Sunday, February 04, 2007

Friday January 26th, VA Beach...ahhhh!

We headed to the Virginia Beach area for some work and play and grabbed dinner with DJ and Shelly, old friends we first met at Virginia Friends. Check out the previous posts from NYE's about our hot times with them.


But, we'd never been able to play with them alone. They met us at our hotel room and we went out to Hell’s Kitchen for some good food, drinks and shots. Danni was getting in trouble, as usual, when she went to the bathrooms labeled Angels and Devils, and appropriately went into the Devils bathroom. She got some grumbling from a guy that didn’t understand Danni’s “devilishness”, since that was the men's room. We couldn’t help but wonder if the wonderfully inked, pierced and coiffed wait staff would have been a fun addition to the evening’s activities.

Heading back to our room, DJ and Shelly pulled out their toy bag and showed off their large array of S&M toys. Yikes!! They had quite the collection. We laid Shelly on the bed and removed her clothes, revealing some very tiny red panties (much closer to dental floss than panties, much closer). DJ pulled out a nice sized butt plug and warmed her up by filling her tight ass with it. Shelly was a happy girl.

While Danni was eating Shelly, DJ was licking Danni’s pussy. I shoved my cock into Shelly’s mouth and fucked her lovely face. Danni had gotten Shelly nice and wet. Shelly was just aching for her pussy to be filled, so I flipped her around and started fucking her while the butt plug remained tightly in place until my thrusting caused it to pop out.

DJ grabbed Danni and went to town eating her pussy, pulling her up onto her shoulders and feasting on her cunt. Damn she tastes good. And Shelly and I got into some serious fuck time, which we had missed out on our last few times together. There had always been so many pussy diversions before. This was a great time to enjoy that tight little beach pussy.

At one point Danni grabbed a medium-sized purple and veined vibrator and shoved it deep into Shelly’s ass. Danni enjoyed working the variable speeds, watching Shelly arch her back in pleasure spasms.

Danni started working on DJ’s large cock and sucked as much of him as she could. I continued fucking Shelly, alternating between fucking and eating her. DJ pinned Danni’s knees behind her ears and fucked her until she squirted all over the bed. Shelly did “the arc” on me and had me coming in no time. The "arc" is the kama sutra position shown at the beginning of this post.

Shelly had me so excited that I was able to recover in no time. With her ass being worked on so much that night, she was really aching for some good anal. So she had me lay back down on the bed, and she did reverse cowgirl anal on me. First time for that one.

Everyone was fully pleasured, and we kissed goodnight. As Danni and I were talking about the evening, we both got excited again and started playing with each other. We fucked and sucked, and I mentioned to Danni that I had never fucked two girls in the ass in the same night. Wonderful woman that she is, she sweetly offered her ass and I took full advantage of it, fucking her ass long and hard. By the time we were done, we were both quivering and exhausted.

And, we had one more night to go....

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Anonymous said...

I would like to let you know how much I enjoy reading your adventures exploring and expanding your sexuality. It lets me know there is hope.

My wife suffers from Parkinsons, and her medications make sexual exploration a forbidden subject for discussion. About all I can do is continue to fantasize that I am experiencing some of what you two do.

Please keep up the good work for those of us that, for whatever reason, are unable to follow our desires and fantasies into reality.