Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A girl-girl spa day

Some afternoons are just meant for relaxation... JLO and I (Danni) took the day off to pamper ourselves. JLO had been teasing with an offer of a Rocco-lite massage, so when we returned home, she gave me a most erotic massage.

Personal lubricant, i.e., lube, makes a wonderful massage "oil" as well. Eros is my favorite. It has a glorious silky feel and is tasteless, an important thing!

JLO worked my shoulders, neck and back, slowly working her way down to my ass and legs and feet. Needless to say, she never got to my front. Her soft caresses of my inner thighs led to the trailing of her fingers down my ass to my now quivering pussy lips.

Once I started moaning, my legs naturally spread for JLO. Her fingers became more feverish in their touch, reaching first one, then another inside my cunt, slowly at first. Then that sweet pink tongue started darting in and out, tickling my ass and pussy.

JLO's oral skills are amazing. When she had me dripping wet, she pulled out my Barbie pink strap-on and buckled herself into the harness. While on my back, she teased me with the tip of the cock and then dove deep into my pussy, fucking me as well as any guy, yet kissing me with those soft, girly lips.

Clenched tightly together, I rolled her over and then straddled her. We fucked so hard, the bitch made me squirt all over her. I think she appreciated the liquid applause. A few pictures...

B came home from work at just the right time... He grabbed the camera and took a few pictures. I was exhausted, though, and JLO still needed attention. B is a lucky man!

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