Monday, February 14, 2011

I have taken the red pill and will never look back

Guest Post By Danni and B's friend in Iraq, aka The Joker

(Note: How did our guest poster get his blog name? You'll remember Val Kilmer as "The Joker" in Top Gun...'nuff said. More on the red pill. Danni)

Now I will confess to you right now that I am not a writer and I hardly read enough. But some things need to be said and some stories must be told. For me in my life this is one of those times.

Very rarely in life do we get to meet people that are your kind of people. They treat you well and tell you like it is 100% of the time. I found not one but TWO. I met what would be one of the best friendships in my life about 3 ½ years ago. At the time, I was part of a couple. We had a few experiences with the lifestyle, but nothing of great importance. We were listed on a Website as a couple, and one fateful day an email came to us.

It was Danni and B, and the start of a wonderful friendship. It is not the last three years of friendship that I write about tonight. But it will be the overall feeling of friendship that I have been given. The young lady that I was in a relationship with is no longer with me. With this change, I was forced into the life of a single male.

If you know anything about the lifestyle, this is certainly not the most favorable place to be. But, even still, Danni and B where nothing but friendly and inviting. After my break up, Danni and I lost contact mostly because my work took me back to Iraq where I have been for the last 3 years. But, recently, I made contact with them to see how they are doing and to let them know that I will be home soon, if only for a month, and would like to hang out with them. Just like that, the friendship that we once had was rekindled with the same vigor.

Is it possible to be excited for something that is a month and a half away? Well since I have started talking to Danni and B again, I have had nothing but a smile on my face. We have started to talk about new friends they have made. We have reminisced about old times at the Sex Palace and reconnecting with former playfriends. We are even talking about a possible party while I am home from Iraq.

So, in closing, I can only thank Danni and B for the friendship they give every one that comes in to their life. It is not often that you meet people as genuine as they are. Thank you Danni and B. I have enjoyed every second I have had with you. From the lunch we had to the unforgettable nights at the Palace. I cannot wait to make new memories with the both of you, and the drinks are on me. Thank you for your friendship.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Give me a M, Give me a F, Give me a M

By Danni of Danni and B (BiF 1/2 of this lifestyle couple)

What have you got? MFM and, for the uninitiated, that stands for Male-Female-Male.

Despite being in the lifestyle nearly eight years, I had my first - really the absolute FIRST - MFM last night. As our faithful readers and friends with benefits know, I've been very pussy focused. Always. Until recently.

How have I missed this ultimate pleasure???? To be the focus of undivided attention and such passion and pure joy. I truly felt like a goddess worshipped on a pedestal or perhaps an offering on an alter is a more apt description.

B and I have had more girl 3- and 4-ways than either of us can remember. (I know, sluts, right?) And we both focus attention on the girl (or girls) with us.

So to be the middle of everything was not only an amazing experience, it was one of the hottest fucking times of my life. Top Ten List material. Definitely a new guilty pleasure.

Now I'm disappointed no one had presence of mind to take pictures of the very hot action, so I had to borrow a shot of someone else's MFM. But I'm glad, too. I didn't want to miss a minute of touching, licking, kissing, fucking.... Makes me wet(ter) and gives me chills all over just playing it all in my mind again.

This week was actually very busy for both B and I. One night while I had a work event, B had a booty call with the wife of a lifestyle couple we know. The next night we had a 3-way (FMF) with a new friend introduced to us but not a bi girl, so I was bummed. :-( Discretion and valor prevent me from saying more.

Then last night B and I met my newest boytoy, Muffin Man, out for dinner and drinks. The intellectual intercourse that happens when I'm around intelligence is really indescribable. All I could think about during dinner was getting naked with these two very smart, professional men, my husband and my boytoy.

I confess that I was nervous as hell! Actually nervous ever since the "date" was even planned. The first time B let me plan a 3-way (with Hand Solo), I got sick with what we termed Psychosomatic DP Aversion Disorder.

Friday was a tough day at work. I couldn't concentrate for fantasizing about how the evening would go.

I hit the "drinks" part hard for a bit of liquid courage. Turns out I really didn't need it at all. We moved the party back to our place, and it was on.

