Sunday, August 21, 2005

Kids on Board...Sex on Hold

Yes, B's kids are with us, so our wild and wonderful lifestyle is "on hold".

Be back soon....hmmm, Monday August 29th, we will be back in business!

xoxo, Danni (&B)

Thursday, August 18, 2005

When and Where is the Party?

First, the bad news: Unfortunately, we've had to cancel the House Party for Saturday August 20 (we even tried to rearrange things for Friday night). Boo-Hoo!!!!

Now for the Good News: We're planning another House Party for Friday September 9 at 8pm until....? For those who received an invite via email, let us know if you can join us as soon as possible...we don't want to have to cancel another one!

xoxo, Danni & B

P.S. We'll also be at MAC on Saturday, September 17th and Va Friends on Friday and Saturday, September 23rd-24th. Let's have an orgy!!! Yeah!!!

Sunday, August 14, 2005

I am Supergirl

by Danni, the bi-fem 1/2

Speaking of dams (see previous post)...I knew I should have warned B! Sometimes I get wrapped up in sharing details with the fem of a couple and forget to tell all to B. More later...

Well, we finally hooked up with L(f) & D(m) on Saturday night....and let me tell you, it was worth the wait! We met at a local downtown restaurant in Richmond. B & I had already eaten and were ready for dessert. {yeah, we're really subtle, huh?} L & D came to the restaurant later as they needed a nap to rest up from their wild night at the Hustler Club in N' up for us, that is. LOL

After some great conversation, shared stories and a few drinks, we headed back to our hotel just up the street. When we got to our room, B & I had to show off my new dress...I call it my Supergirl dress. It's very long and form-fitting with only a row of snaps holding it together. With a quick pull, I can be completely disrobed in a second. And, of course, with no bra and panties (my favorite way to travel), I am really disrobed! I am Supergirl!

Just as quickly, we disrobed L from her cute zebra-print N'awlins dress. After some intense kissing, B pulled back the covers from the bed and I guided L there...laying on top of her, kissing and spreading her legs with my legs. After fondling and sucking on those lucious breasts, I slowly tickle-licked my way down to L's already wet pussy. Normally, I dive right in (hence the term muff-diver?) but decided to tease Miss L a bit. I only lightly licked the outermost reaches of her pussy lips, flicking her clit and inner thighs along the way. I love to look up into a girl's eyes while between her legs and from the appreciative looks I was getting back, I'd say L likes it, too. B and D certainly weren't going to be left out. While I was busy between L's thighs, B and D kissed her mouth and breasts. As our intensity grew, I shoved my tongue and my fingers deep into L's tight cunt...curling my fingers toward me in a "come here" motion to reach her g-spot. (And I do mean tight...I thought she would shove me right out!) I also used my chin in a back-and-forth motion to press against her clit and pussy lips for a wonderful sensation.

Knowing that the length of my tongue has its limitations, I finally motioned for B to get between those creamy thighs and give L a lick with that cock-like tongue of his. (She praised his tongue length later!) I proceeded to help D out with mouth and nipple duty, but upon seeing L in such a prone position, I decided to press my pussy onto her face. L eats pussy like a pro! I leaned over from L's face to suck on D's cock to attention. L continued to lick my pussy and eventually I felt that familiar tongue in my ass. Yes, B had joined L in eating me! OOOOO!

With D's cock now at attention and my cunt dripping wet, I flipped around so he could shove it in. (I think B was fucking L at this point, but chronology eludes me when I'm getting fucked good! LOL) Let's just say that D came to FULL attention while fucking me. It's such a relief when the male 1/2 of a couple can perform so admirably (P.S. thanks to R from Friday night, too). And to my surprise (and delight), D proceeded to eat me after he came deep inside me....thanks for that too! I adore deep ejaculation that feels like rocket propulsion!

Anyway, B's techniques while 69'ing had L gushing yummy pussy juice all over him. That's what I forgot to tell him, that L was a squirter too. Tee-hee-hee!

