Sunday, April 27, 2008

These are a few of our favorite things...

This month’s theme for Virginia Friends was Leather and Lace, which always allows for the ladies to dress in their most sexy decadent attire. Danni wore ________(Note from Danni: no, B could not remember what I wore, so I'm not telling). Of course, I never dress special, since it’s all about the women anyway, lol.

We missed Friday night, but the Saturday night party had perhaps 75 couples, all dolled up and ready to play. While we saw lots of sexy friends, this night we tended to stick around with Storm and Wolverine, Charlotte and Junior and the infamous J-Lo. It was unicorn J-Lo's first party, so we all wanted to make sure she well taken care of.

There, of course, was a lot of flirting and dancing, especially among the girls. At one point, Charlotte was down on her knees sucking at Danni's clit in the middle of the dance floor.
Charlotte and J-Lo joined in on this month’s “game” which was “Musical Tits”. Instead of chairs, the girls walked around the male judges and when the music stopped, they had to stick their tits in a guys face. Junior was smart enough to be one of the judges. I don’t think that either Charlotte or J-Lo won, but they had lots of fun showing off their tits to the very engaged voyeuristic crowd.

After a while, everyone was getting pretty frisky. Charlotte knelt down in front of me at one point and pulled my cock out while I was sitting at a table and starting sucking my cock in front of everyone. At that point, we knew that it was time to head upstairs.

So Danni, Charlotte and I headed up to Charlotte’s room. There, we found Junior and J-Lo already going at it. Since they were already naked, we helped ourselves to get naked as well and we all hopped onto the bed.

For a while, J-Lo became the center of attention. Danni was eating her pussy, Charlotte and Junior were sucking her tits, and I was feeding her my cock, occasionally playfully slapping my cock on her face (a behavior learned from years of watching porn, lol).

Danni and I spent time playing with J-Lo as Junior took Charlotte, pinned her doggie style by the window and fucked her hard until she squirted over and over. We heard the splashing and saw the proud look on Junior’s face. Nice job!!!

I eventually flipped around and started fucking J-Lo, my first time with her. Damn she felt good. Danni was rubbing my balls, trying to make me cum. But I did my best and held back. I wasn’t about to let this end that quickly.

I then moved down and began eating and fingering her tight wet cunt. She seemed to enjoy it and it was so erotic watching her body arch as I worked that pussy. After a while of this fun, things flipped around and J-Lo rode my cock until I couldn’t hold back any more.

Danni was riding Junior at the same time that J-Lo was fucking me, and after she had worked me to a limp mass, I suggested that she move over and sit on Junior’s face so that he could have both sexy girls at the same time. Eyebrows raised, she liked the idea and jumped right over. Lucky dude, you are SO welcome.

While Danni and J-Lo were keeping “up” with Junior, I was “down” on Charlotte. I was eating and fingering her so much, making her squirt like the Bellagio fountains. Mmm, she tasted so good.

After everyone was spent, Danni and I went to our room. We kissed and turned the lights off, and fell asleep.

And then there was a knock at the door…..

The first time I heard it, I was pretty deeply asleep, so by the time I got to the door, no one was there.

Back in bed and with the lights off again, there was another knock at the door. I was quicker to get up, and kissed Danni goodbye, as she told me to go play, that she was done for the night. ZZZZZZZzzzzzzz

By the time I got to the door this time, I saw Charlotte walking down the hall. She stopped when I came out of the room and grabbed me. After groping in the hallway a little bit, we sent to the party suite and met up with Storm, Wolverine, Junior and J-Lo. Charlotte and Storm worked the stripper pole for a while. MMM, so sexy.

After her stint on the pole, Charlotte grabbed me and took me over to a quite section of the suite. I pushed her against the wall and started fingering her very wet pussy. She squirted over and over again as I continued relentlessly. She must have left a huge puddle on the carpet after we left for her room.

Once we got to her room, our clothes were thrown off, and we started fucking right away. After a few minutes of Charlotte riding me, she asked if I wanted to fuck her ass. I looked at her like “damn girl, you KNOW I do”, and she grabbed my cock and shoved it into her ass. I fucked her this way, or let me rephrase that, she fucked my cock with her ass, for a nice long time. I grabbed her tits and she bounced up and down and then I held her hands as she did squat thrusts on my cock with her ass.

I flipped her around and fucked her ass doggie style, squeezing and slapping her hot little ass. After some time, I was completely done (Charlotte is NEVER done) and we laid on the bed for a while, wondering where everyone else was.

