Sunday, April 03, 2011

Meeting the Prince

By Danni of Danni and B (BiF 1/2 of this lifestyle couple)

Fair warning to the guys who read our blog:  the pictures you're about to see are NOT for the faint of heart. Just so you know, this one's for the girls...

(B will have some steamy hot stories of his own single play exploits to share soon enough. He just needs to write them down.)

I'm learning more and more about the male psyche as I play one-on-one with single guys, a personal preference I have over the married male halves of playfriends. A recent study bears out my preference. Most men with multiple sex partners prefer familiar partners, while women prefer what I call "strange" or new partners. Now we're not talking emotion-filled extramarital affairs here. Just sex. Women, in general, prefer a smorgasbord, like me.

In my "mid-life crisis" quest for hot, young boytoys, sometimes it's fun to have a partner in crime. On a recent prowl of the oceanfront bars with a girlfriend, JLO and I met one such potential boytoy. He and I had exchanged emails and a few pics. And I liked what I saw. It took a quick hug, less than one drink and a short conversation to know that this boytoy really had superior potential.

Some of the guys I've met are in the lifestyle to some degree; some are relative newbies. I'm learning to balance, for everyone's benefit. Some single guys become great friends and some drop out altogether. Some there is no chemistry. Some, the sparks fly.

This guy is special. I really appreciate the low-key "no drama" about him.

A little background:  Many moons ago, B and I met a wonderful couple we called Jiggy and Metal Man. Metal Man was the first guy with a piercing that I had fucked. And, I did enjoy it. Really. Way more than a girl should.

At first I was intrigued by the look and feel of Metal Man's piercing in my hands. It was a Jacob's Ladder piercing. I was also curious about what possessed a man to - what I thought - basically mutilate a part of his body that he holds dearest. And I was really curious to know how it felt to fuck him.

I found it tough to suck his well-endowed cock. With all of the metal barbells, I was afraid that I'd chip a tooth. And I quickly found that it was only comfortable to fuck him doggy-style. Not sure why, but, logistically, the missionary position and reverse cowgirl were just downright painful.

But enough about the past. As I said, Metal Man was the only piercing I'd experienced. Until recently, when I met the Prince. Prince Albert, that is.

The Prince is a tall, athletic, young and well endowed specimen of a man. A boytoy extraordinaire. So when JLO and I met him in person, even with all of his clothes on, I knew that I had to take advantage of my hall pass.

So, with my B's blessing while he was out of town, the Prince and I met at a local watering hole for a quick drink one night and then back to the Sex Palace South for some serious action. I quickly found that, despite the limitations I felt with Metal Man's Jacob's Ladder piercing, I had none of the same problems with Prince Albert.

Quite the opposite.

I tried and tried, but I couldn't find a position that did NOT feel great with the Prince. In fact, I even scheduled a repeat performance for the following night. Again. And again. I even enjoyed sucking his beautiful cock and playing with the ring, pulling it with my teeth.

Not sure what it does for him.  But, lifestyle ladies, if you have the opportunity, I highly recommend seeking out someone with the piercing and trying it on for size.

I know I'm looking forward to seeing Prince Albert again soon. I understand he comes with attachments...and, we all know how much I love attachments, especially vibrating ones.

SPOILER ALERT:  So, here is Prince Albert for your viewing pleasure. Guys, do not scroll down further if you do not want to see. Ladies, enjoy!!! I know I did!!! I get goosebumps just thinking about it...