Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A girl-girl spa day

Some afternoons are just meant for relaxation... JLO and I (Danni) took the day off to pamper ourselves. JLO had been teasing with an offer of a Rocco-lite massage, so when we returned home, she gave me a most erotic massage.

Personal lubricant, i.e., lube, makes a wonderful massage "oil" as well. Eros is my favorite. It has a glorious silky feel and is tasteless, an important thing!

JLO worked my shoulders, neck and back, slowly working her way down to my ass and legs and feet. Needless to say, she never got to my front. Her soft caresses of my inner thighs led to the trailing of her fingers down my ass to my now quivering pussy lips.

Once I started moaning, my legs naturally spread for JLO. Her fingers became more feverish in their touch, reaching first one, then another inside my cunt, slowly at first. Then that sweet pink tongue started darting in and out, tickling my ass and pussy.

JLO's oral skills are amazing. When she had me dripping wet, she pulled out my Barbie pink strap-on and buckled herself into the harness. While on my back, she teased me with the tip of the cock and then dove deep into my pussy, fucking me as well as any guy, yet kissing me with those soft, girly lips.

Clenched tightly together, I rolled her over and then straddled her. We fucked so hard, the bitch made me squirt all over her. I think she appreciated the liquid applause. A few pictures...

B came home from work at just the right time... He grabbed the camera and took a few pictures. I was exhausted, though, and JLO still needed attention. B is a lucky man!

Friday, December 24, 2010

What's your bi-style, ladies?

(This is a reprisal from a post Danni wrote way back when we started in the lifestyle; it's all very tongue-in-cheek and in no way meant to judge you or others!)

Bi-Sexual: a true bi-sexual woman in the purest form carries on relationships with one or more men and one or more women, either exclusively or concurrently. (Remember Anne Heche, who was Ellen DeGeneres' girlfriend and then left her to marry a man?)

Bi-Sexual Swinger (Hard Swap): attracted to and actively seeks out and enjoys other women for sexual pleasure to include her male 1/2, both giving and receiving, including, but not limited to, oral sex, penetration with fingers, toys, etc. Bottom line, she fucks guys AND girls AND together.....this is ME (especially if I get to fuck them at the same time and in groups)! Love it or leave it! I get to fuck 100% of the people in the room. And, my guy gets to fuck the female portion of the room.

Bi-Sexual Swinger (Soft Swap): ...same as Bi-Sexual Swinger (Hard Swap) except... Bottom line, she fucks girls and "plays" with guys. Some women at this level will play with girls alone or allow her male 1/2 to watch and/or participate in some way, shape, or form, but no intercourse with another male. (Not sure I get this one; fingers, tongues, etc. are ok, everything but a penis.)

Bi-Sexual, Girls Only: ...same as Bi-Sexual Swinger (Soft Swap) except... Women at this level will play with girls alone or allow her male 1/2 to watch, but not participate.

Bi-Curious: attracted to, "curious" about and may seek out and enjoy other women for sexual pleasure, both giving and receiving, including SOME, but not limited to, oral sex, penetration with fingers, toys, etc. Bottom line, she fucks guys and MAY fuck other girls. She may not always admit that she enjoys encounters with other women, but deep-down she does! These girls tend to require another girl at their own level OR a Bi-sexual girl who is aggressive, attractive (in their eyes), their male 1/2 is attracted to, they've had enough drinks and feeling sexy, whatever. I find most girls fall into this level and that this level has the widest swing (for lack of a better term) of varying degrees of girl's sexual appetites.

Bi-Selective: ...same as Bi-Curious somewhat attracted to and selectively seeks out and may enjoy other women for sexual pleasure, especially receiving. Bottom line, she fucks guys AND may fuck other girls if all the stars are aligned in their proper order.

Bi-Social (aka Bi-Comfortable): ...same as Bi-Curious except... Bottom line, she fucks guys AND may fuck other girls (usually they fuck her!) in the right atmosphere. This girl only gets her bi- game on for parties or social situations and in any other circumstance would deny she had a bi- bone in her body.

