Monday, September 26, 2005

Observations from the VA Friends Swingers Party

by Danni, the bi-fem 1/2

After a great *fucking* weekend at VA Friends, here are some random thoughts I had....

* Doing a lot of reverse cowgirl this weekend, I noticed that some guys curl their toes when I ride them. Funny that I never noticed that before.

* I was told by a newly single bi-female that some couples are not interested in a single female. WHAT???!!! What the hell is wrong with THAT picture?

* Seeing the bottom of a woman's breasts in a revealing shirt (in person and not in porn LOL) is a rare sight. B told me to show off the bottoms of my perfectly natural C's and he was right. Never knew B was a fashion maven or maybe he was just "being a guy".

* I reflected on the many levels of swingers and the many levels of bisexuality in girls (see my post of 9/25/05 and, girls be sure to take the poll!)

* I need to work-out certain parts of my body more at the gym, but how do I tell the gym staff what areas I need to work on without sounding like a total freak?

* Two double beds pushed together is WAY better than a king-size bed...more room to spread out for orgies and neither of us has to sleep in a wet spot. (B says that's an understatement, since he didn't sleep Friday night....we're not talking cum stains here, we're talking the bed was completely soaked from my squirting. Thanks B&J!)

* We're not the only ones handing out cards now at swinger parties. We actually borrowed the idea from L&L; they were the first ones to hand us a card with contact info. Great idea! We're just "paying it forward" to others! Thanks to all who gave us cards this weekend. And shame on you (who we fucked) that didn't give us cards; I can be terrible at remembering names! LOL

* Every guy who is part of a couple in the lifestyle is a very lucky man, indeed. Life is good!

* Hooters outfits are HOTTTT! We try to eat at Hooters whenever possible, and it's not for the food.

* It's hard running a swingers club and I give "props" to the staff of VAF for the awesome job they do. I couldn't do it, I like to "play" too much. Being "staff" puts swinging in the category of work, and I want to keep my hobby (aka lifestyle) as just that...I work enough during the week at my paying job. Kudos VAF Staff!

I'm sure B will post the weekend's play-by-play (or is that blow-by-blow).

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