Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Desire Cancun LT&T Takeover – an eight part series, Part Two

Sat night was slated as "Casual Night". So, we took it easy all day and got acquainted with the land...and the water. We checked out the ocean (ok, one dip in the Gulf of Mexico and we were done LOL).

...and then moved on to the pool, which is the centerpiece of the resort. This was definitely the place to meet...and check out the "meat"...and there was plenty to go around...on a daily basis.

Lots of naked people everywhere. Some, of course, we wish weren't naked. But, sometimes one has to take the good with the bad. LOL We really tried to get used to the whole nudist thing, but we both agreed that sometimes the hint of nakedness, the "tease", are way sexier than letting it all hang out. Danni exclaimed on more than one occasion that she thought watching naked men walk around wasn't very enticing, unless they've got a hard-on.

We eventually moved to the upstairs jacuzzi which overlooked the pool. We couldn't help but notice from our vantage point by the pool that come mid-afternoon/early evening, people seemed to leave the pool area and head upstairs. Based on this, we became "lemmings" (slang term often used to denote those who mindlessly follow the crowd, even if destruction is the result). Well, let the destruction ensue...

We met lots of people here, including some we'd chatted with online prior to our Desire trip. It was great to be able to just wade up to the bar and order a drink! Danni also had some girl fun in the jacuzzi. A local non-lifestyle couple from Chihuahua MX had wandered in for an overnight at Desire. After some conversation, we found out that Hector had brought Rosalie to a nudist resort to make her feel more comfortable about her body.

And, my Danni did her best to make Rosalie feel good! (Now, remember, we are of the opinion that all women are bisexual on some level whether they admit it or not.) Danni leaned in and lightly kissed Rosalie's lips, then caressed Rosalie's dark nipples with her fingertips. Danni's fingers continued down Rosalie's stomach, disappearing under the water. Their kisses became more fevered, and Rosalie returned them with relish. Danni nuzzled Rosalie's neck and nibbled her ear lobes.

Rosalie arched her back and let out several gutteral moans. Danni had been fingering Rosalie's clit and pussy intently to bring Rosalie to orgasm while Hector looked on and held her tightly. Danni reached out and pulled Hector towards them, enjoying a 3-way kiss. Well, they certainly have some interesting stories about their overnight at a "nudist resort"!

After hours in the jacuzzi, Danni and I stumbled to our room and cleaned up for the evening. We enjoyed dinner for two in the International Buffet (have we mentioned yet how good the food is at Desire?). Hoping to repeat our earlier jacuzzi fun, we headed back upstairs after dinner. It was a quiet evening (we found out later that we were just too early) so we decided to have sex with each other on one of the canopied beds in the jacuzzi area. It was wonderful looking up at the stars together. Well, actually we took turns looking at the stars, since we took turns as to who was one top when. LOL

Sunday took us back to poolside. We met some very cool people, especially a couple we dubbed Metal Man and Jiggy. You'll understand their names in a future posting! Jiggy pronounced that she was only bi-comfortable, but knew that we would be interested in another couple who she intro'ed us to, GoodBiLovin and her guy from Big Sky Country, Montana. Well, Danni and GoodBi took to each other like, well, two BI girls. They flirted and felt each other up all afternoon.

Sunday night's theme was Leather & Lace. It was the first night that we made it to the Disco when everyone else did. The Activitie's staff, lead by Enrique, emceed the contest..."HOTTTest Kiss". Well, GoodBiLovin and Danni did their own thing while the contest went on and on. Their kiss also brought our first hook-up of Desire with GoodBiLovin and her guy. We finally had a chance to enjoy the playroom behind the dance floor at the Disco. It's hard to keep those bi-girls apart!

Stayed tuned for more about Sunday night's adventures.......... ;)

Monday, October 30, 2006

Desire Cancun LT&T Takeover – an eight part series, Part One

Here it is at last...all about the Desire Cancun LT&T Takeover for October 2006 – in an eight part series.

Part One – An introduction to Desire, Cancun
Parts Two through Seven – Desire Adventures (all hot and sexy)
Part Eight – Our summary and review of Desire (and desires) in Cancun

Part One – An Introduction to Desire Cancun

Our trip to Cancun had been two years in the making. We planned to go during the same week last year, but Hurricane Wilma came through, wiping out Cancun, and moving our trip to Las Vegas. This year, we had clear weather the whole way, so we it was clear sailing.

