Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Desire Cancun LT&T Takeover – an eight part series, Part Two

Sat night was slated as "Casual Night". So, we took it easy all day and got acquainted with the land...and the water. We checked out the ocean (ok, one dip in the Gulf of Mexico and we were done LOL).

...and then moved on to the pool, which is the centerpiece of the resort. This was definitely the place to meet...and check out the "meat"...and there was plenty to go around...on a daily basis.

Lots of naked people everywhere. Some, of course, we wish weren't naked. But, sometimes one has to take the good with the bad. LOL We really tried to get used to the whole nudist thing, but we both agreed that sometimes the hint of nakedness, the "tease", are way sexier than letting it all hang out. Danni exclaimed on more than one occasion that she thought watching naked men walk around wasn't very enticing, unless they've got a hard-on.

We eventually moved to the upstairs jacuzzi which overlooked the pool. We couldn't help but notice from our vantage point by the pool that come mid-afternoon/early evening, people seemed to leave the pool area and head upstairs. Based on this, we became "lemmings" (slang term often used to denote those who mindlessly follow the crowd, even if destruction is the result). Well, let the destruction ensue...

We met lots of people here, including some we'd chatted with online prior to our Desire trip. It was great to be able to just wade up to the bar and order a drink! Danni also had some girl fun in the jacuzzi. A local non-lifestyle couple from Chihuahua MX had wandered in for an overnight at Desire. After some conversation, we found out that Hector had brought Rosalie to a nudist resort to make her feel more comfortable about her body.

And, my Danni did her best to make Rosalie feel good! (Now, remember, we are of the opinion that all women are bisexual on some level whether they admit it or not.) Danni leaned in and lightly kissed Rosalie's lips, then caressed Rosalie's dark nipples with her fingertips. Danni's fingers continued down Rosalie's stomach, disappearing under the water. Their kisses became more fevered, and Rosalie returned them with relish. Danni nuzzled Rosalie's neck and nibbled her ear lobes.

Rosalie arched her back and let out several gutteral moans. Danni had been fingering Rosalie's clit and pussy intently to bring Rosalie to orgasm while Hector looked on and held her tightly. Danni reached out and pulled Hector towards them, enjoying a 3-way kiss. Well, they certainly have some interesting stories about their overnight at a "nudist resort"!

After hours in the jacuzzi, Danni and I stumbled to our room and cleaned up for the evening. We enjoyed dinner for two in the International Buffet (have we mentioned yet how good the food is at Desire?). Hoping to repeat our earlier jacuzzi fun, we headed back upstairs after dinner. It was a quiet evening (we found out later that we were just too early) so we decided to have sex with each other on one of the canopied beds in the jacuzzi area. It was wonderful looking up at the stars together. Well, actually we took turns looking at the stars, since we took turns as to who was one top when. LOL

Sunday took us back to poolside. We met some very cool people, especially a couple we dubbed Metal Man and Jiggy. You'll understand their names in a future posting! Jiggy pronounced that she was only bi-comfortable, but knew that we would be interested in another couple who she intro'ed us to, GoodBiLovin and her guy from Big Sky Country, Montana. Well, Danni and GoodBi took to each other like, well, two BI girls. They flirted and felt each other up all afternoon.

Sunday night's theme was Leather & Lace. It was the first night that we made it to the Disco when everyone else did. The Activitie's staff, lead by Enrique, emceed the contest..."HOTTTest Kiss". Well, GoodBiLovin and Danni did their own thing while the contest went on and on. Their kiss also brought our first hook-up of Desire with GoodBiLovin and her guy. We finally had a chance to enjoy the playroom behind the dance floor at the Disco. It's hard to keep those bi-girls apart!

Stayed tuned for more about Sunday night's adventures.......... ;)


Tomscockwhore said...

I love it! Sure wish we couldv'e been there with you guys! Give us MORE!!!! MORE MORE MORE!!


Anonymous said...

Hurry up with part three. We can't wait.