Sunday, November 26, 2006

Wet, wet, wet.

As we approached our long Thanksgiving weekend, our plans seemed to change every day. From plans with one of our sexy girlfriends to plans with a sexy new couple (well, Danni's met and teased the girl, but we haven't played yet). Plans were on and off again for the past few weeks. Eventually, they all fell through, and we figured that our time off from work might be "guest free" and spent with just each other. Not a bad fate, mind you, lol.

But, as fate would have it, we were contacted on SLS by a sexy couple from Long Island, "Bob" and "Cher". They were coming to town to see one of his college buddies and did the old "contact everyone in that town we're visiting" to see if they could have some XXX fun. Fortunately, we were quick to respond and agreed to have dinner.

We met out for dinner/drinks; local restaurants were very quiet as the students were all away. It was very easy to talk openly without any fear of being "overheard".

Cher and Bob have been dating for about 3 months. Cher has a pretty good set up, and she keeps a number of studs on a short leash for her sexual desires.

After getting to know each other, we all decided that it was time to head to the Sex Palace.

We had a few drinks and headed to the jacuzzi. The girls quickly began exploring each other while Bob and I admired the action. Both girls were kissing and licking each other, as their fingers were exploring each others cunts. Both girls came a number of times in the jacuzzi, each taking a turn on the edge of the jacuzzi as the other worked her body.

With rubbery legs, Danni suggested that we all head up to the bedroom. As the girls continued to explore and play with each other on the bed, I moved up to Cher's mouth and fed her my cock. We found out that Cher had never been fucked by a strap-on, so Danni quickly pulled out her pink Barbie strap on and began giving her cunt a good workover.

After a while, I had my chance to eat Cher's very tight little pussy. As I worked her cunt and g-spot with my tongue, she squirted all over my face and the bed, soaking it. Fortunately, with Danni also being a squirter, we keep a plastic lining under the sheet.

As I continued eating Cher, having her squirt 3 or 4 times, Danni sucked on Cher's tits while Bob worked Danni's cunt from behind. It didn't take long for Bob to make Danni have two of her "power squirts", and the bed was becoming even more soaked.

After a bit, Cher moved to eat Danni's pussy, and I moved behind her and began fucking her doggie style. After a bit, Danni insisted on having my cock. I fucked her hard while Bob was fucking Cher. After a while of hard fucking, everyone in the room came hard.

We all laid on the bed in exhaustion for a while. Cher and Bob had a bit of a drive, and since it was late, we ended up kissing both and wishing them a goodnight.

Danni passed out quickly in our bed, but my side of the bed was so wet it was like trying to sleep on a freshly rained-on lawn. After a while, I passed out on the couch, but with a nice big smile on my face.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Happy -belated- Thanksgiving! Some fun non-Lifestyle sayings on Turkey Day

"Just spread the legs open and stuff it in."

"How many are coming?"

"Just lay back and take it easy--I'll do the rest."

"Are you ready for seconds yet?"

"I didn't expect everyone to come at once!"

"That's the biggest one I've ever seen!"

"Use a nice smooth stroke when you whip it."

"How long will it take after you stick it in?"

"How long do I beat it before it's ready?"

"Are you going to come again next time?"

"It's a little dry. Do you still want to eat it?"

"Just wait your turn. You'll get some!"

"Don't play with your meat!"

"Do you think you'll be able to handle all these people at once?"

"You still have a little bit on your chin."

"You'll know it's ready when it pops up."

"Wow, I didn't think I could handle all of that!"

"Just reach in and grab the giblets."

"Whew...that's one terrific spread!"

"I am in the mood for a little dark meat."

"Tying the legs together will keep the inside moist."

"Talk about a HUGE breast!"

"And he forces his way into the end zone!"

"She's 5000 pounds fully inflated and it takes 15 men to hold her down."

"If I don't unbutton my pants, I am going to burst!"

Monday, November 20, 2006

Desire Cancun LT&T Takeover Re-Visited, Re-Capped and MORE PICS!