We stayed over in a hotel near Dulles airport Thursday night, October 19. Danni had dinner with our friend, ICLCW, earlier in the evening, and I caught up with Danni at the hotel later that evening. We got into bed early, had some quickie (for us) sex and were asleep before 10 as we had a 3:30am wake-up call.

Our flight left Dulles at 6:30 am, and we had a long layover in Miami before arriving in Cancun around 1:30pm. While the lines were long, we had no issues with getting through customs and were quickly found by our transit driver and shown to our van. Two couples were already in the van, apparently waiting for quite a while..and enjoying their Coronas.

Travelers Tip – we would NOT recommend buying ground transportation in advance. Our prepaid van was $55 round trip and a cab was only $28 one way. The $1 savings certainly was not worth the risk of long delays and taxis allow for much more flexibility when returning to the airport. You’ll have no problems getting cabs to or from Desire. They're like vultures waiting just outside the gate! LOL

The ride was about a half hour to the resort. We unloaded and checked in. We were given ID bands that had to be worn around your wrist or ankle during our entire stay. We were told that if we lost a band, it would cost $50 to replace. We opted to wear the bands around our ankles, and they were soon forgotten.

A bellman took our bags and showed us to our room. We had booked an “Ocean View” room, which was one of the lower priced options. Our “Ocean View” was completely obstructed by the roof of a large gathering “hut”, but since we figured that we weren't going to be in the room much, we really never worried about it.

By the time we got settled in, unpacked and freshened up for dinner, it was close to dark. We walked about a little, just trying to get the lay of the land (pun intended). Most of the takeover members were coming in tomorrow (Saturday), so things seemed very quiet. We found the disco and adjoining playroom all quiet, as well as the upstairs Jacuzzi area. At least, Danni welcomed me to Cancun with a Buenos Dias blowjob!

Dinner was outside by the pool, and we enjoyed the wonderful food options. It had been a long day of travel, so by 11pm, we called it a night.

We awoke late on Saturday (a typical vacation occurrence for us, lol) and...

...to be continued...

Thursday, October 19, 2006

We're on our trip to Desire in Cancun....cya soon!

We'll be at Desire in Cancun for the LT&T Takeover! Be back soon....hopefully, with some new HOTTT stories of fun and fucking!

xoxo, Danni and B

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Just a short "we love pussy" post...

We both love pussy, we can't deny it. While B loves any and all pussy, I (Danni) am a pussy snob.

I love the taste of pussy, the feel of pussy, the touch of pussy. I love to flick my tongue along those pretty pussy lips, from clit to asshole. I love to munch on the clit, suck on the lips, and then ram my tongue deep into that ready pussy. I love to rub my face, especially my chin, on pussy, paying special attention to the clit...which, when it's excited and engorged, I just love to give 'em some hard rubbing. (Why do you think girls love my Hitachi wand or DI vibe?)

I love to do to pussy what I love to have done to my own pussy.

So girls, take good care of that pussy! As I've said before, taste it yourself. If you wouldn't lick it, why should anyone else?

Because of all the things I like to do with pussy, I love bald pussy. I say "bald" instead of shaved because waxing works well, too. And, laser hair removal works even better. I am in the process of having a brazilian lasering done; just 4 more treatments to go, and I'll be "bald" for life. Not just bald, but as smooth as when I was 11 years old.

I don't mind admitting that I love bald! A small "landing strip" is ok, but, girls, just be sure to keep it far enough away from the pussy so that hair doesn't get up anyone's nose.

You know, guys won't say anything to girls. Hell, they're just happy to be getting some! Girls have to be honest with girls, though. I know some people say they prefer hairy bushes, but I'm not sure why. Is it to keep the twat warm in winter? Is she sitting on lots of park benches, etc. bare-assed and needs the extra protection? Is she going for some rural Eastern European look? If you're afraid to shave, try waxing or laser hair removal. It works great! And makes the pussy eatin' that much better.

And, I'll say the same for guys. Bald is beautiful! BJs are much better without having to deal with any hair. If you have another preference or agree with me, let me know!

If you're trying to get your significant other to do some man- or woman-scaping, then let them read (and see) this:

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Meet & Greet anyone?

Great news! We've checked our schedules and have been able to carve out two Sat nites for Meet & Greets in a local bar/club in November!!! LOL...BTW, be sure to join our VA House Party group on SwingLifeStyle (get a FREE profile if you don't have one). To find us on SLS...after you join, click on "Groups", then "VA", then "Social" under Clubs & Groups.

Let us know if you're interested. We're danni654 on SLS.

