Sunday, February 25, 2007

Sorry we've been too busy to blog ...

Yes, we're swingers. and, yes, we play often! But, we've been too busy with our vanilla lives and unable to play with others, let alone blog.

But, thankfully, friends (really, "friends with benefits") of ours have planned a Meet & Greet this-cuming weekend. We can't wait. We haven't seen them in a while, AND we get to meet some new hotties, too!


Saturday, February 17, 2007

Mingers? What the .... ?

We had a comment made on this YouTube video that we posted.

COMMENT: "fake fake fake mingers"

Now I know there are some strange people lurking on YouTube, but what the heck is a "mingers"?

Found multiple definitions from the Urban Dictionary:

1. a male or female who fell out of the ugly tree at birth and hit every branch on the way down

2. someone who was not just touched by the ugly stick at birth but was battered severely with it; anyone who does not look better to you after several strong alcoholic drinks probably fits this category

3. although now more commonly used to define an extremely visually challanging appearance, the word minger originally came from scottish gaelic, meaning 'septic vagina'; often used by chavs (which I had to look up, too, and it means: British equivalent of "white trash") all over Britain to define anything remotely disgusting

4. someone who smells or looks unclean, or is generally unattractive

5. someone with a face like a bulldog licking piss off a thistle (ok, now there's an interesting euphemism)

6. not simply someone who is just coyote ugly, the phrase usually implies she is ugly, unkempt, over-weight and has hygiene problems such as a fishy cunt or skid marks on her underwear and her arse really stinks if you go to mount her doggy-style; she is also sexually promiscuous - a person who spreads sexually transmitted diseases; her victims are always extremely horrified when they wake up the next morning; a somewhat crude term, the phrase is only usually used by people who are common, of low intellect or mingers themselves; word comes from northern England and from Scotland

7. Descriptive noun. Someone who mings, or is minging.
a. someone who smells bad
b. an ugly person (used of people to whom your attention has been drawn by a friend, perversely as a potential mate)
c. someone who has very recently been drunk. Cognate of rat-arsed. This description should not be used to describe someone as drunk, as you will probably be drunk yourself
d. someone generally distasteful

OUCH! Glad B and I don't know any "mingers".

P.S. We're missing another VA Friends event, the ever-popular Lady in Red Party. I was sick last month, now B's got the flu or something. Hopefully, we'll be ready to party at the March events: St. Patrick's Day/Mardi Gras.

Oh, and I think friends of ours are coordinating a Meet-n-Greet. YEAH! Let us know if you're interested...

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Pre-Valentine's House Party at the Sex Palace

Danni says: Blue lace panties, satin sheets and beautiful flowers. What more can say fucking HOTTT House Party!?!?

How about sexxxy "play friends", OuiOui and Barney, who came over to play with us in the jacuzzi, porn on the TV...

And, some HOTTT 3-way action...

Sometimes the camera angles during a 3-way can block out the sexy F in the middle. She's in the middle, we promise!

Nice hand mark on that ass!

B clenches on OuiOui's ass as she makes him cum for the 3rd time last night. Nothing like a little "reverse cowgirl" to get him off!

Despite being red from all the cock-use, OuiOui was insatiable and needed more. Thankfully, the Decadent Indulgence vibrator was within arm's reach.

As was the Hitachi wand...

Hopefully, I'll be feeling 100% soon and ready to play hard. (You can always tell when I'm not up to par...when most of the post pics include B instead of me; I played photographer.) We have VA Friends' Lady-in-Red Party coming up! xoxo, Danni

Thursday, February 08, 2007

First Pussy Impression

One of the pleasantly unexpected benefits of having this blog is getting connected to some of the hottest, sexiest and wildest people around. And a perfect example of hot, sexy and wild is the girl we met up with last night.

Jewel (our pet name for her) contacted us a few weeks ago after she'd been reading the blog for a while. She told us how much she enjoyed reading about our adventures (yes, they ARE all true, for any of you skeptics, just ask our "friends"). She told us how she'd love to meet us, but was a little nervous as she didn't feel as "experienced" as we were. After some back and forth trying to deal with our schedules, we decided to meet at a local restaurant, a wonderfully loud place that allows for some "unedited" conversation without fear of being overheard.

After some food and drinks and a little "get to know you" conversation, Jewel agreed to come back over to our place, the "Sex Palace". Now, Jewel is a sexy little thing with a tight, tanned body and great gravity-defying breasts. Of course, our regular readers know just how sexy Danni is (if you don't remember, check out the numerous pictures and postings and videos). Watching these two girls undress and join me in the jacuzzi would be enough to make most men cum right there on the spot, but I was able to control myself enough to join them in the water.

Now, Jewel is very girl-friendly, much to Danni's delight. We understand that's why Jewel decided to contact us in the first place. The girls started out by just sitting next to each other in our indoor jacuzzi, enjoying the steam and warmth and light conversation. Then, they started touching each other's legs under the water, then kissing each other, fondling each other's perfect breasts and finally exploring each others pussy. As I took in the scene (sometimes just watching can be great fun), I enjoyed watching Danni and Jewel gently rubbing their legs, asses, and breasts.

