Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Ringo sucks! My rant for today!

It was bound to happen; we'd been warned by other friends who'd been "deleted" from Ringo for pornographic photos. Duh! Guess they were working their way through the alphabet and just got to "D". LOL

I'm just sorry that I've referred people and sorry to our fans and friends who joined, too! xoxo, Danni

P.S. Next House Party is Friday 3/10 and looks like about 10 couples and 2 single bi-females. Hmmm....we may have to rent some mattresses!

Monday, February 27, 2006

Shhhh - - it's our little secret!

The kids have gone, and we can plan our next House Party at the Sex Palace...sounds like quite a crowd will be cumming! My fantasy is to have bodies everywhere...so many naked bodies that I have to watch where I step!!!!!!!! Help me fulfill this one little fantasy...PLEASE!!!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Looks like Wilma and Fred's fun blog is gone

Either that or it's been taken over, hacked, whatever...anyhow, we miss you guys! Hope all is well with you....take care!

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Looking to spice up your SEXXX Life?

P.S. we're on hiatus due to kids in town this week...be back soon!
xoxo, Danni and B

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

House Party Turns into S & M Party...adventures of the young!

Realizing that we had a rare Friday free, we talked to a few of our playfriends about a quick (and dirty) House Party. While most of our friends have busy schedules like us and couldn't adjust to make the party, Slick and Lucky Bastard (LB) found some room on their calendar. And they brought with them a new, young couple. We'll call them Hall(m) and Young(f).

Now, a message for Slick and her LB as well as Hall and Young, please, please, PLEASE add your comments. And, we're looking forward to getting some pics from you, too! As we talked about the evenings' events later, it's really hard to know who did what to whom, though we did confirm that everyone fucked everyone (well, no M-M, but you get the point!).

Everyone showed up at around 9pm. As we've mentioned before, our House Party rule is that we only invite people that we've played with, and our playmates can invite people they've played with. That way, we know that all the girls are bi- (or at least REALLY curious), the couples are full swap, and there's no drama, "nervous nellies" or pretenders in the group. It's amazing how many people you meet that either have drama or issues or VERY different expectations that just would not work in the very comfortable kind of House Party we have.

Anyway, after about an hour of chit-chat and story-telling (names changed to protect the innocent, of course), we all agreed it was time to get in the jacuzzi. Our clothes lined the path between the living room and the jacuzzi, and within seconds we were all naked in the hot tub.

As is usually the case, things started out with the women getting nice and friendly. My Danni loves her girl-girl time! Oh, to have some underwater cameras! Soon, the guys were "allowed" to join in. Slick sat back on my cock and rode me reverse cowgirl. Besides lots of splashing, I almost broke the filter in the process, but she was definitely worth it. Danni was fucking Hall's impressively large, well-hung cock (Danni's terminology, not mine!) and LB was giving a high hard one to Young (did we mention that she IS young). After a while, I suggested going upstairs. I'm good for only a short time in that steamy jacuzzi room and need to have a little more O2 as things heat up. Slick and I were the first to the bed. I understood later that Danni and Hall hung a little longer in the jacuzzi until Danni had squirted all over Hall. She does really go Deaf-Dumb-and-Blind during sexxx parties, telling me later that she didn't even realize everyone else had left for upstairs! LOL

Now, I claim no accuracy as to the order of things for the rest of the night, as it can be hard to know who is fucking, sucking or spanking whom. Be prepared for this picture and look away if you must! But if you're intrigued, look more closely...

I know that we had a very disturbing site in the swing this time around. Let me tell you, it's certainly not made for men to ride in. The image of LB in the swing while wearing a long blonde wig is an image that I've got to get out of my head. Ughhh!

Young certainly enjoyed the swing, too. She hopped right in, and we took our turns with her. At one point, I was eating that hot little cunt while she was facing the porn and Young's head kept spinning around trying to see the hotter than porn action on the bed. So, while I continued eating her, I simply spun her around so she could watch Danni and Slick servicing Hall and LB.