I had my easy off knit pants on, and they came off even faster than normal, practically as soon as we walked in the house. I threw off my shirt and stood naked before both men.

I kissed B and told him I loved him, loosening his belt buckle while stroking his growing cock through his trousers.

I then turned to Muffin Man with B nuzzling my neck and rubbing my shoulders. I kissed him, deeply, and felt his already rock hard cock pressed against his jeans.

I heard B's pants hit the floor and proceeded to help Muffin Man off with his. Then, in my wanton slut voice, I asked them to come to my bedroom and fuck me. I had promised B that I would be submissive, but, alas, that's not an easy thing for me to do, i.e., giving up control.

Everything was so comfortable, so easy. I'd only been with Muffin Man twice before, and he's relatively new to the lifestyle, but all three of us had such a great rhythm going. It was flawless.

I kissed one and then the other while they took turns licking my pussy and then shoving their throbbing cocks down my throat. What bliss.

The licking also extended to my ass, so I knew what was expected of me. The dreaded DP (double penetration) with two men. I've done DP with B and another girl and with two girls, but never two men.

It happened so moment I remember hopping on Muffin Man's cock, and the next I heard myself tell B, "you know what I want" as if I was having an out of body - and mind - experience.

B used the special anal lube on his cock and then pressed forward against my ass straddling Muffin Man's legs. I could feel the cock in my pussy and the cock in my ass rubbing against each other inside me. I whispered to Muffin Man while B was thrusting into my ass, "do you like it," to which he immediately said yes.

They were both so hard; it felt exquisite. B says it was the longest he's ever been able to fuck me in the ass. I was so turned on. B didn't cum in my ass, but it was obvious he needed to cum.

B pulled out and ran to the shower for a quick hose down. Muffin Man and I continued on; his cock was still hard and geting harder if that was possible. He quickly flipped me over and got on top, all the better to pump his cock in me.

As B returned, he took a seat on the couch in the bedroom stroking his cock and watched us fuck.

I beckoned B to rejoin us. Muffin Man - always the gentleman - withdrew his cock and laid down next to me, so B could have his way with my pussy.

B slipped his cock into my still very wet pussy, from behind, as I lay draped across Muffin Man's chest, holding onto him for support. Then taking the opportunity to suck his cock.

I wish I could go on and on with detail after detail but, as my friends know, I frequently have an out of body and mind experience when the sex is this good.

At one point, I do remember taking turns sitting on one and then the other's cock, riding the owner, leaning over and kissing the other laying on the bed watching.

Finally, I thought I was exhausted from all of the sexual gymanastics which had me in pretzel-like shapes at times. I snuggled on the bed between the two of them.

But we weren't done by a long shot.  I would turn to Muffin Man and stroke his cock with my hand until I felt him engorged. Then, as I'd turn to B, I would guide Muffin Man's hungry cock into my pussy from behind.

I did the same thing to B...stroking his cock until he was hard and fuckable again. Then, you guessed it. I'd turn back toward Muffin Man and guide B's cock into my recently fucked pussy. After a while, all of the pussy fluffing had taken its toll, and I needed to get fucked, hard. My hubby, B, obliged me by cuming the second time that night, deep in my pussy where I like it.

After about four hours of fucking every which way imaginable, exhaustion overcame us. We slipped out of bed, and I kissed my boytoy goodnight as he shook B's hand, thanking us both for a wonderful evening as if we'd only just gone out to dinner together. I love the lifestyle!

But we were all buzzing from the experience. B and I crawled back into bed together, re-energized by the quick walk to the door - and some water to replenish the juices lost - with Muffin Man. And, you guessed it, we began to fuck again, just B and I.

Now I can't say that I will invite others to another MFM, but if I do, I know that Muffin Man would be my number two contender, right after my number one, soulmate and love of my life, B.

I love the lifestyle!


Not really into theme parties but the SuperBowl was a golden opportunity to mix sports and fucking, perhaps even more so than the players themselves. Some die-hard sports fan hung around the big TV in the living room while Danni and crew hung out in the bedroom. A real Bob, Carole, Ted and Alice thing going on.

We took pictures early and then forgot about it. So here are a few to show you, dear readers, how much fun we had...

We'll be out of party mode for a while as life overtakes us. Be back soon...