Thursday, September 29, 2005

Top 20 Ways to Know You're a Swinger

adapted from W&J at (xoxo and thanks!)

#20- You giggle to yourself at the office when your coworkers tell you how wonderful their weekend was...if they only knew.

#19- Before traveling somewhere you look up couples in the area online.

#18- You come home with that "There's Something About Mary" hairstyle.

#17- When going to a strip club with your guy friends, instead of your girl, it just seems like a ridiculous waste of time and money.

#16- Your kids and baby-sitter wonder why Mommy already has her coat on when she comes out of the bedroom every Saturday night.

#15- You wonder how you'll explain to the neighbors why 10 couples show up on a Saturday night with overnight bags, blankets and pillows and don't leave until early Sunday afternoon.

#14- You both turn your heads to watch a hot woman walking down the street...and then exchange a smile and a wink.

#13- At the gym shower, you're the only one with shaved balls or a shaved pussy.

#12- You make plans to meet a "str8" or "normal" couple and realize you have nothing to wear.

#11- You spend more time grooming your privates than porn stars.

#10- You only know couples by their first names, email addresses or their online screen names or handles.

#9- Most of your pictures are from different hotel rooms and you're usually wearing a convention or club wristband.

#8- Your nightstand drawer is full of bar napkins with couples name and numbers and sexy "contact cards".

#7- You are sending out online Christmas cards to people with names like: wiiiideopen, cutecple4u2see, xoticone,

#6- At work when someone talks of a risque adventure, most are shocked or stunned and you say "cool".

#5- You are running out of excuses to tell your "str8" or "normal" friends why you cannot go out with them.

#4- At a work retreat to get to know your coworkers, you freeze and wonder what you can say when they ask everyone to tell something about yourself that no one else would know.

#3- Your closet is filled with more lingerie than Victoria's Secret.

#2- You go on vacation and realize that you took not one picture that you can show your family or "str8" friends. (Or you go on vacation to a sunny destination and come home paler than when you left.)

And the #1 Way to know you're a Swinger: You see a really hot girl walking down the street and wonder if she'd do you AND your girl!

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

VAF Play by Play

OK, Danni claims that I haven't posted in a while, and that's probably true, but she's been so creative that I figured I could wait until our next wild adventure.

So now's the time to write.

We were at Virginia Friends this weekend. The crowd was smaller than most months, maybe 40 couples on Friday night and around 70 couples on Saturday. But, while the number may have been a bit smaller, the couples on both nights were great, and there was an energy throughout the party.

On Friday night, most of the couples stayed in the bar area, which is brighter, but much easier to talk than near the dance floor. We'd missed the last two parties, so it was nice meeting up with some old friends. But just as exciting was meeting a lot of new couples. Danni was very popular, wearing a tight little Hooters shirt that revealed the bottom half of her wonderful breasts (here she is, yummy).

We ended up talking with J and B quite a bit at the end of the night, and when the bar closed down, the party moved upstairs. We didn't take much time at all to have the four of us go back to our room. The girls (Danni & B) were playing in the doorway, and quickly the clothes were dropping like flies in front of a very excited audience.

We ended up closing the door and hoping in bed. The girls got things started, but it didn't take long for J and I to get involved in the action. There was all sorts of oral action and lots of fucking. I was able to finger B's hot pussy until she poured hot fluid all over the bed. She mentioned to me the next night that J was asking her over and over how I was able to have her do that. Well, J, next time we all hook up, I'll pass on the trick to you. ;)

After we each had a turn with our new partner, we all found our real partners and went at it again. While I was pounding into Danni, B started rubbing my balls, which always gets me off fast. It wasn't exactly tea bagging, but felt just like it. Thanks B!!!

Once we all were spent, J and B said goodnight. I lay back on the bed and found that there was no dry spot on the entire bed. Normally we get two double beds and push them together, which gives us more room and usually Danni will squirt all over just one of the beds, and we have the other one to actually sleep on. Well Danni somehow was able to sleep, but I must move around in my sleep too much, cause I kept waking up all night long as I rolled into another puddle. Geez!!!

Well, we got up around noon, and eventually made it to Hooters for lunch. We had planned to go to the movies, but I was so spent for lack of sleep that we went back to the hotel. It took no effort for me to take a nap, and 4 hours later, I was ready to go.