Get to know others interested in House Parties. Looking for HWP real people, fun, full swap play, str8 guys and bi-girls, no drama, no endless games and chatter. Meet others on the "same page" so that our adventures in the Lifestyle are always a SUCK-SESS! READ our profile. READ our blog (just use the search feature for "House Party") to learn if we may be for you. RSVP for our Shenandoah Valley Meet & Greets. Details will follow via email.

xoxo, Danni (and B) danni654also@yahoo.com

P.S. We're working on winter dates for House Parties now, so stay tuned!

P.S.S. B and I had another HOTTT 3-way with a NEWBIE bi-curious single female. B is working on his post. Sorry, we were too busy to take pics...

Monday, October 09, 2006

Thanksgiving Dinner House Party

Yes, B and I are looking forward to entertaining our Thanksgiving Dinner. We have an Insatiable Cum-Loving Cock Whore coming to be our "dinner". We're thinking of having her Nyotaimori (aka Naked Body Sushi) style! Hmmm...we may keep her all weekend and smear her with pumpkin pie and whipped cream. Stay tuned...

Prom Revisited in Pictoral-Thanks to Lucky Bastard

Many thanks to Lucky Bastard and his gorgeous wifey, the Slickster, for some wonderful photos at the VA Friends Prom Social in September.

xoxo, Danni

P.S. Be sure to check out their new video, Slick Vision, too! Luv the new pics on her site, yum!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Aerosmith Concert at Nissan Pavilion - - After Party 5-Way!

Notice the arrow on Steven Tyler's pants; like Danni needed "directions"....

Regular readers of this blog know that Danni is a serious Aerosmith whore, and after seeing them up close and personal, we both knew that she was going to be on a sexual rampage. Fortunately, my honey had been working OT on setting up a fun After Party.

Danni used her pink pussy hat as the "signal" so people could find us...at the concert and afterward.

We got to Pizzeria Uno late, around 11:30, not realizing that they would be closing at midnight. We grabbed a drink at the bar and within a few minutes Dee and Di showed up. They are a sexy latina couple. Di has a great smile, wonderful body, and while she appears quiet and conservative on the outside, wow, we learned about a much different Di later in the evening.

We took our drinks to a table and within a few minutes Lee showed up. The original plan was to have Lee and her husband meet us out. They had some sitter issues, but agreed that Lee would still come out to meet us. Apparently he had told Lee about this very blog and thought she would enjoy meeting us. Lee is our first "single wife", as we called her. Usually the single women we meet are unattached, but Lee was the first one that we hooked up with that is happily married and he knew that she was going out to meet us (and even though he KNEW all about us, lol).

For this courageous and VERY sexxxy "leap of faith", we award Lee with the first-ever....

We had a single drink and let the Uno staff close up the place, and we headed across the street to our hotel.

Once there, we all share some shooters and mixed drinks. Dee and Di had brought a bottle of wine, but none of us thought about bringing a corkscrew. Only one kind of screwing had been on our minds.

Lee and Danni began things off by kissing each other senuously. They were clearly enjoying each other, using their tongues and their hands to explore each other. This was such a turn-on that I had to start with Di. As Lee and Danni were undressing each other, I began undressing Di, unbuttoning her blouse, unzipping her pants and Dee helped me as we removed her bra and panties, revealing her sexy, tight body.

At this point, Danni and Lee were completely naked, so all five of us moved to the bed. I was positioned next to Lee and began kissing her sexy body. I moved from her breasts to her stomach to her legs. I spread her legs and began to lick her tasty pussy and she grabbed me and began to expertly suck on my cock.

I flipped her on top of me as we continued to 69 each other. I was tongue fucking her as I felt her thighs tighten, her moans grow louder and then she began to spasm with her orgasm. Her soaked pussy tasted so nice as her body writhed on top of me.

Lee then lowered herself onto my cock, and I watched her sexy little body as she road me. Damn did she feel great. After a while, I got on top of her and continued to fuck her. I then flipped her over for some doggie style. I tried to hold back, but couldn't hold out, as her tight cunt milked the cum out of me.

Lee was so fucking sexy that my recovery time was almost instantaneous. We were kissing and touching and eating each other more, when Lee asked if we could fuck again. She was nice enough to ask if she was hogging me, but I told her that I LOVED being hogged by her, and hogging her in return.