Yep, that's one of the girls laid out and getting creamed with whipped cream at Carlos' n Charlie's in Cancun.

And, now for some pics of our action! L to R, Jiggy, Metal Man, Danni, B and >pics and names removed by request< . If you can't see Danni, she's getting fucked hard from behind by Metal Man and is kinda jammed under B.

>pics and names removed by request<

And, to read about our adventures from the beginning....

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Desire Cancun LT&T Takeover – an eight part series, Part Eight- WRAP UP

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Hoover and Lou, part 2

Whew, at least my fingers are working (as opposed to other appendages) and I can type out this little recollection of last nights activities.

Lou and Hoover (THE Hoover!) came over for another extended round of sexy fun. We had dinner at BW3 and came back to the Sex Palace for a couple of drinks, then quickly got naked and hopped in the jacuzzi.

Danni began kissing Hoover while Hoover was stroking both of our cocks. The girls were fingering each other under the water when I stood up, my hard cock admiring these sexy vixens.

Danni started sucking my cock as Hoover was sucking Lou. After a few minutes, the girls traded off, and I had Hoover back on my cock as Danni got reacquainted with Lou's manhood.

Standing in the jacuzzi can be a bit slippery and potentially dangerous when you've got a girl's head bobbing up and down on you.

So, we headed upstairs. While Hoover was in the bathroom, Lou and I took Danni to the bed.

Danni got on all fours on the bed and began to suck me while Lou ate out Danni from behind. When Hoover joined us, both girls sucked on my cock and balls while I worked on Hoover's pussy as she hopped on me 69-style.

It was time for a little girl-girl action, so Danni called "swap" and exchanged places with me, so she was on her back. She wanted Hoover to do a bit of Hoover-ism on Danni's pussy. She knew Hoover was a little tentative with the girl-girl thing. We ALL knew she could suck a cock but wanted more pussy practice. Both Lou and I gave up our pussy positions and fed Danni our cocks. When I realized Hoover's ass was in the air, I decided to do a little doggie fucking on her. After a bit, Danni called "swap" again and flipped around so she could work on Hoover's pussy.

As Danni suckled and fingered Hoover's pussy, her wet and waiting ass was in the air. Of course, when Danni's ass is in the air, I'm all over it! I fucked Danni's tight cunt while she continued to work on the Hoover. Lou had stayed in position and fed his hard cock to Hoover as she lay on her back with Danni kneeling between her legs.

Being the gentleman that I am, I offered Lou a chance to fuck Danni from behind. I then took my turn being Hoover-ized. Lou fucked Danni hard from behind and as he did, he fucked his girl, Hoover, with Danni's face.

After a while of this hot action, the Lou-fucking-Danni action got a little too hard and Hoover turned around and sat on my cock. After some of this paired-off fucking, both Lou and I came hard into our little hotties.

While the men relaxed, the girls started enjoying each other. Danni pulled out her vibrator, and Hoover learned the art of getting a girl off with a toy. I then took the vibrator and began working it on Hoover. She laid back with her eyes rolling in the back of her head as all three of us enjoyed watching her get off.

Watching Hoover enjoying the vibrator was so exciting that I was brought back to life. Hoover felt my hard cock next to her and moved down and began sucking me expertly. At the same time, Lou and Danni continued exploring each others bodies.

Again, Hoover hopped onto my cock and starting fucking me hard, holding onto the canopy above our iron bed. After some hard fucking this way, I flipped her over, spread her legs and pumped away until she had me coming again.

Hoover and I took a break and went downstairs as Lou and Danni kept at it. Hoover stepped out for a smoke, and I went upstairs to watch the show. I watched them 69'ing each other, and they weren't even aware of me until I popped open a soda.

Danni eventually cried uncle, and Lou went downstairs. Much to my surprise, I hadn't realized that Hoover had been locked outside on the back deck. Yikes, that had to be cold. I'm so sorry.

They eventually came back up to the bedroom, and we chatted for a while and watched the porn on the HDTV. We were making our own commentary about the activities on the screen, which eventually got me charged up again.

