Sunday, January 27, 2008

There was a MAC meet-n-greet, uh, the 6-way afterward was...

... way better!

We stopped by the MAC party that recently moved to Hampton. The meet and greet was at a local bar, and we met Storm and Wolverine and new friends Coral(F) and Copper(M) for dinner. Regular readers know Storm and Wolverine, but Coral and Copper were a new couple that we’d been in contact with from AFF.

After dinner, we had some drinks and caught up with some other old friends at the MAC section of the bar. After a few drinks, we knew it was time to head back to the Sex Palace South for some naked fun. Storm/Wolverine and Coral/Copper were quick to join us.

As soon as we got to the Palace, Storm started getting naked (defending her newly won title of first-to-get-naked). Third party in a row that she’d been the first to get naked. She’s holding on tightly to that trophy, lol.

Of course, good host that I am, I took a naked Storm over to the couch and let her pull out my cock. She quickly attached her lovely mouth to me, and I was watching my hard cock going in and out of her expert mouth.

It didn’t take long for everyone else to get naked.

I spent some great quality time with Storm as Danni, Wolverine and Coral/Copper joined in some hot action. Coral, new to the scene, was undressed and her body was explored by everyone. Danni and Coral had some great f/f action, and I was lucky enough to be able to have a taste of that sweet Coral pussy as well.

We all took a break after a while, but it didn’t take long for Danni and I to grab each other and put on a nice fuck show for our guests. As I fucked Danni, my balls were being massaged by some sexy vixen. It didn’t take long for me to cum again.

We eventually kissed everyone goodnight and were quick to pass out. We’re so happy to add Coral and Copper to our little stable of sexy friends.

P.S. pics included here are of hottie, Coral!

Friday nite at Virginia Friends, catchin' up with ElektraLux

We were back at our favorite club, Virginia Friends. It was a fairly quiet night, as it was only a couple of weeks after the packed New Year’s party. We spent most of the night with Elektra-Lux and her main squeeze, Juan, while chatting with other sexy couples.

Once upstairs at the After Party, we showed Elektra-Lux and Juan the party suite (they hadn’t been to VAF since the club had moved to the new hotel), and they were very excited to see the voyeur bedroom. This is a room with a king-sized bed right off of the main part of the party suite. While Danni and I were talking to some people, Elektra-Lux began performing her specialty on Juan.

I walked into the bedroom, seeing her blowing him and her ass up in the air smiling to me. I kneeled down and began licking and fingering her wet little pussy.

Danni walked in, saw what was happening and immediately ripped off her clothes. I was the last of the four of us to get naked, but only by a few seconds. Danni was soon riding my hard cock while sucking Juan.

Danni then took her turn with Juan while Elektra-Lux worked my cock.

We had bunches of people watching this action from the doorway, though it wasn’t until one brave sole actually walked in that we had anyone else join us. When this guy walked in (someone I didn’t know) Elektra-Lux grabbed him and ripped off his sweats. She sucked and fucked him while Danni took on both Juan and me at the same time.

After we were all spent, it was all I could do to get Danni off the bed so others could take their turn for the voyeurs. She was all curled up next to Juan, cuddling.

We talked with people in the hallway for a while more, but I was ready for some more action, so I grabbed Danni, took her back to our room and we fucked again like teenagers. (actually, we fucked like swingers, who really are the best in bed!!)

We’ll miss the February VAF party, but plan to see everyone at VAF in March. Hope you can join us.

P.S. from Danni-Sorry about the lack of pictures; we were rather busy. Just use the search feature on the right-had sidebar and enter the word "elektra"'ll see lots! xoxo

Wednesday, January 09, 2008


With the New Year upon us, we felt it was a good time for a house party. Tonight’s attendees were all old friends, including, Storm and Wolverine, Hoover and Lou, Enigma and The Shadow, and Charlotte and Junior. You’ve read about them all before, so you know that this was going to be a fun party. (and, if you want a refresher, use the SEARCH feature on the righthand sidebar>>)

Our guests all know that they should show up early, as people at our parties don’t wait long to get naked, and after 9pm, we don't answer the door!

