Friday, August 31, 2007

Niya Yu needs you! (we already enjoyed her, so you should, too!)

You've got to check out our new friend (with benefits) Niya Yu! She looks (and feels) even better in person!

And, join her MySpace Page at:

Be sure to tell her that Danni sent you....

Saturday, August 25, 2007

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Dan Savage. Popular Sex Columnist talks about ORAL SEX and STIs

If you've never heard or read any of Dan Savage's stuff, you're missing out. Check him out at You can also download his podcasts on Itunes.

Be especially sure to listen to Episode 41 from Jul 31, 2007. His information on ORAL SEX and STIs is straight-forward, right on and to the point. Dan, you're a fucking genious sometimes!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Shelly and DJ make a special appearance at the Sex Palace South

While at the Grand Opening of the Sex Palace South, we talked to DJ and Shelly about having the two of them over for a little 2-on-2 action. It’d been a long time since we had the chance to play, just the four of us.

This time, all the stars were aligned properly, and DJ and Shelly came over for some pizza and beer. As soon as Shelly came into the Palace, I noticed that she was being a bad girl and wearing a bra, something that’s definitely a no-no at our place. So with a flip of my fingers, the bra was unhooked and removed.

After some pizza and beer, the lights were turned down low, the shades closed, and I began kissing, rubbing and caressing Shelly. Danni then began kissing Shelly and moved her to the awaiting mattress conveniently located on the living room floor.

Rather than describing the action, let’s let our pictures do the talking. Needless to say, we had a wonderful time.

Yes, that's the girls cuddling at the end of the evening.

Next post(s)... the Vegas Lifestyle Convention (we just got home and are resting)!

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Aphrodite & Zeus came down from the heavens to play with mere mortals...

After only a few emails back and forth, we agreed to meet a hot sexy couple for dinner and drinks at a place close by the Sex Palace South. As soon as they stepped out of the car, we knew it was them. Their innocent pictures definitely didn’t do them justice as they are two VERY hot and real players. We instantly named them Aphrodite and Zeus.

After a few magaritas, we all agreed to come back to the Sex Palace South. It took Danni no time to move up to Aphrodite and begin passionately kissing her and rubbing her body.

Of course, the excuse was to inspect A's tan lines!

Aphrodite then began undressing Danni and laid her down and began to eat Danni’s aching pussy. Aphrodite's clothes were then removed, revealing a wonderful body. Seeing these two hotties together was incredible. They have similar hair, body color and are a similar size, so as their bodies intertwined, it was hard to distinguish between the two of them. The tan lines was the only difference (Danni has none).

Danni flipped Aphrodite back and took her turn enjoying that wet pussy. Both of these girls are expert pussy lickers and clearly enjoyed their time together. Zeus and I just sat back and watched, letting them enjoy each other.

Eventually, Danni took Aphrodite into the bedroom, and Zeus and I followed along. We again let the girls have some time together, but eventually Danni asked where the cock was, a clear signal if there ever was one.

We quickly got naked and hopped in bed. Aphrodite sucked on my cock while Danni sucked on Zeus. Danni then hopped onto Zeus’s cock while I moved down to Aphrodite's very wet pussy and began eating and fingering her wonderful cunt. Feeling and watching Aphrodite arch her back and hearing her moans was such a turn on.

Eventually the girls switched things up and Danni started fucking me as Aphrodite fucked Zeus. Eventually everyone came and we lay together, talking for a while. We opened up that none of us had much in the line of expectations for the evening. We all had thought it’d be a quick dinner and say goodnight type of evening. I think we’re all glad that things progressed quicker than anyone expected.

We really look forward to seeing this incredibly sexy couple again very soon. Aphrodite agreed that Danni could be her "Venus" anytime...

Has this ever happened to you?

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Enigma & The Shadow meet Storm & Wolverine

Now that we’re finally well settled in the Sex Palace South, and actually live in a community that has a few other people living in it, we’re able to start hosting people during the week for some small intimate gatherings.

The very mysterious Enigma & The Shadow (see this post) were out of town for the Grand Opening party, so we invited them over on Monday for a mini-version. During the heat of Saturday night, Danni invited Storm & Wolverine to join us. Fortunately, Enigma & The Shadow are very cool, and were fine with the additional couple. More than fine as it ended up!

Both couples came over around 7:30, and we had drinks and snacks for a little while. Both girls understood the house rules, no underwear is allowed. Trust me, I inspected closely to make sure that they followed the policy.

Storm walked up to me and told me that she had nothing on under her dress and was ready to take it off. She unbuttoned my shirt and then got on her knees and began sucking my cock. Now naked Danni brought Enigma over to the mattress in the middle of the floor, and the two girls began working over each others body. I suggested to Storm that she join them, and like a good little bi-sexual hottie, she hopped right in.

Watching these three women go at it was so fucking hot. I’m sorry to our readers. I searched for the camera to capture this wonderful scene, but I couldn’t find it and wasn’t about to interrupt Danni during her girl time.

After a while, Danni gestured to me, making the “let me suck your cock” motion (tongue in cheek simulation with hand gesture!). Of course I joined right in, fucking her mouth with my still hard cock. Wolverine and The Shadow then joined in and a nice intimate 6-way began.

As Danni would tell you, this ended up the way all parties should end up, where everyone fucked everyone (of course, no M/M, but you get the point). This was a pretty close group, while I was fucking one person, I’d be kissing another. Simultaneous sucking and fucking was happening left and right. I had a great time fucking Enigma in various positions. This time, I didn’t come instantaneously. ;-)

Storm sat on my face, forcing me to eat her very wet pussy as Danni sat on my cock. The girls faced each other, kissing (how, I don't know as my face was buried!).

Danni rode my cock until she was squirting all over me. She apparently squirted again later, as the mattress was soaked in another spot that I had nothing to do with, lol.

Sitting on the couch, Storm rode me hard until she made me cum. In the past, Storm and I usually fuck early in a party, so I hadn’t cum with her before. It was great to finally "rise" to the challenge and change that track record.

For some reason, I didn’t spend too much time eating pussy at this party, odd since my nickname is “The Tongue”. But I have do have some targeted oral plans coming up. ;-)

We finally finished and all grabbed a drink and watched some of our “homemade porn” on the TV. Suddenly we noticed that Enigma (mystery woman that she is) and Wolverine were missing. Then, were heard some slurping and noticed Storm on her knees giving him one of her amazing blow jobs.

We eventually called it a night and kissed all of our super-hero friends good night. Danni and I chatted later and realized this was the first time we’d hosted more than one couple on a weeknight. What a great way to wrap up a busy day at work! And, it's only Monday....