During our "hogging" of each other, Danni was being kept very busy with Dee and Di. The girls were spending some great quality time eating each other and taking turns pleasing Dee. Danni had been slurping away at Di's pussy while Dee ate her from behind. Di finally pushed Danni back onto the bed, so she could have a turn at "my favorite pussy in the world". After what seemed a very long time, Dee snuck in for his turn expertly licking and fingering Danni's pussy. Danni beckoned to Di, and she complied by kneeling over Danni's face and lowering her cunt within tongue's length of Danni's waiting mouth. Dee took this opportunity to fuck Danni in a new position that she had not tried:

Danni had to ask later what that position was, 'cuz she could only feel, not seeing anything since Di's cunt was grinding against her face the entire time. LOL

While Lee was again riding me, fucking me hard and having some more orgasms, Dee and Di were laying next to us on the bed fucking. Danni was clearly turned on as she now was standing next to the bed, using the Hitachi Wand on herself. Within a few short minutes, Danni squirted all over the floor as she watched all of this hot fucking. Noticeably weakened in the legs from her orgasm, Danni laid next to Lee and I as Lee came again and slipped off my cock to rest.

Danni needed some more fucking, so she took a turn getting on my cock. While we were fucking, Lee was rubbing my balls. Danni suggested that she suck and lick on my balls as we fucked, and she was so gratious to fulfill the request. She learned the term for this is "teabagging". Guys, it really is a great feeling to have a sexy woman fuck you while another sexy woman is sucking your balls, and a third sexy woman is laying next to you being fucked hard.

Lee went from sucking my balls to holding onto my balls and the base of my cock and took my package to fuck Danni hard. Well, while this was the second time, I was no match for the Danni/Lee sex package, and blew my load deep into Danni's VERY wet (remember previous squirting!) cunt.

We hated to have the evening end, but Lee, Dee and Di all had drives ahead of them, and it was already well past 2am. We all kissed goodbye, hoping we'd be able to see all of these sexy people again very soon. Maybe Dee's husband will catch up with us next time!

Boy, did we sleep well!!!

But, then, I awoke with Danni stroking my hard cock...funny how that happens after a Sex Party...

Aerosmith Concert at Nissan Pavilion - - Walk This Way

Ok, here's just a little teasin' from the Concert. We had a helluva time. B is working on the post about the After Party, which resulted in a HOTTT 5-way! Dream on!

backstroke lover always hidin' 'neath the covers
till I talked to your daddy, he say
he said "you ain't seen nothin' till you're down on a muffin
then you're sure to be a-changin' your ways"
I met a cheerleader, was a real young bleeder
oh, the times I could reminisce
'cause the best things of lovin' with her sister and her cousin
only started with a little kiss
like this!

seesaw swingin' with the boys in the school
and your feet flyin' up in the air
singin' "hey diddle diddle"
with your kitty in the middle of the swing
like you didn't care
so I took a big chance at the high school dance
with a missy who was ready to play
wasn't me she was foolin'
'cause she knew what she was doin'
and I knowed love was here to stay
when she told me to

walk this way [8x]
just gimme a kiss
like this!

schoolgirl sweetie with a classy kinda sassy
little skirt's climbin' way up the knee
there was three young ladies in the school gym locker
when I noticed they was lookin' at me
I was a high school loser, never made it with a lady
till the boys told me somethin' I missed
then my next door neighbor with a daughter had a favor
so I gave her just a little kiss
like this!

[repeat second verse, substitute this at the end]
when she told me how to walk this way, she told me to

walk this way [8x]
just gimme a kiss
like this!

Aerosmith Concert at Nissan Pavilion - - Seasons of Wither

Our seats were on the left side of the catwalk, just behind Steven and Joe in this pic from the fan club site! And, yes, Danni would fuck one or both of the boys from Boston, together or separately, although preferring Steven....must be the lips!

Check out this video from the Charlotte concert!

Loose hearted lady
Sleepy was she
Love for the devil
Brought her to me
Seeds of a thousand
Drawn to her sin
Seasons of whither
Holdin me in

Oh woe is me
I feel so badly for you
Oh woe is me
I feel so sadly for you in time
Bound to lose your mind
Live on borrowed time
Take the wind right out of your sails

Fireflies dance in the heat of
Hound dogs bay at the moon
My ship leaves in the midnight
Cant say Ill be back too soon
They awaken
Heat of my candle
Show me the wy
Seeds of a thousand
Drawn to her sin
Seasons of whither
Holdin me in

Oh woe is me
I feel so badly for you
Oh woe is me
I feel so sadly for you in time
Bound to lose your mind
Live on borrowed time
Take the wind right out of your sails