Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Happy Birthday to Danni!

Our Danni will be celebrating her birthday this month...at our House
Party this Friday Sept 9th, at MAC next Saturday 9/17 and at VA Friends the next weekend Fri-Sat 9/23-24...remember girls: Danni luvs her girl-on-girl time so plan a special surprise for her! {wink}


D of D and M said...

Hey sexy, at Mac be sure to have some Mac dollars on you as well...You might need it to get out of Jail!!!!!!See you then ...xoxo

mr. & mrs. said...

Wish we could come up for the festivities!

Happy Birthday, M!


mr. & mrs. said...

Oh, dumb oversite that I thought was done already. I am now adding you to our blogroll... sorry!


Cat said...

Sounds like you'll all have loads of fun!