This time Danni was going to have her way with me. She hopped on me 69 and made sure that my cock was nice and hard again while I tongue fucked her wet cunt and ass.

Danni then hopped on me the same way that Hoover had done a while ago. At the same time, Lou was fucking Hoover doggie style. Danni's cunt grabbed so hard onto my cock that she had me cumming very quickly (at least quick for the 3rd time of the night, lol).

Now, we were all really beat, needed a break and went downstairs. Danni heated up some nachos and we watched more porn on the other HDTV. (Yes, if you didn't know already, we like the PORN!)

Hoover was falling asleep on the couch, so we knew it was time to get to bed. We kissed goodnight and headed upstairs as Lou and Hoover headed to the guest room. I was laying under the covers about to pass out when Danni came from the bathroom and started getting friendly with me. (What an optimist!)

But, as only Danni can, she brought me to life again with her mouth, and we fucked and fucked and fucked some more until she had me cumming for the fourth time that night. Ouch! Uncle!

So now I sit on the couch, fingers working, but everything below the waist needing to be left alone.

Until tonight ;-)

A Cock Whore's Celebrity Look-a-likes!


I loved your post:

And, I think you most look like Kate Beckinsale, especially in her part in Underworld as Selene, a beautiful vampire warrior, entrenched in a war between the vampire and werewolf races. You'd look fucking HOTTT in latex, babe!

xoxo, Danni

Friday, November 17, 2006

Professional cock sucker convention

One of the rules for our house parties is to only invite previous playmates, and our playmates can invite their previous playmates. We've had numerous requests from people we don't know who want to be invited to one of our house parties. But our parties are a bit different from other house parties. We don't invite people over to just sit around and drink and talk. Our parties quickly get to the naked fun, generally within the first hour. And, our friends all fit into the same style of play: str8 male, bi-female (on some level), full swap. This isn't something everyone is comfortable with, therefore, our rules limit attendees.

So, in order to enlarge the house parties, but still avoid any incompatibility issues, Danni offered up a little meet and greet for people to get to know each other. Turns out that this weekend didn't seem to work well with too many people (or that our town is just too out of the way for most people). We only had three other couples show up, but what great couples they were.

We really hadn't planned to have a house party at the Sex Palace. But...

Slick and Lucky Bastard were the first to arrive, so we knew that the night was going to be a success, no matter what else happened. Then, a new couple U&C joined us. They're a sexy couple from about an hour away and host their own meet and greets (we plan on attending one of theirs next week.) And then Hoover (F) & Lou (M) joined us after they finished dinner.

We drank and chatted for about an hour. U&C wanted to go dance, though, we didn't have any recommendations for them. The rest of us decided to go back to the Sex Palace.

Back at the Palace, we opened some drinks and LB started taking some sexy pictures of Slick. Then, Slick laid down on the black satin-clad living room mattress. She looked so tempting that I just had to have a taste. It had been a couple of months since I last tasted her, so I took my time relishing her.

After a bit, they wanted to offer up some birthday wishes to a friend, so Slick laid out and a sexy chocolate message was written on her. Once the photo session was complete, Hoover, Lou, Danni and I all enjoyed licking away the message.

This quickly caused everyone's clothes to magically disappear. As Hoover was removing the balance of her clothes, I joined her and gave her some friendly assistance. Much to my pleasure, she immediately got down on her knees and began sucking expertly on my hard cock. She has an amazing mouth and was quickly listed into my "top 5" blow job afficionadoes (GREAT COCK SUCKER).

While I was getting some great head, Danni and Lou had hopped on the bed and began some hot 69 action. We decided to join the bed, and Hoover laid back as I spread her legs and began exploring her pussy with my tongue and fingers.

Almost in unison, I got up and started fucking Hoover while Danni got on top of Lou and started riding him. After some serious fucking, I heard Danni splashing all over Lou. I didn't know if he knew of Danni's "talent", and told him about her squirting. But as a reader of this blog, he was already aware of her talent and just enjoyed being showered. Hoover&B = B's #1.