Danni was on her knees, sucking Hall, and soon he flipped her around and fucked her doggie style near the end of the bed. I knew it was coming, and looking over, saw Danni blow a huge "load of girl" squirting come all over Hall's body. He was a mess, but clearly loved it all. I think everyone's feet got wet at some point!

Earlier in the day, I had suggested to Slick that she get tied up and be serviced by everyone in the room. Well somehow, things got altered, and Hall became the lucky son of a bitch (yes, he is now LSOB) that got strapped to the bed -- arms and legs!-- blind-folded and ball-gagged. The ladies then went at him unmercifully. Fucking him, sitting on his face and smothering him, licking his balls, sucking his cock...they just wouldn't stop. And, he loved it!!!

While Slick was deep-throating him (a simply AMAZING talent, certainly better than any porn star I've seen, as Hall is no small cock), I decided to tongue-fuck Slick's ass. After a while, I got up and started fucking her doggie style while she continued to have her mouth fucked by Hall. While I was fucking Slick from behind, LB flipped Young onto her stomach, pulled her hands behind her back, tied them up (with the aid of Danni now playing photographer), and started slam-fucking her from behind. She was clearly a happy girl. And they were a happy couple as Hall and Young were both tied up and being used as sex toys for our pleasure.

LB was fucking Young hard and deep when we heard her say "fuck that tight little xx-year old pussy" (sorry, not sure what is legal yet, so I won't admit to anything). As soon as she said that, LB blew his load deep inside her. That statement proved to be quite the cum producer, as later on, Young was riding and fucking me hard when she said it again! And just as LB did, I blew my load deep inside her within seconds of those magic words.

Danni loves the taste of mixed male and female cum, so after I had been milked by Young, Danni took my cock and licked up Young's juice and my leftover drops of cum from my cock. She is so fucking good, and it's so hot watching her lick me up.

Young told us she had a fantasy about fucking a girl with a strap-on, so needless to say, the "advanced strap-on" came out. She strapped it on, put the pussy plug in herself (the plugs make it "advanced") and started fucking Danni. She was very skilled with her new found cock and within no time, she had Danni squirting again, this time all over Young and the bed. As our readers should expect by now, Danni was making the whole room very wet, both the bed and the floor.

LB, Danni, Young and I took a break and, as usual, Slick was still bouncing around looking for a hard cock to fuck. Hall to the rescue. We enjoyed watching Slick ride Hall cowgirl on the leather loveseat in the bedroom, pounding him hard, then fall backwards onto the floor for him to perform the "pile driver" move. (Danni loves that term!) What a show!

Around 2am, everyone was getting pretty beat (ok, not SLICK, did I mention that she never tires out, LOL) and we decided to go downstairs for a little snack break. We pulled out some Qdoba chips and various dips and chatted about sex and life in general. Since Young had to work early in the morning, Hall and Young ended up leaving around 3am. Hopefully, they'll cum again, though, LOL.

With Valentine's VA Friends Party coming up, Slick wanted to try on some of Danni's red outfits. It was a damn sexy fashion show happening right there. (Imagine a Victoria Secret fashion show where the girls get naked and put on their next sexy lingerie item right there in front of you!) I was sitting on the couch and Slick could see that while I was watching, she was getting me hard AGAIN with her show. Danni could see where things were going and said that she was just too sore for any more and headed to bed.

In the meantime, Slick bent over and started sucking my rock hard cock. LB, at the same time, started fucking her from behind. After some amazing Hoover-ish sucking from Slick, LB (hell of a guy that he is) tells Slick to flip around and sit on cock. So, flip she did, riding my cock reverse cowgirl AGAIN. She rode me hard, fucking me with all her might while sucking LB and then having LB take pictures of us. After working my cock for a while with that tight little pussy, I blew another full load deep within her. Danni later told me that she thought we must have been DP'ing her again, since it was so loud and the pounding was shaking the house.

I kissed Slick goodnight, fist pounding LB for another great night and went up to my lovely Danni. She was still awake, I guess the fucking reverberated, and she and I snuggled up together. After having great sex with all of these hot people, it's still wonderful to end the night with my beautiful Danni. We slept like kings.