I was lost in delight...the next thing I know, B is kissing me with his tongue deep in my throat and commenting about tag-teaming. I look between my legs to see L eating me...when they switched, I'll never know! I never met a couple yet that you couldn't tell the difference between cunnilingus techniques...until now. L & D took turns admiring and worshiping my pussy...yes, that's what it felt like...until I just needed a cock again. B to the rescue. Not only did he share that hard cock with me, he really wanted to make me squirt too, so he applied his talented fingers to just the right spot. Gusher! Ahhhhh....

After some cute pillow talk between us..and I got to sit my bare pussy on L and ride her great ass...L & D eventually succumbed to fatigue, dressed and kissed us good-bye.

Now we just need to plan a date and location to help L fulfill her fantasy of an orgy. Get my calendar out now!

P.S. The opening pic is of Helen Slater who played Supergirl in the 1984 movie.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Bursting the Dam

Last night, we had W&R over to the sex palace. They were a part of our recent Vixen's orgy, but were the only couple of the group that had not been over to our place, so we thought it'd be a nice chance to spend some quality 2 on 2 time together. ;-)

They showed up around 8:30, and Danni had strawberry daiquiris ready and some Mexican food brought in from Qdoba's (that's our kind of cooking). By the way, we highly recommend Qdoba's for quick and easy Mexican, either eat in or take out. Their chips and hot sauce are simply the best around.

After a few daiquiris and a tour of the palace, we decided to get naked and hop into the jacuzzi. Danni gave a demonstration as to how she turns the jacuzzi into my sexual competition, riding her favorite jet. Soon, Danni had jumped onto W, and the girls were kissing, fondling and fingering each other. They were so nice as to have the presence of mind to stroke our cocks as we watched achingly. Eventually, I needed to get out of the tub. Between the hot f/f sex, and the steam, my breath was just being taken away. But before hoping out, W starting sucking my cock, and Danni grabbed R and sucked him too.

So upstairs we ran.

The swing had been already prepared. W had heard about the swing (click here to find ours) from the other Vixen orgy couples, and really wanted to try it out herself. We lowered the harness to the floor and W got in position and we raised her up to mouth level.

I was lucky to be the first to have a taste of that sweet W pussy. Tongue fucking her, licking her clit, fingering her, W seemed to enjoy it all. I passed W on to Danni and I noticed that she used her favorite "chin technique" on W. The chin works much better for a woman to use on a pussy than for us guys with our stubble. Once Danni had her fill (note from Danni: I didn't really have my "fill" but I was informed that I had to share!) , she spun W around to R, who enjoyed as well. Each time, while one of us was eating W, the others were sucking her nipples, grabbing her tits, or kissing her.

Then we lowered the swing to waist level.

Passing W around again, I was the first to be able to shove my throbbing hard cock into her tight dripping cunt. While we were fucking, Danni pulled out her newest toys.

In today's mail, Danni received a box with 3 new sex toys. First was the Ultra Harness 2000 (click here to find Danni's). Its a strap-on, with a very realistic cock, PLUS, both pussy and ass plugs for the wearer of the strap on. The second toy was a new plug-on cock for her old reliable strap on belt. And the third toy was a large vibrating butt plug. The butt plug box had a picture of a guy on one side and a girl on the other. Take your choice. Unfortunately, the butt plug wouldn't vibrate when Danni put the batteries in, so it'll have to be returned.

Anyway, back to the good stuff.

As I was fucking W in the swing, she was grabbing me to pull her deeper and deeper, harder and harder inside her. I had to do all I could to just not come right there. I looked over and saw a really well hung woman next to me, her cock ready to go. Danni's all strapped up, with a plug in her pussy (she opted out of the ass plug this time, too much ass-fucking from the night before, I guess). So, as much as I hated to, I pulled out and spun W around over to Danni.