Slick and LB had disappeared upstairs. Suddenly, LB grabbed Danni and told her to go up to the bedroom, Slick was waiting. So, Hoover was charged with handling all three of us guys. I continued to fuck Hoover while LB got over her head and starting fucking her mouth. She's a great multi-tasker!

Danni found Slick trussed up in the bed, her wrists and ankles had been restrained with tie-downs that regularly hang on the four posts of our bed. The ball-gag had been placed in her mouth. She and LB had been having a little S&M Fun Photo Session. We couldn't wait to see THOSE pics! Until now...

After Hoover had her way with us, she was summoned to join the other girls. She and Danni worked on Slick...touching, rubbing bodies together, kissing. Danni donned her pink "Barbie Strap-on", released Slick's ankles and fucked her.

So, we guys just hung around downstairs, naked for a while (actually about 5 minutes!), not my favorite activity, lol. When I arrived, I saw Danni and Hoover on both sides of a tied-up Slick. I had wondered what had happend to Slick and LB, and now I know. Apprently she had been ball gagged as well, although it sounds as though the girls wanted her mouth to be available to be sat on, lol.

I saw that her mouth was available, and knowing how Slick can bring me back from the dead, I quickly shoved my cock into her mouth. Yum yum. She needed her hands free to and begged to be released, which I did. She quickly grabbed my ass and pulled my cock deeper into her mouth.
After some great cock sucking, I wanted to enjoy her as well, so I laid back and we 69'd for a while. I loved eating and playing with that tasty pussy and ass. The bed was now filled with people and Slick got up and lowered her tight little cunt onto my cock, reverse cowgirl style.

Slick was fucking me hard know, pounding away at my cock. While fucking her, I shoved a finger up her ass, which she seemed to love. We went at it this way for quite a while now, fucking and bucking wildly. After whittling my cock down, she milked it until I came deep inside of her. Slick&B = B's #2.

Meanwhile, Lou was fucking Hoover with Danni's vibrator and LB was fucking Danni. LB was disappointed that he didn't get ot make Danni squirt. (She explained that there wasn't any extra fluid left in her body after Lou worked on her!) Slick got up and hopped into the swing. Slick soon became very popular. Lou stuck his cock into Slick's mouth while Danni ate her freshly-fucked pussy and fucked Slick with the double-headed dildo. Hoover and I stayed on the bed, and from our vantage point, it seemed that Slick was a very happy girl.

While watching this hot scene, Hoover started sucking my cock again. I thought I was useless, but she proved me wrong, and she quickly had me hard again. Hoover worked on my cock for a very long time, perhaps a full half hour, and I was in heaven the whole time. The others had eventually cried "uncle" and had headed downstairs for a snack, but Hoover and I continued. I felt a little selfish, since I had been laying back and enjoying my cock being serviced so expertly, so I flipped her on her back, and began fucking her hard, legs spread wide and her head banging on the bar at the head of the bed until she had me coming, yet again. Hoover&B = B's #3.

We stumbled downstairs, apparently I looked as though I was rode hard and put away wet (which I was, lol). We had our traditional house party food (Qdoba) and chatted for a bit.

We had been distracted by the High Definition TV and ESPN, which had a few of us on the couch. Apparently Slick isn't much of a sports fan, and she laid on the mattress, naked, and began rubbing her pussy. While I figured that lower half was completely useless by this point, I knew that my tongue and fingers were in full functioning order.

I laid between Slick's legs and instructed her to continue rubbing her clit. I enjoyed her with my mouth and tongue, licking her g-spot and finger fucking her. I worked her for a while, enjoying her fantastic body. At some point while enjoying her cunt, Hoover and Lou dressed and kissed us all goodbye, heading to the road for their hour-long drive home.