Special thanks to LB for making us breakfast in the morning. Danni is so impressed that he can fuck like a machine and cook like a 4-star chef. OK, so I can't cook, but I make a mean reservation, lol.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Saturday, February 11, 2006

SwingLifeStyle - Swing Life Style

Check us out at Danni654 on Swappernet!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

What do Guys (and Girls) Like About You...another great quiz!

Guys (and Girls) Like That I'm Fun

I'm the type of girl that guys (and other girls) brag about knowing.

That's because I'm cool, funny, and laid back.

I'm smart enough to know how to be one of the guys.

But flirty enough to know how to make them ALL want me! Must be that bi-sexual thing, huh?

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

We're having a Party!!!! Reservations Confirmation is 69.69!

Hey, it looks like we're having an impromptu House Party at the Sex Palace this Friday night! Woo-Hoo!!!! Stay tuned...

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

What's Your Brain Pattern?

My Brain's Pattern

Structured and organized, I have a knack for thinking clearly.

I'm very logical - and don't let my thoughts get polluted with emotions.

And while my thoughts are pretty serious, they're anything from boring.

It's minds like mine that have built the great cities of the world!

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Not only are we an Urban Legend...now we're an Inspiration!

Check out our UK fan "DirtyGirl" blog at http://dirtygirlsthoughts.blogspot.com/ .

Seems that we have inspired her to have her 1st REAL threesome experience with people she met on a UK swingers site http://www.swingingheaven.co.uk/ . I wonder if things will go well; maybe they'll even take her to a swingers club?Hope she emails us to let us know how it goes!!!!

I asked her if there are there a lot of swingers in the UK. She tells me that dogging is big in the UK and, yes, I needed a definition for that one!! Dogging is going to places to fuck in cars while other people watch. Hmmmm...sounds like a swingers party on wheels!

Friday, February 03, 2006

Swingercast - a Podcast for Swingers - Danni gets a Shout-Out!

Be sure to check out the ONLY Swinger's Podcast on iTunes or at www.swingercast.com . Allie and John do a great job. If you don't have an iPod, you can listen to the audiofiles on your computer.

Just got an email from Allie; she and John are flying to Seattle in the morning and going to check out Club New Horizons. We can't wait to hear how it goes!

We were thrilled at the shout-out to our blog, Danni654 Swingertime, on their recent episode #3. We appreciate the "exposure". We love, love, love their podcast. It's great that they can provide another medium to educate newbies, enlighten swingers and entertain the die-hard lifestylers, like us.

They asked for suggestions on how to improve the podcast, so we offered a few ideas:

1) try to do the podcast without alcohol inducement. Ee'd hate for people, especially newbies, to think that the lifestyle requires you to get drunk in order to "play" rather than experiencing all that it has to offer, enjoying the sexual energy to its fullest extent.

2) they are NOT too graphic. In fact, they could be WAY more graphic and still not scratch the surface. Just as in calling a spade, a spade...call a dick, a dick, a blow job, a blow job and a pussy, a pussy, etc. They seem a little hesitant to talk sometimes. By the way, Allie has a very SEXXXY voice. If she's only half as HOTTT as her voice....oooh-la-la!

3) we assume their subscribers cover the full range of lifestylers and wannabe lifestylers, so we suggested they try to cover things like: why (not how) you got into the lifestyle, the kinds of people you've met, all of the different types of swingers, why you're soft swap only after so many years, how newbies can get into the lifestyle, how did you arrange your first 3-way (friend, online, bar pickup, etc.), what happens when you meet people you're not attracted to, yada yada yada.

4) and we'd love to hear others send in audiofiles to get the full picture of what the lifestyle is all about. We also hope at some point that they'll post pictures of themselves on their website, a Frappr Map, photo albums for subscribers, a forum or message board, etc.

Check them out and be sure to email Allie with your suggestions (and delicious praise) at mailto:allie@swingercast.com . Maybe we can convince them to come to our next House Party at the Sex Palace!