With this strap-on, Danni's pretty well hung, and can stay hard an amazingly long time, lol. So Danni started fucking her. R and I spent time sucking her tits and kissing her, but I'm pretty sure W's focus was much further below. Somehow, Danni was able to keep from coming too (lol) and she then passed W on to her hubby R. R took his turn with W in the swing. I think that using the swing was a first for him, and after a few seconds getting used to the rhythm of the swing, he began fucking her like a champ. At the same time, I had fallen back onto the couch at the foot of the bed and M took my cock deep into her mouth.

As much as we hated to, we eventually lowered W out of the swing. R and Danni hopped on the bed and began fucking immediately. Since they didn't get a chance to fuck at the Vixen orgy (see previous post), they both knew that this fuck was more than overdue.

W took Danni's place sucking my cock and licking my balls. She had me close to coming and then hopped on my cock. Unfortunately by this point, I had been brought to the edge so many times that after grinding on my cock for a few moments, her tight cunt quickly sucked every drop of cum out of my balls.

While I felt great, I knew that W hadn't come yet. And that's just not acceptable. So I quickly replaced my drained cock with two of my fingers.

Now at the Vixen orgy, W had been very intrigued with Danni's squirting ability. Her gyno had told her that female squirting was a myth, but as she saw Danni squirt large quantities of fluid over and over again, the myth had been put to rest. So now, W was very intent on experiencing this for herself. She tells me that they've watched squirting porn, read about it on the internet, even gotten an instruction video.

While fingering W with my "double super secret agent technique" (yes, a reference to the Rove/Plame situation thank you), I felt W's pussy tighten and an eerily recognizable look came upon W's face. All of the sudden, my fingers were shot out of her cunt, and she began forcefully spraying wonderfully hot pussy juice all over me. I was soaked, and loved ever minute of it.

Now, rather than the normal reaction of pleasure you get when a girl cums, W had a different look, first of amazement as to what happened, and then elation. She yelled out to R and Danni, still fucking, that she had squirted!!! She was clearly proud of what she had done (ok, I was a bit proud too). The smile on her face, and her satisfied look of a long sought goal accomplished, made me forget my less than stellar fucking performance.

Now, we warned W. Once the dam gets broken, squirting starts happening more and more often. Danni certainly knows this, as I first got her to squirt about a year and a half ago, and it's become the norm for her. Our chat friend C, also knows this experience well and has shown us that fact on her cam a few times (thanks ;-) ).

Soon after W squirted, I could hear Danni squirting all over R as he was fucking her. While I didn't see a lot of their action, it all sounded great from my vantage point. And Danni certainly was a happy girl.

Now, the strap-on came out again. This time, W wanted to wear it. She'd never worn one before, and wanted to experience the power of the penis. She too plugged it into her pussy and opted out of the butt plug. She hopped on Danni, and Danni guided her large cock into her. They quickly got a rhythm going, and R and I got to see a very hot f/f strap-on show.

While the show was happening, I realized that this was a perfect time for the camera. It was in Danni's car, so I ran downstairs, flipped on the light to the garage, and ran butt naked into the garage, only to find that the garage door was wide open. It was dark outside, but if anyone was out there, they got the full show.

After a while, everyone was spent, and we all laid on the bed, talking, laughing and watching Playboy TV. Soon, we were back at it, each of us fucking our original partners while watching the action next to us.

Finally, spent to the point of rawness, we all went downstairs, nibbled at the leftover Qdoba (sorry I didn't touch any, Danni) and chatted for a good hour about ourselves, the lifestyle and life in general. We kissed goodbye and wished them a safe drive home. We plan on seeing them again at our 9/9 house party (if not sooner).
I'm in Richmond tonight for work, and M will soon be joining me. We're meeting L&D out for drinks later on. We first met them on SLS and then at the last MAC party, where L couldn't play due to her period. L&D are literally flying back from New Orleans today, so they're getting a little nap to rest up for us. Hopefully, another interesting posting will be upcoming.

