Saturday, October 31, 2009

Piles of People

Welcoming our old mid-West playfriends, Fred and Ginger, to visit us were our local friends: Storm and Wolverine, Junior and Charlotte, Enigma and The Shadow. While Enigma and The Shadow didn't stick around for play time {sad}, there were still quite a few bodies rolling around.

Uh, hope someone can fill in the details. I (Danni) was busy snuggling with the girls, my favorite past-time.


Thursday, October 29, 2009

Going Green

Tricked you! Not a post about conservation... just green naked swingers!

Nothing like a great GMILF sandwich...

unless it's a sexiful GMILF with 2 cocks in her mouth and glistening cum all over her...

and then there's always a sexy train with B, Storm, Wolverine, GMILF and Bear.

yep, Danni's taking pics again! Had a great time with these hotties again recently and looking forward to a fuck-filled Halloween weekend!!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Haven't done just a four-way in a while, huh?

A week or so later, we had dinner with old friends Storm and Wolverine. We realized that the four of us had never been out with, well, just the four of us. First time we met, it was a 6-way, and we’ve never had a smaller group than that with them. So it was about time to have some four-way fun.

Once back from dinner, Storm and I started taking each other’s clothes off, which is pretty common for the two of us. I had her naked and was about to take advantage of her when Danni came over, grabbed her hand, and led her away to the bedroom. Talk about being cock-blocked, lol. But that’s OK, I knew what was going to happen.

Danni laid Storm down on our bed face down, straddled her, and began giving her an oiled massage. Wolverine and I sat on the couch and watched. When Danni was working Storm’s shoulders and back, we (Wolverine and I) would talk to each other. When Danni moved to Storm's "fun" parts, we would always stop talking. We’re guys and we’re very predictable.

After about 7 hours of girl-girl massage (OK, maybe it wasn’t that long, but it felt like it), we were invited to join the naked ladies on the bed. Wolverine and I fed our cocks to Danni while Storm was eating her wet pussy. I then flipped around to get behind Storm while she was eating Danni and started fucking her doggie style. As I fucked her, her mouth would bounce up and down along Danni’s wet cunt.

We laid the girls down and Wolverine and I fucked each other’s partners for a while. While fucking Storm, I’d kiss Danni, which is always HOT.

Later on, I had Storm ride me while Wolverine was fucking Danni. Danni laid right next to me to watch the very hot view of Storm cumming as she rode my cock. Danni loves watching Wolverine and Storm cum, it’s such a fucking hot thing to witness.

We’re going to see them again in a few days, along with a few other couples. We’ll do our best to get some fresh pictures this time. Our readers deserve some naked pics.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Traveling House Parties

OK, time to catch up on recent activities. Danni has been gently reminding me to write about our latest fun. So here goes.

First off, we met up with Bear and GMILF, who we first met a few weeks earlier during one of our house parties. They live a couple of hours away, but we were driving by and told them we’d be in the neighborhood if they felt like hooking up. Lucky for us, they did. Nice to know other sluts like us.

We were a little late getting to our hotel, so they were already there when we checked in. After dinner, we all headed to our suite. We never got around to unpacking.

Danni grabbed GMILF (of course), pushed her on the bed and started eating her out. It wasn’t long before the four of us had to hit the bed. GMILF and I spent a long time fucking and eating and sucking each other while Danni worked on Bear. She made Bear cum by doing her reverse cowgirl.

We went around and around for quite some time while a rain storm raged all around us. The suite sounded like a freight train was right outside.
Danni pulled out her strap-on and became the third guy for a while. GMILF seemed to really enjoy being fucked by Danni.

After everyone had come at least once (or perhaps much more) we realized that Bear and GMILF had to work in the morning. So we called it an early evening and kissed goodnight.
Can’t wait to see this very hot couple again really soon.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Laissez les bon temps rouler (Let the good times roll)

Doing Club Colette in the French Quarter this November ... interested in meeting on Bourbon Street? joining in?

Just email us for details.

xoxo, Danni (and B)

Thursday, September 03, 2009

We're bbbaaaccckkk!!!

After what has seemed like ages, the Sex Palace South had reopened for business. After all attending a fun outdoor event, we came back to our place. Storm and Wolverine, Junior and Charlotte are regular players in our blog. A new couple (fresh meat, yes!) Bear and the GMILF joined in the fun. (FYI: Bear is the guy and, GMILF is, well.... Grand Mother I Like to Fuck)

I gave GMILF a quick tour of the place and gave her a little introduction kiss. Back with the group, Storm and I got reacquainted by undressing each other. I brought Storm over to the couch, sat her down, and spread her legs. I had a wonderful time using my tongue and fingers to explore Storm’s wet pussy. Watching Storm cum in her special way is a favorite pastime of mine, and she was quick to put on the show.

By this point, everyone was naked and going at it. Junior was fucking GMILF, Danni was fucking Wolverine and Charlotte was fucking Bear. Storm flipped things on me and began sucking my cock. Damn, she’s skilled!