Bi-Submissive: ...same as Bi-Curious somewhat attracted to, yet does not seek out, other women for sexual pleasure, especially receiving. Bottom line, she fucks guys AND may fuck other girls (usually they fuck her!) in the right atmosphere. This girl lays back, spreads her legs and closes her eyes and "allows" another women to "do" her but generally does not reciprocate. {yawn}

Bi-for Her Guy: not really attracted to other women for sexual pleasure but does so solely to accommodate her guy, whether by his direct coersion or subtle innuendo. You know the type: the girl who tries to please her guy because he either makes her feel attractive or sexy only in the context of "I think it would be hot to see you with another girl" or "I need to fuck other women, so go get us one." Or, in some cases, this girl may be doing what she can to save her marriage/relationship, however misguided and false that assumption is! This is the bi-girl that I have the least respect for (sorry) because she really has no respect for herself. Thankfully, we've met very few girls like this and when we do, we run in the other direction...a couple who is totally guy-directed just turns me off.

Bi-when Drunk: not really attracted to other women for sexual pleasure unless shit-faced with alcohol. The amount of drunkedness varies with the girl. Some girls need just a few drinks. I believe it has nothing to do with their alcohol tolerance but more on their true level of bisexuality and their personal beliefs. Huh? These girls really think bi- is "wrong" and the alcohol gives them an "excuse" for enjoying it. I can think of one girl in particular that I would have labeled Bi-Drunk. She enjoyed her first full girl-on-girl action with me and, damn, she ate a mean pussy, too! Ah, who cared if she was drunk!

Bi-for Pay: willing to have sex with other women for money. Kinda of a no-brainer, huh?

Bi-Bait and Switch (aka Bi-BS): ...may or may not be attracted to and actively seeks out other women for "sexual teasing", especially in a party setting but is only willing to receive sexual pleasure from another woman, not to give. This may include, but is not limited to, oral sex, penetration with fingers, toys, etc. Bottom line, she fucks guys AND allows girls to pleasure her.....this is similar to bait-and-switch advertising, whereby you think you've bought one thing but you really got something else altogether. This girl really "plays" with girls to allow her male 1/2 to watch and/or participate in some way, shape, or form. Bottom line, this girl has no intention of eating pussy, but she's happy to procure a girl for her guy to fuck and another guy for herself to fuck. (Luckily, we've only met one couple with a female who was Bi-BS.)

Bi-Pretender: really not bi- at all, but can put on a good show for her male 1/2 to get him aroused. This girl only fucks guys but knows how to "work" the room, especially the girls, to get him going! She has no intention of playing with girls OR other guys. These girls just leave me aching and dejected.

Bi-but Guy-Focused: ...same as Bi-Pretender except... This girl only fucks guys and knows how to "work" the room, especially the girls, to get the guys going! She has no intention of playing with girls BUT definitely other guys. She may allow limited girl-on-girl contact when the party moves to the bedroom, but she is truly focused on fucking the guys. Kinda hurts my feelings.

Bi-Former Lesbian: (or has been) a Lesbian and is very attracted to and actively seeks out and enjoys other women for sexual pleasure and would like to try men out, too, both giving and receiving. Bottom line, she fucks girls AND is interested in girls AND guys together. Our very first three-way was with a very special lady who falls in this category. Damn, we're glad she decided to try us out! We'd met and played with other BFLs but our beautiful blond dike was the best ever.

My friend, Wilma, added these....

Bi-Chicken: the girl that puts on a good show face, gets the girl to the room, but chickens out at the last minute. .."all talk, no action"... how I have experienced this: it was her first experience; she talked a good game, was really into it; but when I was ready to go down, she backed out and said she didn't like girls.

Bi-by Reputation: when girlfriends talk about this one girl that you must experience, even if you are not attracted to other women... so, this girl has just that one experience with this woman.

Bi-No Swap: when you only fuck your guy and do not seek out any other male companionship, but love to fuck women.

So what's your bi-style?

Monday, December 20, 2010

Massage is good for the soul

...and as foreplay. I have something to confess; I'm obssessed.