We headed down to the Saturday night party. The theme was "Sports Jersey Night" but damn, the girls in my school never looked so sexy.

We had a few drinks, and talked to tons of couples, both old friends and new hotties. Danni was working the room, as she always does, and I'd often turn around to find Danni kissing with some sexy little vixen. Half the time, I had no idea where she found them from.

At midnight, again the party went upstairs. We were determined to actually stay out in the hallway for a little while this time. We drank in the hall, mingled, and eventually made our way to the "hospitality room". When VAF first moved back to this hotel, the hospitality room also was the place where hot food was prepared, which really made the room useless. Well, that problem has been resolved, and now the room is really meant for "hospitality". We went into the room and noticed a bed in the far end of the suite. We were both pretty horny by the point, so we began making out, and then we got next to the bed and Danni started blowing me. She then jumped on the bed and spread her legs and stood at the end of the bed and fucked her slowly as others were able to watch. After a little more oral for the crowd to enjoy, we decided to cruise the hall.

We walked around for maybe five minutes when Danni announced to all within ear shot that she was ready to fuck. Two couples that we were talking to, including J and V (who we talked and flirted with a lot in the bar the last two nights) invited us into their room, and soon we were all naked.

This was the very first time that we ever played in a room other than ours at a party. First. We always host, not really sure why, but it seemed a bit odd at first to be playing in a room other than ours.

Well, the six way began, and no one was shy. Girls were sucking cock, sometimes two at a time. Girls were fucking and being fucked. At one point, the three guys all laid on the bed, with our heads all near each other in the center of the bed, our feet hung off the beds (imagine a clock with three hands, one at 12, 4 and 8. Each girl took a guy and sat on his face so that all three girls were on their knees and kissing and groping each other.

I made the suggestions that the girls "rotate", meaning that the girls hop onto a different face. Well Danni took my suggestion a different way, and flipped around and started 69ing J. We all got a good laugh and went back to the fucking, sucking and cumming. Danni squirted, of course, numerous times, and the girls were all proud as to how they could make her squirt so much. All I was thinking was that I was going to have a dry place to sleep for once, lol.

We finally wrapped things up, kissed everyone goodnight and goodbye and roamed through the hallway to our room. The partiers left in the hall got to see a naked Danni and a disheveled B with our just fucked hair and demeanor.

We made it out of the hotel just under the checkout deadline and smiled and laughed the whole drive home.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Thanks for the Bisexual Poll Update Offerings!

Kisses to Wilma from for sharing her additions to my Poll! And for showing me the way to Technorati for blog tags for searches! Awesome!

Here are Wilma's additional Levels and Definitions:

Bi-Chicken: the girl that puts on a good show face, gets the girl to the room, but chickens out at the last minute. .."all talk, no action"... how I have experienced this: it was her first experience; she talked a good game, was really into it; but when I was ready to go down, she backed out and said she didn't like girls.

Bi-by-Reputation: when girlfriends talk about this one girl that you must experience, even if you are not attracted to other women... so, this girl has just that one experience with this woman.

Bi-No Swap: when you only fuck your guy and do not seek out any other male companionship, but love to fuck women.

Observations from the VA Friends Swingers Party

by Danni, the bi-fem 1/2

After a great *fucking* weekend at VA Friends, here are some random thoughts I had....

* Doing a lot of reverse cowgirl this weekend, I noticed that some guys curl their toes when I ride them. Funny that I never noticed that before.

* I was told by a newly single bi-female that some couples are not interested in a single female. WHAT???!!! What the hell is wrong with THAT picture?

* Seeing the bottom of a woman's breasts in a revealing shirt (in person and not in porn LOL) is a rare sight. B told me to show off the bottoms of my perfectly natural C's and he was right. Never knew B was a fashion maven or maybe he was just "being a guy".

* I reflected on the many levels of swingers and the many levels of bisexuality in girls (see my post of 9/25/05 and, girls be sure to take the poll!)

* I need to work-out certain parts of my body more at the gym, but how do I tell the gym staff what areas I need to work on without sounding like a total freak?