After a bit, Charlotte came over to the couch and straddled my face so that I could eat her. While Storm was still sucking me, Bear started eating Storm from behind. Storm soon moved to Bear, and little cock slut Charlotte slid right down onto my cock. Mmmm, it was great fucking that girl again.

Soon, people were changing things up. GMILF was sucking her husband Bear, which just seemed wrong at an orgy, so I walking over and offered up my cock too. GMILF grabbed it right up and started sucking and stroking both of us. I have a sneaky suspicion that she’s done that before.

Soon after, GMILF sat me down and hopped on my lap. We fucked back and forth for a great while. Damn, when we first met, she seemed like a little innocent thing. Tricked me.

At some point, I saw Danni wearing her strap-on, fucking GMILF. Apparently she was a strap-on virgin, and Danni was more than willing to pop her cherry. So, so Danni!

Storm and I got back together and started fucking. I love watching Storm on top. Her expert pussy was simply milking my cock, what a great feeling.

It was then back to Charlotte. We had talked a few days earlier about how she wanted me to fuck her in the ass and thus, we did. Boy I had missed that ass. Soon, though, I felt something warm and wet on my balls while my cock was pumping Charlotte’s ass. That Danni was teabagging me.

Of course, there was a lot going on around me. It was hard to keep track as to who was doing who. But I can tell you that all four women, including Danni {aghast!}, cried uncle by the end of the night.

That’s what I call proof of a successful orgy.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Google has got our number and its 654

Yes, we haven't posted in a while again. We've also removed and closed quite a few outside links. B's kids have gotten older, more computer savvy and know how to use Google.

Unfortunately, they have seen "Danni654" pop up on Dad's computer once too often. We have to invite users to be able to see the blog; just tell me what email address to use.

xoxo, Danni

p.s. anyone else have this problem???

Monday, May 18, 2009

We’ve been pretty AWOL lately...

... both from playing and posting with work and life keeping us busy. But, hopefully things will heat up, so to speak.

After partying all afternoon at an outdoor festival, OuiOui and Barney joined Danni and me back at our place. The hot sun and alcohol took a bit of our energy, so Danni took a nap. OuiOui and Barney soon went into our guest room to take a nap too, but OuiOui couldn’t sleep and came back to join me in the living room.

I offered her a couple of “red” shooters, and before you knew it, our clothes were flying off. OuiOui sucked on my hard cock and then hopped on me, riding me cowgirl style. After a bit, I flipped her onto the couch and started eating her pussy. Then I started fucking her, legs high in the air. Clearly I hadn’t played in a while, and OuiOui had me blowing my load in no time. That damn pussy knows how to milk a cock.

As we were cleaning up, OuiOui’s husband, Barney, walked out, and immediately knew what happened. So, I guess he was cool with sloppy seconds and grabbed OuiOui, threw her back on the couch, and took over from where I left off. That damn cum slut worked her magic on Barney too.

Danni woke up after a bit, and told OuiOui that she had a dream that she heard me fucking. We all laughed and explained that it wasn’t a dream. Apparently I have a unique “grunting” that let’s Danni know that I’m fucking someone.

Into the evening, Storm and Wolverine came over. It’d been 3 months since we’ve all seen each other, so we all got caught up for a while.

Danni then came over and started rubbing my cock and kissing me. She pulled me over to the couch and my pants fell to the ground as I was walking. I sat down, Danni got on her knees, and she started using that expert mouth. While Danni was blowing me, Wolverine was fucking OuiOui, and Storm and Barney were on one of the mattresses, going at it.

It wasn’t long before all 3 pairings were lying next to each other. Storm and Barney finished up and were chilling on the couch. I sat next to Storm, and soon she was stroking both Barney’s cock as well as my own cock. Storm then started sucking me. Damn she felt good.

Of course, I had to get me some of that Storm pussy, and we were going at it. After numerous positions, Storm got on me and worked that tight pussy around my cock. She fucked and fucked me until she had me in a hot and sweaty orgasm.

I was dead... tired.

Everyone eventually finished up, and we sat around the kitchen table and caught up. Between the beer, the heat, the sex, the shots and more sex, I was pretty well spent for the night. I excused myself, kissed the girls g’nite, and slept a very deep (and happy) sleep.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

What's in a name?

The beautiful young thing that Charlotte and Junior introduced us to has been blogged about twice now, but, alas, we had no name for her. Seems we have another superheroine in our swingin' midst! She has chosen to be known as "Lovergirl." Danni added the XXX in her blog name; she says Lovergirl has 1 speed... and that's triple fast exxxstacy.

So far, she has more than loved up to her name. Bring it on, Lovergirl!

Friday, January 02, 2009

Happy New Year! Hello 2009!

What a way to ring in the New Year...with VERY good friends! Danni took a short break to take some quick pictures, then jumped back into the pile. Not sure everyone made it into these shots, but, at one point, we had 15 (or was it 16?) people at our After Party, including two ESFs (Elusive Single Females).

We made a few New Year's resolutions. How about you?