Monday, December 20, 2010

Massage is good for the soul

...and as foreplay. I have something to confess; I'm obssessed.

I've always said that sex is between the ears as much as between the legs. I was really referencing personality and intelligence, which I think is sexy as hell. Now I'm adding the incredible, indescribable sexual energy of a well-performed professional massage to the list.

I ( Danni) am inspired to share a recent experience with a massage therapist in a very reputable establishment. I love massages, having enjoyed many. But... I've been broken for all others after enjoying Rocco Vansant's mad skills (name changed to protect the not-so-innocent; reminiscent of my favorite rocking male porn star, Rocco Siffredi of Fashionistas fame).

Note: I've only gotten off one other time with a male massage therapist, but, unfortunately, I don't remember it. For all I know, he could have put a sleeper hold on me and fucked me right there on the table. I arose feeling like I just had one helluva an orgasm. Before Rocco, that one was my second favorite erotic massage. My best girl experience was with massage therapist Consuela (aka Elecktra), a friend with benefits, who gives one great happy, splashy (squirting) ending!

But back to Rocco. Words cannot do justice to the man's techniques. His hands were warm and inviting, strong and yet gentle. As part of my treatment, he covered my body with a scented mud and wrapped me like a mummy, the closest thing to bondage I've ever enjoyed. With eyes closed while encased, he touched my cheeks, my hair, my eyes, my lips... oh, the most intimate facial massage ever!

At times during the massage, he'd lean in and breath heavily in my ear, holding my hand in his while caressing my back and shoulders. His strokes across my stomach were just enough to leave me quivering and wanting more. His manipulation of my back muscles stretched farther and farther until his hands reached the crack of my ass, causing my legs to spread ever so slightly.

He kneaded my ass and upper thighs until I could hear myself screaming (in my head) to please just slip a finger in, just one. The way Rocco touched my feet, I could almost feel him kissing and sucking my toes. And the way he pressed his hands under my back when I faced him on the table was almost too much to handle without moaning in pleasure.

And to imagine, all this and he didn't even know I was in the lifestyle. Rocco touched me in ways no other therapist as ever done, male or female. And the ultimate compliment is this: we've been active in the lifestyles for years now and joined in orgy rooms with upwards of 100 lifestylers, and I've never been as turned on by a stranger as this. Not a diss to all the others who came before at all, but the most grandiose compliment I can pay Rocco.

Here are some photos that may help describe just a small bit of how he made me feel:

The entire experience was sheer ecstasy. So much so that I had to pleasure myself - quickly - in the room before leaving. My pussy lips were engorged; my juices flowing onto the table. My fingers worked feverishly on clit and g-spot while getting dressed and in the car on the way home. B enjoyed the fruits of Rocco's labor when I arrived home. The flood gates are WIDE open once again. I can't stop thinking about sex, even waking from restful slumber with thighs damp from nighttime orgasms.

Rocco and I have been chatting so we can schedule more massage therapy. (I need a LOT of therapy!) I think we've pushed the conversation over the edge so that he's fully aware of our lifestyle, and he's game. He even confided in me that he got a peek of my smooth pussy when I got back on the table from a quick showering off of the mud. Doesn't surprise me in the least knowing me. It reminded me of Brittany's continual beaver shots in the tabloids. Some of us just like to show it off and must do it subconsciously.

Well, our girl, JLO, and I are heading to our regular New Year's Eve party early just so we can BOTH meet Rocco for amazing massages, our holiday gifts to each other, to get all heated up for the night's festivities. Who knows what may happen? Happy Endings for all? Rocco's first three-way. Who knows? My mantra is under promise, over deliver. ;-)

As my lifestyle friends now, I'm very fluid on the Kinsey scale, usually trending closer to the girl-girl end. But sometimes the mood strikes me and I crave cock - and a lot of it - with a side of pussy. Be forewarned, my friends. Be forewarned.

Is Christmas over yet? Cum on, New Year's Eve!!!!

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