Sunday, December 19, 2010

Second Cuming

Sex Palace South House Parties are gearing back up. Yeah! Call it a second cuming, if you will.

One recent party included long-time FWB (Friends with Benefits) couple, Storm and Wolverine. New friends included Sin D. Licious and Rob Blow, Giving (F) and More (M), L (F) & T (M), Coral and Copper, new friend-the gorgeous Celtic princess and her escort and Danni's personal favorite, Shelly and DJ, the ONLY F-M couple she's ever done a three-way with.... to date. (Stay tuned, JLO is working on another one for my Danni.)

We've had a few other parties recently and even found that Sunday afternoons seem to work for a lot of people, especially multiple couples who'd like to meet us for the first time. Sorry we forgot to take pics during those and truly cannot remember the play-by-play. Promise to do a better job for New Year's Eve. Danni has some surprises in store for everyone with our VIP Suite Pre- and After-Party. Cum one, cum all!

In any case, here is our Thanksgiving party in pictures, in no particular order. Enjoy! We'll be back in 2011; will you?

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