Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Haven't done just a four-way in a while, huh?

A week or so later, we had dinner with old friends Storm and Wolverine. We realized that the four of us had never been out with, well, just the four of us. First time we met, it was a 6-way, and we’ve never had a smaller group than that with them. So it was about time to have some four-way fun.

Once back from dinner, Storm and I started taking each other’s clothes off, which is pretty common for the two of us. I had her naked and was about to take advantage of her when Danni came over, grabbed her hand, and led her away to the bedroom. Talk about being cock-blocked, lol. But that’s OK, I knew what was going to happen.

Danni laid Storm down on our bed face down, straddled her, and began giving her an oiled massage. Wolverine and I sat on the couch and watched. When Danni was working Storm’s shoulders and back, we (Wolverine and I) would talk to each other. When Danni moved to Storm's "fun" parts, we would always stop talking. We’re guys and we’re very predictable.

After about 7 hours of girl-girl massage (OK, maybe it wasn’t that long, but it felt like it), we were invited to join the naked ladies on the bed. Wolverine and I fed our cocks to Danni while Storm was eating her wet pussy. I then flipped around to get behind Storm while she was eating Danni and started fucking her doggie style. As I fucked her, her mouth would bounce up and down along Danni’s wet cunt.

We laid the girls down and Wolverine and I fucked each other’s partners for a while. While fucking Storm, I’d kiss Danni, which is always HOT.

Later on, I had Storm ride me while Wolverine was fucking Danni. Danni laid right next to me to watch the very hot view of Storm cumming as she rode my cock. Danni loves watching Wolverine and Storm cum, it’s such a fucking hot thing to witness.

We’re going to see them again in a few days, along with a few other couples. We’ll do our best to get some fresh pictures this time. Our readers deserve some naked pics.

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