* Two double beds pushed together is WAY better than a king-size bed...more room to spread out for orgies and neither of us has to sleep in a wet spot. (B says that's an understatement, since he didn't sleep Friday night....we're not talking cum stains here, we're talking the bed was completely soaked from my squirting. Thanks B&J!)

* We're not the only ones handing out cards now at swinger parties. We actually borrowed the idea from L&L; they were the first ones to hand us a card with contact info. Great idea! We're just "paying it forward" to others! Thanks to all who gave us cards this weekend. And shame on you (who we fucked) that didn't give us cards; I can be terrible at remembering names! LOL

* Every guy who is part of a couple in the lifestyle is a very lucky man, indeed. Life is good!

* Hooters outfits are HOTTTT! We try to eat at Hooters whenever possible, and it's not for the food.

* It's hard running a swingers club and I give "props" to the staff of VAF for the awesome job they do. I couldn't do it, I like to "play" too much. Being "staff" puts swinging in the category of work, and I want to keep my hobby (aka lifestyle) as just that...I work enough during the week at my paying job. Kudos VAF Staff!

I'm sure B will post the weekend's play-by-play (or is that blow-by-blow).

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Women: Bisexual, Bi-Curious, Bi-what-are-you?

Guys and Gals, Read this and the Ladies should then take my New Poll in the right-hand sidebar!

by Danni, the Bisexual Female 1/2 of Danni654

P.S. this is all very tongue-in-cheek, or should I say "tongue-in-pussy", and in no way meant to judge you or others! It's just the facts-of-life! And, it's all good! LOL

Let's set the record straight (aka str8) on Female Bisexuality (aka bi-). I firmly believe that all women are bi-sexual, and I do mean ALL women! Some women just choose to (a) not admit it or (b) not recognize it whether due to societal mores, their upbringing, thier inhibitions, whatever. I've met so many different women since entering the Lifestyle, and each one is unique in their own special way. And, oddly enough, despite the limitations of "sexual preference" labels on most sites such as AFF, SLS, etc., there are as many different levels of Bisexuality in the women we meet.

These are my definitions of Female Bisexuality. Which one are you? 'Fess up! (Ladies, please take the Poll in the right-hand sidebar!)

A woman who fucks men but also...

Bi-Sexual: a true bi-sexual woman in the purest form who carries on relationships with one or more men and one or more women, either exclusively or concurrently. (Remember Anne Heche, who was Ellen DeGeneres' g/f and then left her to marry a man?)

Bi-Sexual Swinger (Hard Swap): attracted to and actively seeks out and enjoys other women for sexual pleasure to include her male 1/2, both giving and receiving, including, but not limited to, oral sex, penetration with fingers, toys, etc. Bottom line, she fucks guys AND girls AND together.....this is ME (especially if I get to fuck them at the same time and in groups)! Love it or leave it! I get to fuck 100% of the people in the room. And, my guy gets to fuck the female portion of the room.

Bi-Sexual Swinger (Soft Swap): ...same as Bi-Sexual Swinger (Hard Swap) except... Bottom line, she fucks girls and "plays" with guys. Some women at this level will play with girls alone or allow her male 1/2 to watch and/or participate in some way, shape, or form, but no intercourse with another male.

Bi-Sexual, Girls Only: ...same as Bi-Sexual Swinger (Soft Swap) except... Women at this level will play with girls alone or allow her male 1/2 to watch, but not participate.

Bi-Curious: attracted to, "curious" about and may seek out and enjoy other women for sexual pleasure, both giving and receiving, including SOME, but not limited to, oral sex, penetration with fingers, toys, etc. Bottom line, she fucks guys and MAY fuck other girls. She may not always admit that she enjoys encounters with other women, but deep-down she does! These girls tend to require another girl at their own level OR a Bi-sexual girl who is aggressive, attractive (in their eyes), their male 1/2 is attracted to, they've had enough drinks and feeling sexy, whatever. I find most girls fall into this level and that this level has the widest swing (for lack of a better term) of varying degrees of girl's sexual appetites.

Bi-Selective: ...same as Bi-Curious somewhat attracted to and selectively seeks out and may enjoy other women for sexual pleasure, especially receiving. Bottom line, she fucks guys AND may fuck other girls if all the stars are aligned in their proper order.