I've always said that sex is between the ears as much as between the legs. I was really referencing personality and intelligence, which I think is sexy as hell. Now I'm adding the incredible, indescribable sexual energy of a well-performed professional massage to the list.

I ( Danni) am inspired to share a recent experience with a massage therapist in a very reputable establishment. I love massages, having enjoyed many. But... I've been broken for all others after enjoying Rocco Vansant's mad skills (name changed to protect the not-so-innocent; reminiscent of my favorite rocking male porn star, Rocco Siffredi of Fashionistas fame).

Note: I've only gotten off one other time with a male massage therapist, but, unfortunately, I don't remember it. For all I know, he could have put a sleeper hold on me and fucked me right there on the table. I arose feeling like I just had one helluva an orgasm. Before Rocco, that one was my second favorite erotic massage. My best girl experience was with massage therapist Consuela (aka Elecktra), a friend with benefits, who gives one great happy, splashy (squirting) ending!

But back to Rocco. Words cannot do justice to the man's techniques. His hands were warm and inviting, strong and yet gentle. As part of my treatment, he covered my body with a scented mud and wrapped me like a mummy, the closest thing to bondage I've ever enjoyed. With eyes closed while encased, he touched my cheeks, my hair, my eyes, my lips... oh, the most intimate facial massage ever!

At times during the massage, he'd lean in and breath heavily in my ear, holding my hand in his while caressing my back and shoulders. His strokes across my stomach were just enough to leave me quivering and wanting more. His manipulation of my back muscles stretched farther and farther until his hands reached the crack of my ass, causing my legs to spread ever so slightly.

He kneaded my ass and upper thighs until I could hear myself screaming (in my head) to please just slip a finger in, just one. The way Rocco touched my feet, I could almost feel him kissing and sucking my toes. And the way he pressed his hands under my back when I faced him on the table was almost too much to handle without moaning in pleasure.

And to imagine, all this and he didn't even know I was in the lifestyle. Rocco touched me in ways no other therapist as ever done, male or female. And the ultimate compliment is this: we've been active in the lifestyles for years now and joined in orgy rooms with upwards of 100 lifestylers, and I've never been as turned on by a stranger as this. Not a diss to all the others who came before at all, but the most grandiose compliment I can pay Rocco.

Here are some photos that may help describe just a small bit of how he made me feel:

The entire experience was sheer ecstasy. So much so that I had to pleasure myself - quickly - in the room before leaving. My pussy lips were engorged; my juices flowing onto the table. My fingers worked feverishly on clit and g-spot while getting dressed and in the car on the way home. B enjoyed the fruits of Rocco's labor when I arrived home. The flood gates are WIDE open once again. I can't stop thinking about sex, even waking from restful slumber with thighs damp from nighttime orgasms.

Rocco and I have been chatting so we can schedule more massage therapy. (I need a LOT of therapy!) I think we've pushed the conversation over the edge so that he's fully aware of our lifestyle, and he's game. He even confided in me that he got a peek of my smooth pussy when I got back on the table from a quick showering off of the mud. Doesn't surprise me in the least knowing me. It reminded me of Brittany's continual beaver shots in the tabloids. Some of us just like to show it off and must do it subconsciously.

Well, our girl, JLO, and I are heading to our regular New Year's Eve party early just so we can BOTH meet Rocco for amazing massages, our holiday gifts to each other, to get all heated up for the night's festivities. Who knows what may happen? Happy Endings for all? Rocco's first three-way. Who knows? My mantra is under promise, over deliver. ;-)

As my lifestyle friends now, I'm very fluid on the Kinsey scale, usually trending closer to the girl-girl end. But sometimes the mood strikes me and I crave cock - and a lot of it - with a side of pussy. Be forewarned, my friends. Be forewarned.

Is Christmas over yet? Cum on, New Year's Eve!!!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Second Cuming

Sex Palace South House Parties are gearing back up. Yeah! Call it a second cuming, if you will.

