Sunday, August 14, 2005

I am Supergirl

by Danni, the bi-fem 1/2

Speaking of dams (see previous post)...I knew I should have warned B! Sometimes I get wrapped up in sharing details with the fem of a couple and forget to tell all to B. More later...

Well, we finally hooked up with L(f) & D(m) on Saturday night....and let me tell you, it was worth the wait! We met at a local downtown restaurant in Richmond. B & I had already eaten and were ready for dessert. {yeah, we're really subtle, huh?} L & D came to the restaurant later as they needed a nap to rest up from their wild night at the Hustler Club in N' up for us, that is. LOL

After some great conversation, shared stories and a few drinks, we headed back to our hotel just up the street. When we got to our room, B & I had to show off my new dress...I call it my Supergirl dress. It's very long and form-fitting with only a row of snaps holding it together. With a quick pull, I can be completely disrobed in a second. And, of course, with no bra and panties (my favorite way to travel), I am really disrobed! I am Supergirl!

Just as quickly, we disrobed L from her cute zebra-print N'awlins dress. After some intense kissing, B pulled back the covers from the bed and I guided L there...laying on top of her, kissing and spreading her legs with my legs. After fondling and sucking on those lucious breasts, I slowly tickle-licked my way down to L's already wet pussy. Normally, I dive right in (hence the term muff-diver?) but decided to tease Miss L a bit. I only lightly licked the outermost reaches of her pussy lips, flicking her clit and inner thighs along the way. I love to look up into a girl's eyes while between her legs and from the appreciative looks I was getting back, I'd say L likes it, too. B and D certainly weren't going to be left out. While I was busy between L's thighs, B and D kissed her mouth and breasts. As our intensity grew, I shoved my tongue and my fingers deep into L's tight cunt...curling my fingers toward me in a "come here" motion to reach her g-spot. (And I do mean tight...I thought she would shove me right out!) I also used my chin in a back-and-forth motion to press against her clit and pussy lips for a wonderful sensation.

Knowing that the length of my tongue has its limitations, I finally motioned for B to get between those creamy thighs and give L a lick with that cock-like tongue of his. (She praised his tongue length later!) I proceeded to help D out with mouth and nipple duty, but upon seeing L in such a prone position, I decided to press my pussy onto her face. L eats pussy like a pro! I leaned over from L's face to suck on D's cock to attention. L continued to lick my pussy and eventually I felt that familiar tongue in my ass. Yes, B had joined L in eating me! OOOOO!

With D's cock now at attention and my cunt dripping wet, I flipped around so he could shove it in. (I think B was fucking L at this point, but chronology eludes me when I'm getting fucked good! LOL) Let's just say that D came to FULL attention while fucking me. It's such a relief when the male 1/2 of a couple can perform so admirably (P.S. thanks to R from Friday night, too). And to my surprise (and delight), D proceeded to eat me after he came deep inside me....thanks for that too! I adore deep ejaculation that feels like rocket propulsion!

Anyway, B's techniques while 69'ing had L gushing yummy pussy juice all over him. That's what I forgot to tell him, that L was a squirter too. Tee-hee-hee!

I was lost in delight...the next thing I know, B is kissing me with his tongue deep in my throat and commenting about tag-teaming. I look between my legs to see L eating me...when they switched, I'll never know! I never met a couple yet that you couldn't tell the difference between cunnilingus techniques...until now. L & D took turns admiring and worshiping my pussy...yes, that's what it felt like...until I just needed a cock again. B to the rescue. Not only did he share that hard cock with me, he really wanted to make me squirt too, so he applied his talented fingers to just the right spot. Gusher! Ahhhhh....

After some cute pillow talk between us..and I got to sit my bare pussy on L and ride her great ass...L & D eventually succumbed to fatigue, dressed and kissed us good-bye.

Now we just need to plan a date and location to help L fulfill her fantasy of an orgy. Get my calendar out now!

P.S. The opening pic is of Helen Slater who played Supergirl in the 1984 movie.

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Fiama said...

mmmmmmmm.......and a good time was had by ALL, lol! My computer time has been very limited since Saturday night, but when we get a few minutes, D & I intend to write a glowing cert on sls... We both agree that you 2 personify the couple EVERYONE wants to meet, teehee! I don't even have any idea of what you were doing to me "down there" a lot of the time, M, but DAYUM, girl! You're the best! I can't wait to help you work on someone else, so I can get a "closer" look at what the heck you're doin'! D had MANY praises for your beauty, talent and skill, lol... And to B...I have NEVER squirted in that position before, lol.. I will attribute that to your wonderful tongue! I was still turned on so much I squirted on D that way as well, lol... By the way, I LOVED hearing M say that it was HER cock and she'd put it where she wanted, lol!