Tonight, the award for first naked goes to Storm. It’s becoming a habit with her, and I think this is the third house party in a row that she was first to get naked.

Of course, being the good host that I am, I came straight over to her and got naked along with her. We moved to one of the mattresses, and Storm started sucking my cock. It wasn’t long before we flipped to some 69 action. Others joined us on the mattress. Storm had me sit up on the couch, and she reversed-cowgirled me. She looked so good as I watched her ass and pussy lower up and down on my hard cock. It was all I could do from cuming right there, which would have just been bad form that early in the night.

As Storm and I were 69ing, Charlotte and Junior entered the house. They showed up later than everyone else (perhaps 8pm, lol) and entered a house full of naked people. Of course, knowing almost everyone, they quickly stripped and joined in.

I soon came over to Charlotte and began eating her sweet pussy. Using my fingers, I started working her pussy and her g-spot, and she quickly started squirting. The splashes from her wetness were heard from most of our guests, and people were chuckling at how wet she sounded. Soon we were fucking, and Danni came over and began licking my balls, knowing how that makes me cum easily. I had to slow down my pumping in order to hold back.

Danni then pushed me on the mattress and started riding my hard (and now very slippery, wet) cock. She had been worked well by lots of other people (as evidenced by the pic above of The Shadow working his tongue magic on Danni while she sucked them). She was well primed, so it didn’t take very long to have Danni squirting like a bottle rocket as she pounded away on top of me.

As Danni was riding me, Enigma and Charlotte took turns kissing me. Having all of these sexy women around me was so fucking hot.

Enigma pulled out the strap-on that she had brought as her goal was to fuck Danni hard with it. Of course, Danni was a willing recipient, and the two girls went at it like pros (duh, they ARE pros!). Enigma mentioned later on how hard it was to be a guy, using her guy muscles to fuck Danni with her new found cock. (That's my Danni's ass on top....yum!)

I saw that Hoover was finally freed up. Wolverine had been Hooverized most of the night, so I saw my chance and moved in. She pushed me back on the mattress and began sucking me, showing that Hoover still deserved her nickname. She then hopped on me and started fucking away. Her pussy squeezed my cock so tightly that I had no choice and came hard.

At one point, Danni took this pic below. It looks like just 2 guys, right? Well, actually Hoover is in between, sucking Lou and getting fucked doggie by Wolverine. Lou couldn't help but wave! LOL

I took a little break, along with a few others, and had some food and much-needed beverages that we'd set out. After about 15 minutes, you could see people moving back to the mattresses. Danni and I actually took over a mattress, and she became a squirting machine. If you’ve ever see the Bellaggio fountains in Las Vegas, you know what I mean. The red silk sheet looked like someone had died on it, as the wetness had turned ½ the sheet to a very dark red.

In the meantime, Enigma and Storm had found each other naked on the mattresses and were enwrapped in each other in a meld of two hot females. It was such a hot scene that 3 different cameras were pulled out to capture this erotic moment. It was difficult, though, to tell which body part was whose.

While I certainly didn’t want to interrupt this moment between the hotties, I kinda wanted a closer look. I sat on the couch near them, and after a while, Enigma moved up and started sucking my cock while The Shadow was eating her from behind.

I turned Enigma over and started eating that wonderful pussy. But by this point in the night, I was pretty well spent. After enjoying each other a while, we both felt we needed a little breather. I’m gonna collect that rain check very soon.

Of course, there was a lot of other action happening at the party. I’m pretty sure that most people had sex with almost everyone at the party. There may be an exception or two, but not many. (Good Party!)

Everyone had a great time and we can’t wait to get everyone (and more) back for our next hot house party. Hopefully, our friends will bring their friends, who'll bring their friends, and so on and so on...Happy 2008!
Next party is VA Friends "69.69" Party (free for members to get in) the weekend of Jan 18-19. Hope to see you/feel you/fuck you there!