Sunday, October 01, 2006

Aerosmith Concert at Nissan Pavilion - - After Party 5-Way!

Notice the arrow on Steven Tyler's pants; like Danni needed "directions"....

Regular readers of this blog know that Danni is a serious Aerosmith whore, and after seeing them up close and personal, we both knew that she was going to be on a sexual rampage. Fortunately, my honey had been working OT on setting up a fun After Party.

Danni used her pink pussy hat as the "signal" so people could find the concert and afterward.

We got to Pizzeria Uno late, around 11:30, not realizing that they would be closing at midnight. We grabbed a drink at the bar and within a few minutes Dee and Di showed up. They are a sexy latina couple. Di has a great smile, wonderful body, and while she appears quiet and conservative on the outside, wow, we learned about a much different Di later in the evening.

We took our drinks to a table and within a few minutes Lee showed up. The original plan was to have Lee and her husband meet us out. They had some sitter issues, but agreed that Lee would still come out to meet us. Apparently he had told Lee about this very blog and thought she would enjoy meeting us. Lee is our first "single wife", as we called her. Usually the single women we meet are unattached, but Lee was the first one that we hooked up with that is happily married and he knew that she was going out to meet us (and even though he KNEW all about us, lol).

For this courageous and VERY sexxxy "leap of faith", we award Lee with the first-ever....

We had a single drink and let the Uno staff close up the place, and we headed across the street to our hotel.

Once there, we all share some shooters and mixed drinks. Dee and Di had brought a bottle of wine, but none of us thought about bringing a corkscrew. Only one kind of screwing had been on our minds.

Lee and Danni began things off by kissing each other senuously. They were clearly enjoying each other, using their tongues and their hands to explore each other. This was such a turn-on that I had to start with Di. As Lee and Danni were undressing each other, I began undressing Di, unbuttoning her blouse, unzipping her pants and Dee helped me as we removed her bra and panties, revealing her sexy, tight body.

At this point, Danni and Lee were completely naked, so all five of us moved to the bed. I was positioned next to Lee and began kissing her sexy body. I moved from her breasts to her stomach to her legs. I spread her legs and began to lick her tasty pussy and she grabbed me and began to expertly suck on my cock.

I flipped her on top of me as we continued to 69 each other. I was tongue fucking her as I felt her thighs tighten, her moans grow louder and then she began to spasm with her orgasm. Her soaked pussy tasted so nice as her body writhed on top of me.

Lee then lowered herself onto my cock, and I watched her sexy little body as she road me. Damn did she feel great. After a while, I got on top of her and continued to fuck her. I then flipped her over for some doggie style. I tried to hold back, but couldn't hold out, as her tight cunt milked the cum out of me.

Lee was so fucking sexy that my recovery time was almost instantaneous. We were kissing and touching and eating each other more, when Lee asked if we could fuck again. She was nice enough to ask if she was hogging me, but I told her that I LOVED being hogged by her, and hogging her in return.

During our "hogging" of each other, Danni was being kept very busy with Dee and Di. The girls were spending some great quality time eating each other and taking turns pleasing Dee. Danni had been slurping away at Di's pussy while Dee ate her from behind. Di finally pushed Danni back onto the bed, so she could have a turn at "my favorite pussy in the world". After what seemed a very long time, Dee snuck in for his turn expertly licking and fingering Danni's pussy. Danni beckoned to Di, and she complied by kneeling over Danni's face and lowering her cunt within tongue's length of Danni's waiting mouth. Dee took this opportunity to fuck Danni in a new position that she had not tried:

Danni had to ask later what that position was, 'cuz she could only feel, not seeing anything since Di's cunt was grinding against her face the entire time. LOL

While Lee was again riding me, fucking me hard and having some more orgasms, Dee and Di were laying next to us on the bed fucking. Danni was clearly turned on as she now was standing next to the bed, using the Hitachi Wand on herself. Within a few short minutes, Danni squirted all over the floor as she watched all of this hot fucking. Noticeably weakened in the legs from her orgasm, Danni laid next to Lee and I as Lee came again and slipped off my cock to rest.

Danni needed some more fucking, so she took a turn getting on my cock. While we were fucking, Lee was rubbing my balls. Danni suggested that she suck and lick on my balls as we fucked, and she was so gratious to fulfill the request. She learned the term for this is "teabagging". Guys, it really is a great feeling to have a sexy woman fuck you while another sexy woman is sucking your balls, and a third sexy woman is laying next to you being fucked hard.

Lee went from sucking my balls to holding onto my balls and the base of my cock and took my package to fuck Danni hard. Well, while this was the second time, I was no match for the Danni/Lee sex package, and blew my load deep into Danni's VERY wet (remember previous squirting!) cunt.

We hated to have the evening end, but Lee, Dee and Di all had drives ahead of them, and it was already well past 2am. We all kissed goodbye, hoping we'd be able to see all of these sexy people again very soon. Maybe Dee's husband will catch up with us next time!

Boy, did we sleep well!!!

But, then, I awoke with Danni stroking my hard cock...funny how that happens after a Sex Party...

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