Sunday, January 28, 2007

GI GO GO a la Vegas, Friday January 12th

GI =Get In
GO=Get Off
GO=Get Out

Danni's new mantra! LOL

We flew in late to Las Vegas, getting in around 10:30 due to some delays. Luckily all of the people we planned to meet at the hotel bar waited around for us 'til 1:00am. Die hards!!! We met up with Jiggy and Metal Man, Hoover and Lou and V&J (formerly of VA Friends), all old play-friends from Tahoe, VA and San Diego, respectively. Funny that people from all over the country ended up in Vegas the same time as us!

We caught up and flirted for about an hour, the girls putting on a show for all the vanilla customers in this tiny casino open bar, right under the security cameras.

Around 2am, we headed up to Jiggy and Metal Man’s room for a nice 8-way. Danni was the first to be naked, as usual. There wasn’t much girl/girl play this night, they were already raring to go! The rest of the girls all got naked pretty fast, which is a good thing.

We all paired off, I started with Hoover and Danni was with Metal Man. V came over and started kissing me, and I positioned her so that I could eat her pussy while Hoover did what a Hoover does best, suck my cock. Hoover passed my cock to V, like a baton in a relay race and we 69ed for a while. Hoover started fucking J. Lou was fucking Jiggy, and apparently was "hitting bottom" based on Jiggy’s comments. Every guy was doggy-style fucking the girls at one point, and the suggestion was to rotate (a la musical-chairs) around the girls, "different tastes at the buffet", if you know what I mean.

Metal Man had Danni squirting all over one side of the bed. Of course it was MY side of the bed, but hey, this was NOT our room for a change! V reverse-cowgirled me. Then, Hoover came over and rode me for a while. I loved feeling her pussy tighten around my cock as she came a few times.

Jiggy came over and I pulled my cock out of Hoover for Jiggy to suckle. I told her to put my cock back into Hoover and fuck Hoover with my cock, which she enjoyed doing. I then had to “get Jiggy with it” and fucked Jiggy for a while. She pushed me on the bed, and I told her to fuck me until I came. She hopped on and did just that, fucked me hard until I came.

Lou was on his back while Hoover was hoover-izing him. Lou asked Danni to sit on his face. She whispered that he probably didn’t want her to do that, or he’d get snowballed from her pussy.

Metal Man came with Danni, and the squirting happened again. Jiggy was trying to get a picture and had to do a military roll to avoid being hit by the stream. In the process, she ended up taking a picture of this (LOL):

And, Danni also got J to blow his load while blowing him.

While Danni was bent over. Lou slipped in a few fingers and then fucked her 'til he came, saying that “hey, she was available”.

As we were leaving, we pushed Jiggy out into the hallway. Being a nudist, she couldn’t have cared less, lol, which we all enjoyed!

Heading to AVN Expo (see the posted videos) and Sapphire for a private party on Saturday.

Danni in boots and belt!

the End for now....

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