Bi-Social (aka Bi-Comfortable): ...same as Bi-Curious except... Bottom line, she fucks guys AND may fuck other girls (usually they fuck her!) in the right atmosphere. This girl only gets her bi- game on for parties or social situations and in any other circumstance would deny she had a bi- bone in her body.

Bi-Submissive: ...same as Bi-Curious somewhat attracted to, yet does not seek out, other women for sexual pleasure, especially receiving. Bottom line, she fucks guys AND may fuck other girls (usually they fuck her!) in the right atmosphere. This girl lays back, spreads her legs and closes her eyes and "allows" another women to "do" her but generally does not reciprocate.

Bi-for Her Guy: not really attracted to other women for sexual pleasure but does so solely to accommodate her guy, whether by his direct coersion or subtle innuendo. You know the type: the girl who tries to please her guy because he either makes her feel attractive or sexy only in the context of "I think it would be hot to see you with another girl" or "I need to fuck other women, so go get us one." Or, in some cases, this girl may be doing what she can to save her marriage/relationship, however misguided and falsethat assumption is! This is the bi-girl that I have the least respect for (sorry) because she really has no respect for herself. Thankfully, we've met very few girls like this and when we do, we run in the other direction...a couple who is totally guy-directed just turns me off.

Bi-when Drunk: not really attracted to other women for sexual pleasure unless shit-faced with alcohol. The amount of drunkedness varies with the girl. Some girls need just a few drinks. I believe it has nothing to do with their alcohol tolerance but more on their true level of bisexuality and their personal beliefs. Huh? These girls really think bi- is "wrong" and the alcohol gives them an "excuse" for enjoying it. I can think of one girl in particular that I would have labeled Bi-Drunk. She enjoyed her first full girl-on-girl action with me and, damn, she ate a mean pussy, too! Who cared if she was drunk!

Bi-for Pay: willing to have sex with other women for money. Kinda of a no-brainer, huh?

Bi-Bait and Switch (aka Bi-BS): ...may or may not be attracted to and actively seeks out other women for "sexual teasing", especially in a party setting but is only willing to receive sexual pleasure from another woman, not to give. This may include, but is not limited to, oral sex, penetration with fingers, toys, etc. Bottom line, she fucks guys AND allows girls to pleasure her.....this is similar to bait-and-switch advertising, whereby you think you've bought one thing but you really got something else altogether. This girl really "plays" with girls to allow her male 1/2 to watch and/or participate in some way, shape, or form. Bottom line, this girl has no intention of eating pussy, but she's happy to procure a girl for her guy to fuck and another guy for herself to fuck. (Luckily, we've only met one couple with a female who was Bi-BS.)

Bi-Pretender: really not bi- at all, but can put on a good show for her male 1/2 to get him aroused. This girl only fucks guys but knows how to "work" the room, especially the girls, to get him going! She has no intention of playing with girls OR other guys.

Bi-but Guy-Focused: ...same as Bi-Pretender except... This girl only fucks guys and knows how to "work" the room, especially the girls, to get the guys going! She has no intention of playing with girls BUT definitely other guys. She may allow limited girl-on-girl contact when the party moves to the bedroom, but she is truly focused on fucking the guys.

Bi-Former Lesbian: (or has been) a Lesbian and is very attracted to and actively seeks out and enjoys other women for sexual pleasure and would like to try men out, too, both giving and receiving. Bottom line, she fucks girls AND is interested in girls AND guys together. Our very first three-way was with a very special lady who falls in this category. Damn, we're glad she decided to try us out! We'd met and played with other BFLs but S (aka L) was the best ever.

and then there's...Men. You know "Men", will usually fuck anything, anytime at anyplace and only women. Ah, Men.

If you think I've missed a category, be sure to email me at and I will amend my Poll to include your Bi-Category.

xoxo, Danni

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Golfing Style = Sex Personality

by Danni (the bi-fem 1/2)

Yes, I'm a golfer. I admit it. But our wonderfully, decadent sex life has just gotten in the way of my golf game. My career low 14 Handicap is no more. or swing party? What's your pleasure? I know my choice!

Well, the other day I happened upon an interesting golf theory: those who fade or slice their shots are likely to be wankers (aka masturbators); those who draw or hook their balls are control-freaks and repressed and not likely to indulge (but are probably into S & M).