Also, for those readers that have played with us, the house party is still on for 8/20. If you haven't done so already, please let us know either way if you can make it. And to all of you that have asked for an invite, please understand, that at our house parties, we only invite those we've played with, and the couples that have played with them. That way we're able to expand the swing network in our area, but also know that everyone is at the same place sexually. Our house party is NOT the place to discover if your woman is bi, or if this lifestyle is for you. Thanks for understanding.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Ok, I'm Stuck in a Hotel Room on Business....

by Danni, the bi-fem 1/2
Yes, I'm a bit horny, and my brain is a little fried, so I thought I'd share some interesting pics!

In the South, this is the perfect woman.

And this is a Redneck's idea of a HotTub.

Thankfully, we have "play" plans on Friday night with some "FWB"(Friends With Benefits) at our Sex Palace (aka home) and "play" plans with a new couple in Richmond on Saturday! B's got a work meeting this weekend in Richmond, so we thought we'd combine work and that's my idea of "work"! Yeah!

TGIF, almost...xoxo, Danni

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Orgy, Vixen's Style

Whew, we're spent.

To our friends D&M(m), J&N, and W&R: Thanks for such a great time! You were all awesome and we can't wait to get everyone together again. Check your calendars soon. And yes D, we ALL owe you one. LOL Hopefully, each participant will get a chance to add their perspective to the evenings' events; it's difficult to see every angle of what everyone was doing ;-)

First our players: D&M(m) are friends we've played with a number of times both at our house and at MAC. (see our 6/29 post) J&N recently joined us at the Sex Palace (see our 7/12 post). And W&R were a new couple we met for the first time last night, though we've had the pleasure of chatting a lot and viewing W's "finer assets" a number of times on their cam. In each case the couple is (respectively) a bi-female & straight male. And of course, everyone is full swap (yeah!!!!).

We started out by meeting at Texas Steak House for dinner. Even J&N were able to make it in spite of some sitter issues they had to deal with. The service was deathly slow, but it just gave us more time for drinks and stories. We all have to be careful about how loud we get when talking about our sexcapades. We forget that not everyone lives quite the lifestyle that we do.

After dinner, we stopped back to our hotel room so that W could try on some of Danni's sex clothes. After finding some slinky little black dress that barely covered her pussy (and didn't really cover her ass) we all headed off to Vixen's, a great full nude strip club.

Thanks to D&M's past experience at Vixen's, we were able to reserve a VIP lounge for the whole evening. This is a blocked off area that was exclusive to our group with plenty of room, lounge chairs, our own bouncer and waitress and plenty of dancers joining us.

After a little chit chatting, the girls started getting a little more friendly with each other, as well as with the guys. At one point, W was fingering Danni so much, with Danni's skirt raised up to her waist, that the owners had to tell us to cool things down. You know, no sex in the club, state law. So, the nudity just became a bit more subtle. Danni was straddling J and J's fingers were working Danni so much that I had to stop her before Danni would have squirted all over her in her chair. That would have gotten us kicked out for sure.

The girls ended up going to the shower room, watching two girls pour chocolate and other things all over themselves and shower themselves clean. (NOTE FROM Danni: and the strippers did an "oral" presentation on the shower floor!) Rumor has it that our girls put on their own little side show. All I know is that when they came back, there was still food on them. J, you sure did taste great, and better and better as the night progressed. LOL

So, the girls really wanted to get into the cage to dance for everyone. This is a raised dance cage that sits at the corner of the main dance floor, and girls sign up to get in and get naked. Well M, J, and W finally got the call and got right in. Now normally, women just start to slowly gyrate and eventually take off their tops, maybe their panties if they are really wild. Well, of course our girls have to take it to another level. As soon as they got in the cage, Danni was eating W, and then W eating Danni, all in plain sight of the whole place. Well, this isn't too legal and they quickly turned off the lights on the cage and asked to have them removed. They didn't want to lose their license (nor did we). Well things just started heating up that much more in our VIP lounge, and we decided it was time to head back to our hotel.

On the drive to the hotel, R was the lucky man to be in the back seat with Danni, W, and J. Though I was driving and really couldn't see much. There wasn't a lot of talking going on, but I did hear plenty of moans.