While leaning back against the couch and relaxing afterwards, Danni was on the couch and began kissing me. Slick moved her mouth to my cock and began sucking it. Now there was no way...... oh well maybe there was a way ;-)

Danni held me close and watched as Slick got me hard AGAIN, and started giving me a world class blow job. Danni gave some expert commentary, telling Slick how much she loved watching HER cock being sucked. I just laid back with my eyes rolling back into my head. According to Danni, Slick looked lustfully into her eyes while she sucked my cock; Danni all the while verbally encouraging her. It really was as if Slick was sucking Danni off.

Danni wanted in on the action and demanded that I fuck her, which I gladly did as Slick moved on to LB's waiting cock, ala doggie. By the time we finished, I think we were all pleasantly rubbed raw. Danni/B = B's #3-1/2.

We finally wrapped things up around 4am and slept the sleep of kings.

And finally, our appologizes to B&T for cancelling on them the following night. We've heard great things about them, and I want to be sure that I'm at the top of my game. Perhaps over Thanksgiving? I'll need a little recuperation after this wonderful night. And, time to regrow some skin. ;-)

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Thanks XtraSpcl Friends for our newest Single G/F! Love, Danni

If you're a couple or single female in the VA-DC-MD area, click on this link to request to JOIN XtraSpclFriends Yahoo! Group:

Here's why: thanks to XSF, we met our newest single g/f, Gin (short for Gin & Tonic, her favorite drink!). We apologize for not posting about Gin until now...but she was worth the wait and so is the story about what happened!

We had an earlier dinner/drinks with a newbie local couple. Very nice couple. But, they already knew we had plans with a single female, so there was no play in mind. We're selfish whores! LOL

Gin drove all the way in from DC to meet us. After some drinks (Gin & Tonics, what else?), we had her sufficiently toasted to have our way with her. After all, this was her first time. With a couple. With a female. WOW! Challenges all the way around!

Gin contacted us via XSF's message board and explained that she felt like she already knew us from reading the blog. Yes, THIS blog. We chatted a bit via Yahoo! Messenger and made a date. In fact, while talking with her, she knew a LOT about us from the blog stories.

As soon as we got her back to the Sex Palace, we all hopped into the jacuzzi (the indoor one)! B and I had discussed that Gin would probably be a bit hesitant with a female, as this was ALL new to her. So, HE was s'posed to make the first move.

Well, being the alpha female that I am, I didn't wait and, yes, made the first move. I sat close to her in the jacuzzi, lightly caressed Gin's face and leaned in for a sensual kiss. She was tentative, feeling her way around another woman (pun intended). Kissing a woman for the first time is an awe-inspiring experience. The first thing you notice is that, girls are so soft. They're lips and face are so smooth, nothing like a man's. Their tongues are so small and darting. And, damn, girls always smell good enough to eat. I silently promised myself to be gentle and go slowly so not to frighten her. We touched each others breasts, and I held her face in my hands while I kissed her softly.

As our kissing became more furtive, Gin surprised me by sliding her hand from my breasts down between my legs. She immediately rubbed my already throbbing clit with her hand and slipped her finger, first one, and then another, into my wanting pussy. Gin HAD read the blog; she knew ALL of the right moves. SHE was pulling a DANNI on me! I reciprocated by fingering her as well. Soon, B joined in, noticing that we were getting along so well!

Our hot 3-way kissing and groping ended with me gasping for air and begging everyone to follow me bed.

I detoured to the kitchen. Gin's fantasy entailed using chocolate sauce. So, her wish was our command! Earlier, we had pulled out our spare mattress, which doubles as an additional play area, and added a black satin sheet. And, cover her in chocolate sauce we did (chocolate fruit dip, actually, it stays on much better than sauce...less drippy). And, then B and I licked and licked and licked to get it all off! Nipples, pussy, ass, everywhere! And a little whipped cream here and there topped it all off.

There was lots of oral play amongst all three of us. I honestly do not remember what or who went where when. I do remember some of my favorite specific moments, B and I both between Gin's legs eating her out and her squirming...I just love when girls do that! AND, I remember when finally Gin pushed me back on the bed and said "my turn". I don't know what I can compare that moment to. I have come to realize that one of my favorite things in the lifestyle is when a woman eats pussy, preferably mine, for the first time.

