Wednesday, September 28, 2005

VAF Play by Play

OK, Danni claims that I haven't posted in a while, and that's probably true, but she's been so creative that I figured I could wait until our next wild adventure.

So now's the time to write.

We were at Virginia Friends this weekend. The crowd was smaller than most months, maybe 40 couples on Friday night and around 70 couples on Saturday. But, while the number may have been a bit smaller, the couples on both nights were great, and there was an energy throughout the party.

On Friday night, most of the couples stayed in the bar area, which is brighter, but much easier to talk than near the dance floor. We'd missed the last two parties, so it was nice meeting up with some old friends. But just as exciting was meeting a lot of new couples. Danni was very popular, wearing a tight little Hooters shirt that revealed the bottom half of her wonderful breasts (here she is, yummy).

We ended up talking with J and B quite a bit at the end of the night, and when the bar closed down, the party moved upstairs. We didn't take much time at all to have the four of us go back to our room. The girls (Danni & B) were playing in the doorway, and quickly the clothes were dropping like flies in front of a very excited audience.

We ended up closing the door and hoping in bed. The girls got things started, but it didn't take long for J and I to get involved in the action. There was all sorts of oral action and lots of fucking. I was able to finger B's hot pussy until she poured hot fluid all over the bed. She mentioned to me the next night that J was asking her over and over how I was able to have her do that. Well, J, next time we all hook up, I'll pass on the trick to you. ;)

After we each had a turn with our new partner, we all found our real partners and went at it again. While I was pounding into Danni, B started rubbing my balls, which always gets me off fast. It wasn't exactly tea bagging, but felt just like it. Thanks B!!!

Once we all were spent, J and B said goodnight. I lay back on the bed and found that there was no dry spot on the entire bed. Normally we get two double beds and push them together, which gives us more room and usually Danni will squirt all over just one of the beds, and we have the other one to actually sleep on. Well Danni somehow was able to sleep, but I must move around in my sleep too much, cause I kept waking up all night long as I rolled into another puddle. Geez!!!

Well, we got up around noon, and eventually made it to Hooters for lunch. We had planned to go to the movies, but I was so spent for lack of sleep that we went back to the hotel. It took no effort for me to take a nap, and 4 hours later, I was ready to go.

We headed down to the Saturday night party. The theme was "Sports Jersey Night" but damn, the girls in my school never looked so sexy.

We had a few drinks, and talked to tons of couples, both old friends and new hotties. Danni was working the room, as she always does, and I'd often turn around to find Danni kissing with some sexy little vixen. Half the time, I had no idea where she found them from.

At midnight, again the party went upstairs. We were determined to actually stay out in the hallway for a little while this time. We drank in the hall, mingled, and eventually made our way to the "hospitality room". When VAF first moved back to this hotel, the hospitality room also was the place where hot food was prepared, which really made the room useless. Well, that problem has been resolved, and now the room is really meant for "hospitality". We went into the room and noticed a bed in the far end of the suite. We were both pretty horny by the point, so we began making out, and then we got next to the bed and Danni started blowing me. She then jumped on the bed and spread her legs and stood at the end of the bed and fucked her slowly as others were able to watch. After a little more oral for the crowd to enjoy, we decided to cruise the hall.

We walked around for maybe five minutes when Danni announced to all within ear shot that she was ready to fuck. Two couples that we were talking to, including J and V (who we talked and flirted with a lot in the bar the last two nights) invited us into their room, and soon we were all naked.

This was the very first time that we ever played in a room other than ours at a party. First. We always host, not really sure why, but it seemed a bit odd at first to be playing in a room other than ours.

Well, the six way began, and no one was shy. Girls were sucking cock, sometimes two at a time. Girls were fucking and being fucked. At one point, the three guys all laid on the bed, with our heads all near each other in the center of the bed, our feet hung off the beds (imagine a clock with three hands, one at 12, 4 and 8. Each girl took a guy and sat on his face so that all three girls were on their knees and kissing and groping each other.

I made the suggestions that the girls "rotate", meaning that the girls hop onto a different face. Well Danni took my suggestion a different way, and flipped around and started 69ing J. We all got a good laugh and went back to the fucking, sucking and cumming. Danni squirted, of course, numerous times, and the girls were all proud as to how they could make her squirt so much. All I was thinking was that I was going to have a dry place to sleep for once, lol.

We finally wrapped things up, kissed everyone goodnight and goodbye and roamed through the hallway to our room. The partiers left in the hall got to see a naked Danni and a disheveled B with our just fucked hair and demeanor.

We made it out of the hotel just under the checkout deadline and smiled and laughed the whole drive home.

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