Not wanting to rush things with the girls, I took my time and eventually joined them in a sexy three way kiss (perhaps my single favorite sex act!). We were all getting hot and bothered, both by the nakedness and the steam from the jacuzzi, so we decided to head upstairs to the bedroom.

We laid down on the bed to better appreciate all of Jewel's assets. Danni immediately got between Jewel's legs and began exploring her wonderful cunt. I had the pleasure of having full access to the rest of her as we kissed and groped each other.

Danni eventually came up for air and told me that I just must have a sampling of Jewel's wonderful pussy. So, I moved in between Jewel's legs as Danni moved up and straddled Jewel's face. I pushed Jewel's legs back and deeply explored her wet pussy with my tongue. Danni shoved her certainly wet cunt down onto Jewel's face. Jewel certainly seemed to be enjoying herself, as were both Danni and I. We all continued in these positions for quite a while.

Danni exclaimed at some point that Jewel certainly knew how to eat pussy.

With Danni still covering Jewel's face, I lifted Jewel's legs and shoved my tongue and fingers ever deeper inside that warm, wet pussy.

As I tongue-fucked Jewel, Danni would occasionally lean backward to kiss me. She loves watching me with other girls, and she enjoyed watching as I had Jewel's legs pinned against Danni's back. Eventually Danni got off of Jewel's face, for fear of leaving a permanent pussy impression on her face (explain that at work, lol) and I finally got to see Jewel's face as I was eating her.

Danni moved around and began licking my balls. Danni knows how easy it is to get me to come from this, but I was determined to hold back a while longer. I was really enjoying this situation. ;-)

Danni pulled out her Hitachi Wand and worked it on Jewel's pussy, fingering her all the while. Jewel laid back against me and experienced what seemed to be a very intense orgasm. It was so hot as she grabbed my head with one arm and I held onto her body and breasts as she arched in waves of spams.

The three of us laid on the bed together for a bit. Unfortunately, Jewel had to get home sooner than any of us would have liked. Danni began sucking my cock.

Jewel was taking this all in and said that she really wanted to stay and watch but had to run. So, Danni and I disengaged and were proper hosts as Jewel got dressed.

We talked about meeting up again VERY soon (just knock, honey, and you know where) and kissed her goodbye.

Danni and I then headed back upstairs to finish what was started. She ended up squirting all over the place, and we slept on towels (which is pretty much the norm now).

We both slept great from a wonderful night. Is it possible that we've found a hot, sexy single female that actually lives near us and is up for some regular playtime?

MMMMM, we hope so.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Saturday January 27 VA Beach....Yeah, Baby!

Danni, little social coordinator that she is, planned a get together with two couples from our club at Virginia Friends that we met during the New Year’s party but hadn’t had a chance to play with before. Those that couldn't make the hotel party will just have to drool over the pictures and kick themselves for missing a HOTTT time.

We met Charlotte and Junior (no, they’re really NOT Wal-Mart shopping, NASCAR watching, snaggle toothed rednecks, in spite of the vision their assigned “names” conjure up, lol) and Tom and Marie at a local seafood hangout. Both couples are really sexy, while the ladies appeared to be very “innocent”. Boy, do they have people fooled, lol.

After some nice “getting to know you” conversation, we headed back to our room. Danni came out of the bathroom fully naked and hopped on the bed, ready to play. Typical. ;-)

The other girls followed suit, got naked and jumped in for some quality girl time and, damn, did they look sexy while playing. Danni got on Char and then Char flipped Danni over while Marie worked on both of their bodies. Char moved up over Danni’s body and sat on her face to let Danni enjoy her tasty cunt (I know how tasty, 'cuz I got to taste it later), while Marie moved in between Danni’s legs. Marie was being a bit tentative, so Danni grabbed Marie’s head and started humping her face. That Danni! What a girl!

Junior saw Char’s mouth available, quickly pulled off his pants and shoved his cock into her mouth, saying that she “looked available”. I laid onto the bed and began biting Danni’s nipples, the only part of her that was available. Tom got behind Marie and started working her pussy.

At some point, Char turned around and said that it was “her turn” to eat Danni’s pussy. So Marie moved away from Danni’s cunt and came over to suck my cock, while Char began munching on Danni’s permanently smooth mound (love that laser hair removal). Tom moved up to Danni’s mouth and offered his cock which Danni agreeably took into her mouth. After a while, Tom started fucking Char from behind while Marie continued expertly fucking my cock with her mouth.

Danni likes to know that when we have a party that she’s be able to fuck 100% of the people in the room. And this night, everyone in the room had the same basic attitude (well, guys fuck 50% of the room, but you get the point, lol). My face was often buried underneath some tasty twat, so I wasn’t able to view all the action, so perhaps our play friends can add their comments. All I know is that everyone fucked everyone ,and there were lots of orgasms in the room.

