Saturday, December 01, 2007

The Perfect Storm and a little Greek mythology thrown in

Generally, Danni is our social coordinator. If you want to hook up with us, the female half of a couple needs to communicate with Danni. And, Danni will almost always decide on whether she wants to play with a couple based on the women. ALL the guy can do is screw things up, generally with how he acts. {guys, relax, you'll get yours!}

But lately, Danni has been so busy in our professional lives that she’s given me the social coordinator duty. And I can tell you, it’s much easier for a hot woman Like Danni to get dates made than a “dime-a-dozen” guy like me. I’ve been doing OK, but it’s still all about the women.

Anyway, one recent morning, as we were getting ready for work, Danni offhandedly suggested that if I was interested, we might want to have a house party on Saturday, since we didn’t have any plans for that night. Knowing that Bad Kitty was coming over on Friday, I was a little surprised about her Saturday suggestion, but good social coordinator that I’ve been charged to be, I went right to work.

I sent out a few invitations, only to those that we’ve played with recently. Long story short, despite the short notice, we ended up having 3 couples come over. An 8-person orgy can be a perfectly good size. People generally can get around to everyone, and there’s all sorts of space for playing.

Storm and Wolverine came over. Long time readers know them well, and if you don’t, feel free to put their names in our search bar in the right had side of this blog. We also had Centaur and Athena come over, Long time friends that we’ve known from Virginia Friends, but people we’ve just never had the pleasure to play with before.

And finally, we had the Spartan and his Nymph join us. N and S are friends of Amy J and Jester and came highly recommended. So even though we'd never met them, we invited them over {referrals work!}. Their pictures were hot, and they’d gotten a great recommendation from good friends of ours, all you need to get an invite to one of our parties.

We asked that everyone get to our place early, so we could get the party started. We just hate waiting around until the wee hours of the morning to get to the sexy fun. At our parties, you can grab a drink, or a bite, or have a conversation when you need to take a break.

So, everyone got here before 730 and we introduced N & S to everyone. Storm gets the award for being the first with her clothes off. She came out of the bathroom without her pants and I was quickly next to her. After some brief fondling, we moved over to the mattresses we had laid down in our living room, and Storm started sucking my cock.

That was the signal for everyone else to join the fun. Centaur and the Nymph jumped onto a mattress behind our couch, while Danni, Wolverine, Athena and the Spartan all came over to the mattresses that Storm and I were on.

There were all sorts of interactions, as you’d expect. Storm and I fucked for quite a while. I also fucked Danni doggie style while she had her face deep into a hot wet pussy (Athena's, I believe). It took no time for Danni to squirt while I was fucking her doogie style. I like to think that her squirting was due to my great skills.

Athena put on a strap-on, and Danni hopped on her and rode her for all she’s worth (Danni is a TOP after all). Then I took time eating Athena and then flipped her around for some great 69 action. Athena worked my cock with her masterful mouth until she had me cum with a powerful orgasm.

Danni went back to working Athena’s pussy, working her tight cunt until she was able to fist her. Athena came over and over from this.

As much as I wanted to continue, between the previous night with Bad Kitty and two orgasms this night, I had nothing left. I had hoped for some more quality time with Athena and to get some time with the Nymph (Wolverine and Centaur had spent the whole night keeping her orifices "occupied"), but I was pretty raw by then anyway.

We eventually kissed all goodnight, pleased with being able to have such a fun, and last minute, party. Next party planned will be New Year's Eve at VAF!!!!!! Where will you be????

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