We walked down to Storm and Wolverine’s room. When we opened the door, we saw Storm bent over the bed, sucking Wolverine’s cock with Junior fucking her hard from behind. J-Lo was lying naked, next to Wolverine, taking in the scene. It looked like we had just missed J-Lo’s adventure. Charlotte dove right in, helping Storm suck Wolverine’s cock. I came over to J-Lo and kissed and fondled her a bit.

But I could tell that, while my head was ready for more, “parts” of me were done for the night. So I said goodnight to this naked crowd, as they continued on without me.

Damn sluts! Anyone care to share their "view" of the evening????

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Nude Photo Studio is really Sex-Party Palace

Poll: 47% say they're OK with swingers club in their town
More than 2,300 weigh in on Orange sex club, while 260 comment on news story.

Comments 38 Recommend 24

ORANGE – In an Orange County Register online poll, nearly half of the 2,306-plus respondents said they wouldn’t mind having a swingers club in their town.

The unscientific survey is on To participate, click on the original story's hyperlink to the right.

Forty-seven percent of those polled responded "Yes, why not?" to the poll question: "How would you feel about a swingers club in your town?"

Twenty-nine percent responded, "It’s none of my business," and 25 percent checked off, "No, cities should not allow these types of businesses."

More than 26,700 people read the story online about Club Amnesty, which advertised weekly sex parties for couples. City of Orange officials alleged the club operated without a proper business license for more than three years and is in violation of numerous city and fire code violations.

More than 270 readers left comments, many debating the "swinging" lifestyle. Here is a sampling:

•"With the closure of this establishment, one of the possible unintended consequences is that these activities goes more underground and migrates into residential neighborhoods."

•"Sorry, I don't think it's a big deal if consenting adults want to join or attend a membership-only club 'meetings' to do things that are not illegal. Of course they lied on their business license application - it never would have been approved otherwise. Their operating hours probably don't interfere with neighboring businesses at all (most office/industrial parks are deserted at night). While I would never choose to patronize this 'club,' I don't have any problem with people who do want to. They don't sell alcohol, there is no prostitution going on, and they don't admit children or the general public."

•"Did they pay their rent? Taxes? Did they bring it outside? yes, yes and no. Just because some of you don't approve, if not in your face then why bother? I don't object to Bible studies, they aren't in my face, so why should I say anything. Anyone else's morals are nobodies business unless illegal activity like children and animals involved. Geez, get progressive, like Europe."

•"What some of you are missing is the fact that this place was operating under false pretences. THAT was the illegal part, not the fact that they are a swinger's club!! They should have been honest when completing their business application and all would have been fine. It's not illegal to operate a swinger's club but it is illegal to operate a swinger's club under the guise of being a photography studio. If it was illegal to have a swinger's club, then there wouldn't even be a box labeled 'Sexual Encounter Establishment' on the business application!!"

•"People need to respect each other. Different strokes for different folks. If you don't like that type of lifestyle then stay away."

•"I just have to laugh....when people don't understand a lifestyle or they feel threatened in any way, it's an automatic bad thing. This club was around for a long time and there were never any problems with hookers or pimps. Swinging is a lifestyle. And yes, it can be very upscale. People, this is happening in your neighborhoods, and with your neighbors, more than you think. We are not bad people. We are just people."

•"…It's all about complying with the law & I'm confident these minor issues will work themselves out. This story is not about the fact that a members only club has been exposed as a swingers club which is Taboo to some. We are in the lifestyle, love it, wouldn't change it for the world. For those who have different views about it, I suggest you educate yourself before judging others. Our clubs are private memberships, we don't do anything illegal &we are not hurting anyone else. Couples have open/honest relationships &the divorce rate is low. You will be amazed at the % of well educated, religious, classy, amazingly physically fit, honest, safe and prominent/successful OC residents are in the lifestyle. You are amongst a majority, not a minority....Trust me."

•"Cool, Is there any other cool clubs like this. I would love to check them out?"

•"At least when swingers 'sleep around' it's done with a partner's knowledge. It IS a lifestyle. Not a free for all and believe or not, we do have some selectivity of who we sleep with. Don't worry, we all wouldn't jump you swoon."

•"I want to thank the Register for this article. I just bought 500 shares of GlaxoSmithKline, the maker of Herpes drug Valtrex. Sounds like I am going to make a fortune."

•"Lacking in morals and being too immature to commit to one person falls under a character flaw not a life style."

Here's the article that prompted these ROTFLMAO comments:

P.S. Sorry to see Club Amnesty go; we enjoyed their hospitality at the Vegas Lifestyles Convenetions.