a call to give us the news...this was a day to be remembered! We never thought we'd hear these words from the insatiable Slick, but we understand from LB that on Sunday morning she finally threw in the towel and said "I give". I'm shocked!

We figured we'd veg out the rest of the day, but while we were changing and naked, I began to rub my hands all over Danni's body, just the way she likes it. We couldn't resist, grabbed each other again and had one more round of hard fucking, only alone this time. And as much as we LOVE our orgies, sex between just the two of us is simply a wonderful end to a wonderful weekend.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

We need to fulfill DragonLover and Lola's DP fantasy!

Hi, Lola (and DragonLover)...just got your email and I'm sorry to hear that you've let life's mundane activities stall your involvement in the lifestyle. Bummer! Glad to hear, though, that our blog has been a favorite of yours for a long time and that you're a true fan. I like yours, too! I just wish you had a RSS feed so I could subscribe to it. I checked our your blog again The Hidden Sides and enjoyed your DP post. We can help with that! Just let us know when!

And, yes, we hope that our schedules will connect VERY soon, too. Try to cum to VA Friends party in Richmond next weekend. St Pat's Party on Friday 3/17 and Mardi Gras on Saturday 3/18. We'd luv to hookup! And, don't forget...we need to get together BEFORE our next House Party so you guys can cum, too! This Friday night's party will be an event with almost twcie as many girls as guys...lucky guys!!! Lucky me!!!!

xoxo, Danni ....kiss me, lick me, fuck me! ;-)

Monday, March 06, 2006

Write your House Party Invite

House Party at Casa de la Sex Palace this Friday night, March 10th. If you're a playmate of ours or a "friend of a friend" and would like to cum play along, let us know!

What's my unfulfilled fantasy? (can you believe there are any left? LOL) I'd like to have naked bodies everywhere at our House the point you have to watch where you step...ahhhh!

xoxo, Danni

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Wanna know how we got started in the Swinging Lifestyle?

B and I decided we were ready to swing as soon as we met several years ago. It didn't take me long to find THE place on the web to meet other couples and single bi-females, so I signed us up on Adult FriendFinder .

We got into some REAL swing action within 2 weeks of meeting each other and within 3 days of putting a profile on AFF, an adult "dating" site with more than 20 million members. Who knew it could be that easy! If this sounds like your "thang", go to Adult FriendFinder right now and get to know the lifestyle community. You'll find all sorts of people, all sorts of "interests" and others who share your "sex niche". My fave site for hooking up...

xoxo, Danni...the bi-female 1/2 of this couple

Friday, March 03, 2006

PizzaBabe Podcast - Shouts out to us in her episode "Just Shutup And Fuck Already!"

Just Shutup And Fuck Already! A podcaster, PizzaBabe, discusses our blog on today's episode.

Subscribe to PizzaBabe's podcast here:

And, check out her Blog:
Just a bunch of phreaks who listen to a whore

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