Thursday, July 31, 2008

Guess what we did?

When we catch our breath, we'll post "the rest of the story". Where am I (Danni)? Who do you think took this hot pic???


Friday, July 25, 2008

Dear Danni, Q and A

Q: I need some seasoned swingers advice please.

I don't know if this is common with singles but anywho. Have you ever experienced a couple getting jealous of time you spend with others? And if so how do you handle this tactfully? Do you just need to cut all contact with them or what. I guess I am asking how would you handle it?

A: As I've tried to explain/impress, YOU are the ESF (elusive single female), the UNICORN. YOU RULE. If anyone, and I mean ANYONE tries to pull anything on you, demands anything of you, requires anything of you, expects ANYTHING of you other than the pleasure of your company (no strings, no expectations), then you should run the other way.

Guess that's why we've had such good luck with single females. We know how they should be treated, like queens (and not the drag kind LOL), putting them on a pedestal and catering to their every need. Only thing we won't do is let a single F move in, unless she's REALLY good. ;-)

You just shouldn't put up with any bullshit from anyone, whether a couple or a guy.

NOTE: We don't usually share email exchanges, but this question from a single female deserved sharing, knowing other ESFs out there may be facing the same or similar problems. PLEASE don't put up with bullshit. ESFs RULE!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Nice asses...

Virginia Friends had a meet and greet locally, so we decided to venture out with Oui Oui & Barney (who came to town and were staying at our place) and Enigma & Shadow. We hadn't seen either couples in months!

After dinner together, we headed to the bar, meeting up with Storm & Wolverine, Charlotte & Junior, and J-Lo. Danni and the girls made a few connections for new party invitees, but since there was an All-Star line-up already gathered, it didn’t take long for us to leave and head back to the Sex Palace South for the real party.

Being a nice host, I would go to the door as our guests arrived. When the last couple to show rang the doorbell, I went to the door to get them. We walked back to the living room only to find 4 naked women in my house. Rumor has it that Danni was first one naked this time, but I couldn’t ask, as J-Lo's tongue was deep into Danni’s mouth.

The girls fell onto one of the mattresses, and the party was off and running.

Charlotte and I both got naked and moved onto a mattress. Normally, it seems that Charlotte and I hook up near the end of the party, so it was a nice and different experience to fuck Charlotte at the outset. We had some great quality time together, and everyone else also got naked and found fun playmates. I couldn’t see a lot as my face was in between Charlotte’s legs, but I heard a lot of moaning and groaning.

After a while, J-Lo showed up nearby.

We looked at each other, knowing it was time to make up for the last few parties, where we only had limited play time. I was sitting on the couch, and she crawled up between my legs and started expertly sucking my cock. She then climbed up on me and wrapped her tight little pussy around my aching cock. Riding me cowboy style, she was looking incredibly sexy and I had to do everything I could from coming right there. I didn’t think it fair to hog the party’s unicorn to too long, so J-Lo moved on to other adventures.

Danni and I had a chance to fuck each other for a while, and as she was squatting on my cock, she squirted all over me.

I then saw Oui Oui. We went right at it every which-way. At one point, Oui Oui was riding me, when Danni came over to see what was going on. She was rubbing and kissing on both of us. She stood up on the mattress and fell over (it’s pretty tricky to walk on these satin-covered mattresses) and landed right on my knee. Nothing damaged, but it did kind of kill the moment (Danni’s ass is still sore, lol), and we all got up to take a break and get a drink.

I had about 2 sips when I found myself next to a very naked J-Lo. Well, mama didn’t raise no fool. I grabbed J-Lo’s hand, and we were back to the mattresses. This time, I was on top of her. After fucking for a while in various configurations, her wonderfully tight pussy had me coming hard and strong. We looked at each other, laughed and smiled, knowing we’d made up for some lost opportunities in the past.

The action was so hot, that no one had time to pull out a camera until at the very end, I realized that everyone was naked, but finishing up. I made a special request, specifically for our readers. Behold this wonderful picture (part 1 and 2).

We kissed everyone goodnight, promising to not take too long before the next party.

Danni and I went to bed. Of course, as soon as we lay down, she had me hard again. Guess what we did, lol.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

More on Swingtown...and Denver?

Had to share this article on the new CBS show "Swingtown". While some say "it's a mess", it's growing on me. The episode featuring Harry Ream's of Deep Throat fame was hysterical. My parents had a reel-to-reel projector just like that! OMIGOD! What were they up to when I wasn't around? ewwww!