Back at the hotel, the girls all pulled out their toy collections. Danni had bought a new 18" double headed dildo to add to the 12" one she's used for a while, D brought her collection of glass dildo's (one which had been put on ice since dinner), and there was a wide variety of vibrators, lotions, and other kinky toys.

Danni was the first girl to be naked (as usual), but soon all the girls were naked and on the bed (well, really two double beds that we push together). In an orgy, things tend to be a blur and who did what with whom in what order can be confusing. Hopefully, this is an area where my fellow orgy participants can help out.

I can tell you one thing. Danni came a lot. And when I say she came, I mean she SQUIRTED a lot. W&R had been warned earlier in the day, and they said that her OB-GYN had said that female squirting is a myth. LOL Guess that doctor needs to go back to school (or join one of our parties ;-) ). I think we counted 8 or 9 times that she squirted, usually right on someone. I'm pretty sure that each girl caused her to squirt at least once (chime in ladies!!!) and most of the guys did too.

The girls attempted to use the 18" double headed, but both Danni and W seemed to be uncomfortable with it's size. Not the length, but it's girth. It's significantly larger around than the 12 incher, something they hadn't considered. So out came the 12 inch double headed, which seems to be better anyway, since the girls pussies can grind against each other.

W had to be instructed on the positions to be in to use it. At first she laid on top of Danni and they bent the dildo into each pussy. Then we instructed to have W get doggie style, ass towards Danni and they started really ramming each other. Danni was halfway on the floor as W kept ramming and ramming. I think we found a new fun toy for W.

D couldn't have sex with everyone last night since it was her time of the month, but she was not to be denied. Out came Danni's strap on, and D put it on and immediately felt the power of the penis. She first fucked Danni doggie until she squirted. Then W took her turn being D's bitch. I was at the other end of the bed, but we all heard W say "OK, I don't squirt, but I still came". Everyone got a great laugh from that. (Understand, there really wasn't a dry place on the whole bed at that point.)

I had the pleasure of being blown by each girl and having wonderful sex with both W and J. W and I fucked missionary for a while and then flipped to doggie where I just couldn't take anymore and blew my load deep inside of her. With J, she got on top of me, grinding her tight wet pussy up and down my cock while Danni teabagged me (sucked my balls). Danni knows how easy it is to get me off that way. Between these two sexy nymphs, I quickly came deep inside of J. I actually waited until the next morning to have sex with Danni, since we all started at 1:30am and didn't finish until 4am.

I have to say that every girl in the orgy was simply amazing. Everyone was so very open, gave great lap dances, kissed wonderfully, gave great blow jobs, tasted great, and were wonderful to have sex with (D, soon, we promise). But even more importantly, they are all becoming great friends and people that we really like to hang out with. Something we don't always find with couples that we fuck. This truly is a great bonus.

We're planning a house party here at the sex palace on the 20th. We've invited couples that we've actually played with, and told them that they can invite couples that they've actually played with. That way we know that everyone is real, very cool about the scene, the couples are bi-f / str8-m, and open to full swap and everyone is...well, fuckable.

If you've played with us and not heard from us, we might just not have your Email address. Give us a shout and we can give you details.

We're actually hooking up with a couple that we know, but haven't played with, next weekend in Richmond. They really want to come to the party and they know our rules about "foreplay". We're looking forward to spending some "quality time" with them next weekend.

Ok guys....add your comments about the night here...including anyone who happened to be at the Club and enjoy our amateur shows!

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Strip Club this Saturday Night...

B and I are doing Vixens Strip Club on Saturday, August 6th, 2005...we'll be there with three (at least) other couples in tow...wanna join us? Couples with bi-fems and single bi-fems only! We have a room in nearby Martinsburg WV for our After Party...

xoxo, Danni&B

Can't wait to do Vixen's Shower Room with my g/f's!

Can't wait to do the VIP Cheetah Room!

And, the Sky Cage...definitely my girls and I will be dancing in the Sky Cage!

