Sunday, May 11, 2008

Too busy to write, but we have pictures...

Athena and Centaur, Storm and Wolverine, Junior and Charlotte and J-Lo all naked at our Sex Palace South...who could ask for anything more?
xoxo, Danni

Sunday, May 04, 2008

It was an All-Night Girls-Only Slumber Party

by Danni

I remember sleep-over parties with my girl friends when I was a little kid. I won't tell you exactly what we did, because I will definitely "age" myself. Suffice it to say, we did not have Guitar Hero, iPods or other fun techie toys to play with. I do remember playing "doctor" as a little girl, but since that sort of "bad" behavior was really "taboo", you just didn't do that in a group party setting.

Ah, how times have changed. And, for the better, I might add!

B had been doing his usual ESF-surfing on AFF recently and stumbled upon a true gem among them. (That's "Elusive Single Female", if you were wondering.)

An aside: while I have reclaimed my "social coordinator" duties, B still likes AFF way better than I do. But, after this weekend, I may have changed my mind!

But, I digress. Back to the Slumber Party...

This particular ESF was fairly new to AFF. She had some gorgeous pictures, said all the right things in her profile to pique my interest, and, to put the proverbial "cherry on top", she was arranging an all-girl party. KA-CHING!!! JACKPOT!!!

I offered to call her, and she was quick to respond. We had a very nice, albeit g-rated, phone conversation. She seemed like such a "normal" girl. Little did I know. I'll call our new ESF "Tinkerbell" (only think really naughty, nasty Tinkerbell!)

As the party was arranged, Tink emailed me with the list of attendees. Much to my surprise (and delight), I found that Athena (of Athena & Centaur, earlier playmates here on the blog) was attending as well. Woo-Hoo! Guaranteed fun!

I, the usual "Dom" of the girls at parties, relinquished my title to Athena this night. She came loaded with toy bags. As soon as everyone was "warmed up", out came A's strap-on. The pink one...that vibrates....all the way down to the tip. Did I mention it VIBRATES????

Meeting in the pre-arranged vanilla bar/restaurant for drinks quickly turned to dirty-talking (I love it!), pool playing and teasing the "boys" who were also playing pool by ignoring their advances and french-kissing amongst the girls. Good pics, but I can't share those.

Besides Athena and me, Tink also introduced us to Stormy. THANK YOU, Tink!!!!!

What a HOTTT ESF that one is! 'nough said. Stormy had recently had her breasts enlarged. YOWZA! Here I am comparing mine to hers. Truthfully, after this pic, and the ensuing girl-on-girl sexxx, we just didn't have the time or the presence of mind to take any more pics until we were about to fall asleep.

So, you're probably wondering what girls do at Slumber Parties today? I know B (as well as Athena's Centaur and Stormy's hubby) were all salivating at the thought and eager to hear details.

Well, I'm not as good about writing details of who-did-what-to-whom-and-when-and-for-how-long as B is. I still tend to go deaf-dumb-and-blind at parties. But, I can tell you this...

After comparing breasts with Stormy's new ones (and they are magnificent, I might add), we kissed softly, at first. Then longer, harder and more deeply. As her top was already pulled down and her slacks had been kicked aside, I turned her around to face away from me and pushed her gently down onto the end of the bed.

With that lovely ass in the air before me, I dropped to my knees and kissed, licked and nibbled those creamy white cheeks, teasing her thighs with my tongue and fingers. I could wait no longer. I pulled her lacy thong to one side and pressed my face between her thighs, probing her pussy lips with my tongue, darting and flicking. I could sense her wetness. The smell and taste of her was intoxicating.

I knew from earlier conversation that Stormy's hubby had been away for a while, and she had lots of new toys sent to her by him. But, there's just something different about flesh-on-flesh.

I slipped my finger into her eager pussy. First one, then another. All the while, licking and nibbling her ass and pussy lips, rubbing her clit with my hand. Reaching around with my other hand, I had a better "grip" on her throbbing clit. Faster and faster. Harder and harder. I noticed how tight her pussy became around my fingers, actually cutting off the circulation.

I had a great view from this angle. I could look into Stormy's eyes as she twisted her body to intently watch me finger-fuck her from behind. I could also see Tinkerbell stretching and writhing, laid on her back with Athena's talented mouth firmly latched onto her pussy.

At some point, perhaps when I'd lost all feeling in my right hand (that's a GOOD thing!), Stormy and I switched positions. I laid down on the bed on my back, spread my legs and beckoned her between them. Stormy is an experienced talent at cunnilingus; she had my juices flowing.

Athena and Tink had switched up a bit, too. I think this was when the strap-on came out, as I remember Tink leaning over to kiss me while Stormy worked on my cunt. Tink's kisses with me were fevered. Must have been the wonderful pussy taste leftover from Stormy! She quickly asked Stormy to switch with her; she wanted to work on my pussy.

Tinkerbell ate me out like a pro - I can't believe she's a relative "newbie" (I will never be able to look at Peter Pan again in quite the same way). Stormy was on her back on the bed, encouraging Athena with the strap-on. Stormy proclaimed that Pinkie's vibrations were in just the right spot. Stormy's face flushed and glowed as Athena worked her "guy" leg muscles to fuck her with the strap-on.

I do remember the look on Athena's face when she was suckling Stormy's clit, too. So focused! So intense! While I am a huge fan of professional porn, it just doesn't get any better than being up close and personal.

Now, I had brought all of my toys, too. But, surprising enough, sometimes the tools you have as part of your body seem to really work well. I did finally have to pull out my cordless vibrator and "finish off". Once I learned (with B) about that top-level, high plateau orgasm, sex just isn't over until I have one. Tink knelt on the bed between my legs as I worked my clit with the vibrator. She raked my legs with her fingernails as my orgasm intensified to the point of no return, and, yes, squirting. I'm sure she could feel my legs quivering as they squeezed her during all of this. Hope I didn't hurt her! lol

After Tink was kind enough to help we get off, we kissed some more. God, I love the taste of pussy while kissing! I wanted to make certain that Tink was satisfied as well. Now, I can't tell you all of the things I did to her; she made me promise not to. ;-) But, I will share this... I loved licking that girl from one end to the other. And, she loved it back. Tink's pussy was SOOOOOO wet!

Ok, gotta stop....

Do you remember the old movie "Bob, Carol, Ted and Alice"?

Our last pic of the party before dozing off reminded us of that famous part of the movie. Sorry to have to block our faces, but I'm sure you understand. The smiles behind those masks are what wet dreams are made of.

From L to R, Athena (aka SuperGirl), Stormy, Tinkerbell, Danni

We all enjoyed a leisurely breakfast the next morning and decided that an all girls party should be hosted at our Sex Palace South very soon. Stay tuned...I'm working on dates now! And, I hope both girls will find there way to one of our couples group parties, too. I always love the odds with xxxtra girls.

xoxo, Danni

I hope the girls decide to add their own comments here, especially if I left out any good, juicy details.