Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Year’s Eve 3 Days of Nakedness-SAT NITE

We both grudgingly woke up, and popped some aspirin to cure our head aches. I think the Jell-O shots got to us. We ended up going to lunch and to see “Night at the Museum”. A light hearted romp, we both give the movie a thumbs-up. We napped for a few hours to get ready for night #2.

Danni wore another of her very revealing outfits. We forgot to take a picture, but here’s a naked pic to make up for it.

There was a good crowd, over 200+ people. I spent a lot of the night passing out cards for our planned orgy. I told them where our room was and that we had hoped they would join us, and many others, in a wild and crazy after-party.

Danni saw M, a damn sexy thing who Danni really has wanted to “break in” for some time now. Danni and M were making out furiously in the bar area. M was dirty-talking in Danni’s ear saying she wanted to fuck her with a strap-on, and whispered her many other nasty little fantasies. M, we’re gonna hold you to them soon! OuiOui joined in on the girl action for a sexy 3-way girl make out session. OuiOui’s guy, Barney, came over to me and asked what Danni was wearing that was hard between her legs. I went over and felt. Moving back to Barney, I explained that it wasn’t part of Danni’s outfit, that was M’s fingers deep in Danni’s cunt.

There was a lot of other sexy action, sucking nipples, grabbing asses, attempts at removing panties. We even saw a girl that had been “laced up” by DJ (remember, BDSM). It looked a lot like this:

But M’s woman-handling of Danni got the party started (thank You, M!)….before it was even midnight, we and several friends headed to our room, Orgy Central. Fiama (f) & Ghiaccio(m) and OuiOui & Barney were the first couples. We quickly got naked and hopped on the bed. Not long after, DJ and Shelly (our new friends) stopped in the room. Danni pulled Shelly onto the bed and got her naked fast. Noticing DJ was still dressed, Danni pushed him against the wall and demanded nudity.

Soon after that, V(f) and her Poke'R Stud got naked and joined in. (We’d been eyeing this couple for a while now! Not sure how we missed 'em before.) As the night progressed, there were dozens of couples that came into the room, some quickly exited as we assume it was too much for them, some stayed and just watched, a few played with each other while watching us and a couple did a little touching of the bodies on the bed.

Note to our orgy participants and observers: please add your observations in the “comments” section at the end of this posting. With the number of people that came into the room, I just wasn’t able to observe all of the activities.

I spent a long time eating OuiOui and then began to fuck her. I then instructed her to suck Barney and Ghiaccio’s cocks, which she willingly did. I then found Fiama available and she started sucking my cock. I then got on top of her and then at some point flipped her on top of me, and we fucked for a long while. Fiama is a squirter and squirts many times. (Danni says “gusher” is an even better description!) People thought we were sweating. What they didn’t realize was that the wetness was from Fiama’s pussy and fluid kept shooting up and out, getting both of our bodies wet with her juice.

Shelly was lying next to me being worked on by Danni and DJ. At one point, I noticed an opening, and shoved my cock into her mouth.

Other highlights that I saw, heard or was told about include: V getting the whole room wet with her candle-dousing squirting. Ghiaccio fucked V on the chair and the comforter that lay on it was soaked for 36 hours. She also was on the floor as the lovely C (from Fri nite) fingered her cunt until she squirted all over the floor. Apparently, she then worked her cunt by herself and continued squirting all over the floor. It was an interesting surprise the next morning as I walked to the bathroom and stepped in the flood at the end of our bed.

Danni squirted a bunch of times, too many for either of us to count, but the bed was a soaking mess.

Eventually, people began being drained (in more ways than one), and the room started to thin out. DJ & Shelly came back and we talked for a while. Even though I really wanted to ravage Shelly, I knew I didn’t have much left. Danni and Shelly played with each other. I came over to the bed to do some light touching, and Shelly and Danni both sucked me, but I just didn’t have anything left but wishful thinking. DJ and Shelly both worked on Danni and had her squirting four different times, including once all over Shelly’s hair. “There’s something about Shelly”, lol.

We kissed goodnight and tried to find a dry place to sleep. Thank god for large beach towels.

NOTE from Danni: sorry we were too busy to take pics and had to sub these in. We did much better to remember to take pics at Sunday's festivities....not to be missed!

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