Some highlights that I can remember. Char and Danni enjoyed the double headed dildo together. They swallowed up that thing so that all you could see were their two cunts rubbing each other. Mmmm. Char fucked me fast and furiously until I couldn’t hold back any more from coming at one point.

Char was insisting on getting DPed. So, Tom laid down with his seemingly permanent hard cock, and Char got on top of him. Marie was "fluffing" Junior and me back to life, so Danni put on the strap-on and started things off by fucking her ass with the strap-on while Tom fucked her very tight cunt. Char was begging for a real cock, so I took over for Danni and fucked Char’s ass for a while. I tagged out to Junior, and he took over ass fucking duties. We hope Char is walking OK after all that action, lol. Char’s DP = 4 cocks. That qualifies as an Ass-Bang!!!

I had a wonderful time eating and fingering the girls, feeling their cunts tighten and pulsate around my fingers. I laid Marie down on the bed, spread her legs wide and began fucking her very tight pussy. Damn did she feel good. It was such a turn on to watch my cock slide in and out of her.

Tom was fucking Danni doggy style and got her to squirt all over him. I think he was pleasantly surprised by the reaction. Later on, I pulled out the double headed dildo and fucked Danni hard with it while she used the Hitachi wand on her clit, getting her to squirt for the audience and to then have her “guy orgasm”. Danni tapped out early, which is unusual for her. But, in all fairness, she was still getting over her sinus infection which started in Vegas. Since Danni tapped out, she ended up taking most of the pictures for a change, hence not many pics of Danni in this post.

Tom was sitting on a chair when Danni came over and reversed cowgirled him. Everyone exclaimed that she looked just like the pros from the movies. lol

Char definitely takes the award for "energizer bunny" with Tom a close second. As the rest of us kept crying uncle and begging for breaks, these two maniacs just kept everyone going, and going, and going.

After over 3 hours of great sex, we finally had to call it a night. We can’t wait to see these couples again, and we’ll be sure to get well rested the night before. ;) See you soon!

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Friday January 26th, VA Beach...ahhhh!

We headed to the Virginia Beach area for some work and play and grabbed dinner with DJ and Shelly, old friends we first met at Virginia Friends. Check out the previous posts from NYE's about our hot times with them.


But, we'd never been able to play with them alone. They met us at our hotel room and we went out to Hell’s Kitchen for some good food, drinks and shots. Danni was getting in trouble, as usual, when she went to the bathrooms labeled Angels and Devils, and appropriately went into the Devils bathroom. She got some grumbling from a guy that didn’t understand Danni’s “devilishness”, since that was the men's room. We couldn’t help but wonder if the wonderfully inked, pierced and coiffed wait staff would have been a fun addition to the evening’s activities.

Heading back to our room, DJ and Shelly pulled out their toy bag and showed off their large array of S&M toys. Yikes!! They had quite the collection. We laid Shelly on the bed and removed her clothes, revealing some very tiny red panties (much closer to dental floss than panties, much closer). DJ pulled out a nice sized butt plug and warmed her up by filling her tight ass with it. Shelly was a happy girl.

While Danni was eating Shelly, DJ was licking Danni’s pussy. I shoved my cock into Shelly’s mouth and fucked her lovely face. Danni had gotten Shelly nice and wet. Shelly was just aching for her pussy to be filled, so I flipped her around and started fucking her while the butt plug remained tightly in place until my thrusting caused it to pop out.

DJ grabbed Danni and went to town eating her pussy, pulling her up onto her shoulders and feasting on her cunt. Damn she tastes good. And Shelly and I got into some serious fuck time, which we had missed out on our last few times together. There had always been so many pussy diversions before. This was a great time to enjoy that tight little beach pussy.

At one point Danni grabbed a medium-sized purple and veined vibrator and shoved it deep into Shelly’s ass. Danni enjoyed working the variable speeds, watching Shelly arch her back in pleasure spasms.

Danni started working on DJ’s large cock and sucked as much of him as she could. I continued fucking Shelly, alternating between fucking and eating her. DJ pinned Danni’s knees behind her ears and fucked her until she squirted all over the bed. Shelly did “the arc” on me and had me coming in no time. The "arc" is the kama sutra position shown at the beginning of this post.

Shelly had me so excited that I was able to recover in no time. With her ass being worked on so much that night, she was really aching for some good anal. So she had me lay back down on the bed, and she did reverse cowgirl anal on me. First time for that one.

Everyone was fully pleasured, and we kissed goodnight. As Danni and I were talking about the evening, we both got excited again and started playing with each other. We fucked and sucked, and I mentioned to Danni that I had never fucked two girls in the ass in the same night. Wonderful woman that she is, she sweetly offered her ass and I took full advantage of it, fucking her ass long and hard. By the time we were done, we were both quivering and exhausted.

And, we had one more night to go....