And, the seasoned swinger couple who experienced a 3-way (MFM) with her ex-boyfriend made me cringe. (MFM just not my "thang"!) I personally don't think that's a good idea anyway. The previews gave a sneak peek at cheating between this couple. I'm guessing that the MFM which included a previous sexual partner may have been the instigator.

Anyway, here's the article. Enjoy!

When It's Swingtime in the Rockies
Mon Jun 09, 2008 at 10:50:01 AM

Just got copied on a form letter sent by one Bradley Guildner of Thornton to CBS regarding Swingtown. "The offensive content clearly violates our local community standards and does not reflect your license obligation 'to serve the public interest,'" he writes. "I urge you to refuse to air future episodes of Swingtown."

Hey, Bradley, I'm deeply offended by the series, too. Here's one reason why: It's boring. Here's another: It's allegedly set in a "local community" I thought I knew very well -- Winnetka, one of the towns that fed my high school. But the producers aren't naming any names, and if any parents were up to such shenanigans in 1976, when the series is set, the kids didn't know about it.

(Although even as I type this, it makes me feel a little squirmish about some of those fathers who drove me home after I babysat their kids while they were off doing -- what? Each other?)

BTW, Winnetka doesn't have anything on Denver when it comes to swingers. According to our highly suspect calculations, there are more swinger clubs per capita in Denver than in any other major metropolitan area.

Read all about it here. -- Patricia Calhoun

Thursday, July 10, 2008

"Certified" Sexperts

B and I have been designated as "certified" sexperts!

Let me explain...

We received an email from some fans about a new website they're launching. The site is not functional as yet; it is brand new. They liked our pics and thought we would be perfect for their new educational adult website. The purpose for having us on the site is to "bring on sexy attractive couples to be filmed demonstrating different positions and techniques".

While I don't think we're the right couple for the site, we couldn't help but be flattered when a new website, The Sexual Interchange, wanted us!

We're swingers and just don't agree with this statement on their website: "Why would you want to make love to 1000 different partners, if you could make love to ‘one partner’ 1000 ways?"

B and I don't "make love" to anyone but each other, but we have sex with lots of people. Sex and making love are very different activities. We think you can do both equally well (and we do!).

Thanks for asking, though, SI; we're flattered and happy to share your link with the blogosphere.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Tribute to those "Seven Dirty Words"

One of our favorite comedians, George Carlin, died last week. Here's the story behind his 7 Dirty Words.

Yes, he was a comedian, with 22 albums and 14 HBO specials to his credit. In fact, he was the first host of Saturday Night Live/SNL.

But his legacy is bigger than comedy and it's this...

In 1973, one of Carlin's routines ("Seven Dirty Words") was broadcast on a non-commercial FM radio station--WBAI, known for its lefty politics and progressive artsy ideas. After a listener complained to the FCC about the "dirty words" (one listener!), the FCC reprimanded the station owner. Station owner, the Pacifica Foundation, appealed, and won in federal court. But, in 1978, the FCC appealed to the Supreme Court, which ruled in favor of the government in the now-famous FCC v. Pacifica Foundation.

Carlin's words were declared "indecent" and dangerous by the U.S. government. That decision still sickens those of us with open minds.

The ramifications were astounding. Suddenly our government had the right to decide which words couldn't be said on radio or TV at certain times of the day--and to decide which words (and at which times). With this decision, the freedom of speech guaranteed by our Bill of Rights no longer applied all day or to all words.

It's been 30 years and nothing has changed, which is even more appalling.

George Carlin's career was spent showing us life's absurdities. The most absurb was that the most powerful government in the world was so obsessed about the power of a few non-violent words that it was willing to damage the Constitution to protect "us".

The words that required stifling by the Supreme Court were (and still are):
  1. shit
  2. piss
  3. fuck
  4. cunt
  5. cocksucker
  6. motherfucker
  7. tits (you can say "boob" but not tit; you can show a tit blown off on TV, but you can't say the word)

Carlin (and we) believe that censorship was and is still wrong, dangerous, ridiculous, small, stupid, and selfish.

"You can say you pricked your finger, just don't say you fingered your prick," he said.

George, we'll miss you!

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Have you ZOIG'ed yet?

ROTFLMAO (rolling on the floor laughing my ass off, in case you didn't already know)!!!!

Check out this new site where people like you and me (real people, that is) post real pics of themselves. B set up an account at the invitation of one of our friends.

Well, he posted this pic and it was REJECTED as "not real" and "obviously commercial". OMIGOD, these guys at ZOIG must not attend parties like ours. Cum on and join ZOIG, just so you can tell them that Danni and B are as REAL as it gets. ;-)

See you soon.... Happy Fourth of July! Remember, naked and fireworks (the lighted kind) do not mix!