Since about 80 percent of golfers fade or slice, that means a golf course would be a great place to advertise our blog...and swinger parties. The only problem is getting approval from the uptight golf course managers who never want to have anything to do with we "swingers"...for fear that it might alienate the uptight Christian Conservative golfers.

I only agree with part of the theory on those who draw or hook the ball. Drawing the ball is my golf style. Yes, I am definitely a control freak...No, definitely not repressed...and only into light S & M! LOL

xoxo, Danni

Monday, September 19, 2005

Uh-oh, I thought it was Fetish Night!

by, Danni

LOL....ok, so my idea if the perfect "Ho" to my B's Hugh Hefner "Pimp" outfit was to wear my fetish leather gear, complete with collar and leash. I know, not your typical "Ho"-ishness. But so empowering!

Well, it was a quiet night at MAC this past Saturday. Maybe everyone is waiting to go to VA Friends next weekend for the Back To School College "Kegger" Party.

So nice that we don't have the limitations on our free private time as some couples kids at home and can come (or is it cum?) and go as we please. We'll be at VAF Fri and Sat 9/23-24. The After Party Orgy will be in our room as usual. If you're interested, give us a shout now at or IM us on yahoo (see if we're online in the right-hand sidebar).

We love to party...the more, the merrier!

But once the door is shut on the Orgy Room,
the DO NOT DISTURB sign is out!

xoxo, Danni

Saturday, September 17, 2005

MAC Tonight

We're off to MAC tonight. It's the Pimp and Hooker Ball. Danni will be in her black leather outfit with matching leash and boots. I'll be there in my Hugh Hefner look, silk pajamas and robe. When you see us, please come up and say hi if we don't see you. We're soooooo ready for a wild night. Orgy anyone?

BTW, that's my Danni in the middle of these three hotties.

xoxo, B

Sunday, September 11, 2005

HWP = Height / Weight Proportionate

These two pics are an example of what is NOT Height / Weight Proportionate. Just in case you weren't sure what that means when you read it on a profile. We appreciate that people come in all shapes and sizes, but even (or especially) as swingers, we DO need to be attracted to others to play. With that said, we are NOT snobs, nor do we require "Ken and Barbie", but come on...this isn't even attractive in the dark.

This is an example if what is HWP. XXOOXX...thanks for letting me vent!

P.S. I'm the one on top! That's D of D&M eating me like a pro! Yummy girl!!!

Read my blog.

by Danni, the bi-fem 1/2 of this couple
We could bore you with details of our hot (daily) sex life...
little things like playing "Roman Baths"...yes, showering together...slathering each other with scented body washes...touching each other in our most intimate places...sucking and stroking and groping...doing nasty things to B makes my pussy dripping, slippery wet and not from the shower water...

OR after the shower...
playing "All Tied Up"...hmmm...I love to tie up B to the ironbed with straps and wrap one around his neck...the more restrained he is, the harder his cock gets. This week I went "over-the-top" and even tied his legs up in the air by the ankles...and used our dual vibrating bullets. One for him and one for me. (Yes, I AM a bit anal. LOL) There's really nothing like sliding up and down on B's cock...slowly, then harder and harder... while our asses our vibrating wildly inside...and he's restrained, not able to move anything.

Being in control and moving his hard cock inside me in just the right spot. Of course, poor B gets splashed madly all over when I cum...squirting ...omigod...what feels like a bucket-full! Needless to say, the bedsheets had to be hung up to dry and the fans turned on so we had a dry place to sleep that night.

Oh, as for our planned House Party this week...between flu, couples breaking up, babysitter issues, unexpected trips out-of-town, Hurricane Katrina and schedule changes, B and I enjoyed the aforementioned "play" all on our own. We can have Sex Parties without another soul in the house!

So, for those who missed out...we'll be at MAC on Saturday Sept 17 and at VA Friends on Fri-Sat Sept 23-24. Give us a shout!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Happy Birthday to Danni!

Our Danni will be celebrating her birthday this our House
Party this Friday Sept 9th, at MAC next Saturday 9/17 and at VA Friends the next weekend Fri-Sat 9/23-24...remember girls: Danni luvs her girl-on-girl time so plan a special surprise for her! {wink}