Tuesday, January 02, 2007

New Year’s Eve 3 Days of Nakedness-SUN NITE

We grabbed a late lunch with DJ & Shelly and Jester & Amy J. We’d been talking to Jester & Amy J for a while on yahoo and finally met at last night’s party. They had paired off with a couple Sat. night and came to the orgy together, but couldn’t convince them to stay. So we still hadn’t had any “quality” time. Amy J is a sexy young thing with a great ass that gets covered up too much, though I did my best to inspect it, and often.

After a nice, long nap and chill time in our room, we headed to the NYE party. The hotel was sold out both Saturday and Sunday night, and there were perhaps 250 people at the party. Of course with NYE, people were dressed up more than most Virginia Friends parties, with tuxes, suites and evening gowns seen throughout the party.

After the countdown and champagne, we went right up to our room to host the fun. Jester & Amy J were the first to show up, not wanting to miss the orgy action tonight. They were quickly followed up by DJ and Shelly. We took off Shelly’s clothes, or at least what there was left of her clothes. Danni tied her feet, hand-cuffed her and blind-folded her (did we mentioned that she’s a sub?). We also got out the strap-on and double-headed.

Everyone had their way with Shelly, at her request. I ate Shelly’s pussy for a moment as she couldn’t see anything, and then moved up and shoved my cock into her mouth. After a while, I moved down, spread her knees apart (her feet still tied up) and fucked her.

DJ was expertly fingering and eating Amy J, who was moaning extremely loud. Her mouth was wide open as she was screaming at the top of her lungs. I quickly moved over and stuck my cock in her mouth. The next thing you heard was OH GOD, OH GOD, OH Gggggggg.

DJ and Shelly decided to take a little break. While Amy J continued to suck my cock, Jester was fucking her. He then indicated that I should fuck Amy J. So Jester and I switched positions. I fucked her hard and with purpose. Her tight young pussy had me coming deep into her.

As Jester & Amy J and I were resting on the bed, DJ and Shelly returned and realized they had missed some action. Now Jester & Amy J took a break as Danni, DJ and Shelly joined me on the bed. Then the toys came out. Rather than writing about it, take a look at this action, all taking place at this point on Sunday night. Of course, Danni did her best porn-quality dom-thing with her strap-on, and Shelly loved every minute of it.

Our old friends, J(m) & B(f) joined in. And after a little watching, B sat me down and started sucking my cock. J got on top of Shelly and fucked her hard. Danni commented it was the first time she'd ever seen "King J" on top, or at least off his throne!

Danni was sitting on Shelly’s face and I suggested to B that she to eat Shelly’s available pussy, which she gladly did. Danni then sucked and fucked me for a while.

Eventually, we all headed out to the hallway for some energy snacking. We went back to the room with DJ and Shelly and ended up talking for about an hour. Danni proclaimed that she had lost a few layers of skin by this time and needed to really take a break, like for a day or two.

After kissing everyone goodnight and goodbye, we slept a bit and finally headed home after a wonderful start to the New Year.

Here's some great stuff on orgy etiquette if you plan to join us for our next one! ;-)


NOTE from Danni: next party(-ies) will be in Vegas!


Anonymous said...

Love your three posts. Thanks for sharing the great weekend. Wish we could have been there.

Anonymous said...

wow... i just read your blog... and i must say Im off to go masterbate....cant wait to see you guys in Vegas.
kisses, Maddie

Anonymous said...

Good Lord girl..is this what we have to look foward to here, in our backyard (Vegas)next week?:):):)...Should I have Grace bring the DOC Johnson Strap on?..I'll bring my tongue Vibe and give all the Ladies a treat. Let me know about the DJSO.

Ciao, Mr TeaForTwo