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

The Power of Three

Thanks to

The Power of Danni

Three physical things you like about yourself:
1. my tits
2. my pussy
3. my long, naturally curly hair

Three physical things you don’t:
1. my lips, I wish they were large and juicy like B's
2. my tummy, it's not as flat as it used to be
3. my scar (from hysterectomy)

Three things that scare you:
1. losing B someday (due to death, not leaving me)
2. things over which I have no control
3. roller coasters

Three of your everyday essentials:
1. Sex with B
2. Sex with my Pearl Butterfly
3. Michelob Ultra (this is B's comment, not mine)

Three things you are wearing now:
1. A smile
2. A Scrunchie (to hold my hair up)
3. My laptop

Three of your favorite bands or musical artists:
1. Aerosmith
2. Steven Tyler of Aerosmith
3. Joe Perry or Aerosmith

Three things you want in a relationship:
1. Amazing sex every day and night (like with B)
2. Someone who thinks I am "beautiful" no matter what I really look like (same with B)
3. Someone who puts me on a pedestal and treats me like a queen (of course, like B)

Three physical things that turn you on:
1. Blondes with great tits
2. Great-tasting pussy
3. A great attitude and sexual confidence is more important than physical looks!

Three of your favorite hobbies:
1. Swinger parties and clubs
2. Traveling, esp. to Swinger parties and clubs
3. oh, and did I mention sex?

Three things you want to do really badly right now:
1. Eat pussy
2. Blow B
3. Fuck B

Three careers you would consider other than what you do right now:
1. Stripping
2. Porn Star
3. Sell Adult Novelties, etc. or Run a hot, on-premise Swingers Club

Three places you want to go on vacation:
1. Desires Resort in Cancun (going Oct 22-29, 2005)
2. Hawaii, actually anywhere with B
3. Looking into other Lifestyle resorts such as Hedo

Three things you want to do before you die:
1. Fuck Steven Tyler (this comment is from B)
2. Fuck Jenna Jameson
3. Fuck Steven Tyler and Jenna Jameson at the same time

Two truths and one lie (which one is the lie?):
1. The most people I've fucked at a swingers party was 15 (or was it 16?)
2. I squirt almost daily
3. I'm in to MFM

Email me with which one you think is the lie! xoxo

That's all folks. If you want to copy this to your blog, knock yourself out.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Capital Lipstick announces the re-opening of BOUND

Disclaimer: this is not Danni! This is ONLY a pic from the web to let you see some of the fetishes "out there". This is not Danni (nor will it ever be M)! LOL

Posting from:

If you have ever wondered about the fetish scene, or if you are really into it, then this is a must-not-miss-event! BOUND is DC's hottest Fetish event! Leather, latex, PVC, Masters, Doms, Slaves, and everything in between! A very pansexual event (bi, str8, gay, TV/TS, and every other in between non-deffinitional type!) BOUND provides THE social party for all types of fetishes! From hi-tech bull whipping to foot worship! You WILL find it at BOUND!
BOUND will be held EVERY Friday Night!
9PM TO 3AM! PLEASE arrive before 10:30!
Re-opens Friday, August 5th!
BOUND will be held EVERY Friday Night
@ The Green Lantern! 1335 Green Court, NW DC!
SIDE ENTRANCE! (Do not enter the front door!)

The lot can hold at least 100 cars!

$7 in Fetish Attire - $15 if Not!
BOUND is a 21+ only event! Nobody under 21 will be admitted.

Sorry, that is the Green Lantern's policy.

Remember; enter the side entrance (to the left of the main entrance).
Once you enter you will go upstairs and see the BOUND doorman to pay your cover.
At that point you can go anywhere in the club! ALL Fetish activity will be held upstairs!
DJs and music on both levels, as well as videos, drinking, etc etc etc.

Spread the word to your my-spaces, live journals, yahoo groups, e- lists, etc and help make the grand opening and every Friday a huge event!

NOTE: We are posting this as a favor to Todd and Jennifer of
Bound and Entre Nous.