One recent party included long-time FWB (Friends with Benefits) couple, Storm and Wolverine. New friends included Sin D. Licious and Rob Blow, Giving (F) and More (M), L (F) & T (M), Coral and Copper, new friend-the gorgeous Celtic princess and her escort and Danni's personal favorite, Shelly and DJ, the ONLY F-M couple she's ever done a three-way with.... to date. (Stay tuned, JLO is working on another one for my Danni.)

We've had a few other parties recently and even found that Sunday afternoons seem to work for a lot of people, especially multiple couples who'd like to meet us for the first time. Sorry we forgot to take pics during those and truly cannot remember the play-by-play. Promise to do a better job for New Year's Eve. Danni has some surprises in store for everyone with our VIP Suite Pre- and After-Party. Cum one, cum all!

In any case, here is our Thanksgiving party in pictures, in no particular order. Enjoy! We'll be back in 2011; will you?

Sunday, October 31, 2010

I'm Here for the GangBang

couldn't resist sharing this sign seen at the Rally to Restore Sanity in DC yesterday...fellow swingers, perhaps?

Sunday, August 15, 2010

update on a life of fantasies fulfilled

Lately we’ve been just having house parties with a group of our regular friends and, in some cases, their friends. DJ and Shelly even made a much anticipated return visit to the Sex Palace. Fun was had by all as evidenced by the pics above!

One new addition has yet to name themselves. She was a determined spitfire, and he was tall, dark and steathly in his "work" of the party room, so until they do, Danni bequeaths them with "Spitfire" and "Stealth" lol. Come back soon, guys!

We've also had the occasional three-way (B says it’s always nice to be the only cock in the room, that is, unless Danni pulls her cock out and uses it on single hottie J-Lo or when J-Lo [below]uses it on Danni!).

This weekend, we decided to venture out to meet some new people, who came highly recommended on SLS. They participate in regular house parties, so perhaps there’s a chance to grow our own ever expanding list of house guests. Sex Palace South meets SevaCouple4Fun's friends with benefits! a Perfect Storm in the making!

We put a new twist to the typical 2 on 2 meet, for us anyway, inviting our single girlfriend, J-Lo. And the couple we met, Sin D. Licious and Rob Blow (who looks like Rob Lowe after a few adult beverages), brought their single guy friend, Hand Solo, aka FIRST SINGLE GUY eva. (Hey, don’t blame us, they named themselves).

During dinner, it was pretty clear that everyone was enjoying the night and things would progress back to our place. J-Lo was so horny (she blew me and fucked me right before we headed out for dinner) and asked me quietly during dinner, “so, you think it’s gonna happen tonight?” I laughed and told her that I was pretty sure it would, and worse case, Danni and I promised to offer up our services to her.

So, dinner finished and we all headed back to our place.

J-Lo won the “first naked” award, due to Danni working on one side and Hand Solo working from the other. But everyone was naked within 5 minutes of walking into our house.

I’m pretty sure that everyone had “quality” time with everyone. At one point, all three guys took their turns fucking J-Lo, one after another. And while Hand Solo and Rob Blow took their turns, I kept my cock in her mouth, fucking her face while also holding back her arms. She seemed happy.

I spent some quality time between Sin D. Licious’s legs, tasting and exploring her wonderful pussy. Damn that girl tastes good.

Danni was all over the place, sucking a cock here, eating a pussy there, riding a cock there and molesting a girl every time one was free. Sin mentioned at one time, “check out Danni, cock, pussy, cock, pussy”…. That’s my Danni, an equal opportunity slut.

Who would have known that she was horribly sick the day before? In fact, up until about an hour before dinner, I thought only J-Lo and I would be going to the dinner. But, boy, did she make a cum back.

As people lay back on the couch, all naked, people took turns putting on a show. Danni and I got in front of all and fucked for their viewing pleasure. Then Hand Solo had his way with J-Lo, frogger-style, according to Danni’s description. When J-Lo was done, she lay back on the mattress and said “I’m a happy girl!”

I think we had a lot of happy girls, and boys! Wish we'd taken a minute or two to take pictures.

Next? Danni may even make an exception for future house parties for Hand Solo to attend.