I want her first experience with pussy to be so wonderful, she'll want to do it again and again and again. And, not just with me, but other women as well. I want her to love how pussy looks; I mean, we don't get to see our own from that angle. Pussy is beautiful. And, everyone of them is unique, like snowflakes.

I want her to crave the taste of pussy juice, her own and other women, too. I want her to lick her lips with her tongue and relish every moment, every drop. I want her to nuzzle pussy and learn use her entire mouth, chin and face. Of course, Gin had the opportunity to learn from B, The Tongue. She asked him for guidance and he told her: you know what you like, just do the same thing. Well, I couldn't have been happier that Gin definitely knows what a woman likes. Cunnilingus extraordinaire!

I was so worked up at this point that I had to pull out the Hitachi Wand and work my clit hard. The evening ended in one of my favorite 3-way positions. B flipped Gin over on her back next to me and prepared to enter her. As I laid there next to Gin, I began kissing and caressing her. I just love when B fucks our g/fs this way. We can both look up deeply into his eyes and watch him fuck us! And, the best part is when everyone cums at the same time.

Chocolate dip, anyone?

Monday, November 13, 2006

Desire Cancun LT&T Takeover – an eight part series, Part Eight- WRAP UP

Uh, yes, there ARE crocs in the waterway you cross to enter into the Desire Resort. Do NOT feed them...anything.

A brief intermission. I just received this email and felt this would be the best place to respond:

Dear Danni,
I'm sure I'm not alone in wanting to know what happens on the upper deck between 4.30 and 8 before dark? the picture in daylight was very sexy -please tell us more in detail.............
James (London)

Dear James,

The upper deck houses the huge jacuzzi at Desire. The jacuzzi is on a rooftop near the lobby area. You can see the ocean from there but it does not overlook the ocean. The jacuzzi is on the upper area of the roof, surrounded by a wooden slatted deck. The bar is on one side and you can get drinks right from the barstools that are in the jacuzzi on that side. Also on the upper deck are large deck chairs and a shower, which is only enclosed by plexiglass. There is also plexiglass all along one side of the jacuzzi as that side is right next to the edge of the roof. Would be a shame to fall over backwards while getting a blowjob. LOL

The number of people who fill it during this time varies greatly. One evening we were there, we literally had to squeeze in between people to even get near the water. (Just like a tight pussy LOL!) I think everybody was in the jacuzzi at the same time. There was lots of play: girls kissing, guys getting their cocks sucked (one girl surrounded by 3 guys getting sucked off, lots of fondling and fingering. Another evening we were there, it was not nearly as crowded, and everyone seemed to be more in to socializing than playing.

We did go to the upper deck a few times after dinner and/or dancing, but never saw much action there other than couples alone on one of the canopied beds fucking or two couples side by side without much interaction between them. (not sure if they were swapping or if they were just in the "same room" playing with their own partner)

I guess the jacuzzi didn't thrill us all that much since we're a little jaded by all of the HOTTT times we have in ours at home. But, others seemed to enjoy it!

Kisses, Danni

OK! Last post on Desire...
Saturday we headed home to the good ole' US of A. First of all, Desire Resort was awesome. We slowly (but surely) reported about each day. This is our last post and serves as a wrap-up with our overall impressions and suggestions.

We'd love to do the new Desire Los Cabos for the March LT&T Takeover. Or perhaps Halloween again. We have a $80off/night coupon plus 5th night is free. Unfortunately, our schedules don't look like either will be possible this year.

We arrived mid-day on the Friday before the actual takeover week and left the following Saturday morning. So, we had 7 full days and nights + 1/2 day Fri on the front end. LT&T gave us the xtra day for no charge due to H'cane Wilma last year. I'm sure this was a great way for them to guarantee occupancy after they re-opened.

Some Dos and Don'ts (in no particular order):

DO go during a Takeover Week; lots of groups and clubs do them all year long. Check them out and decide which one is best for you (a simple Google search will work! Or, go during a Lifestyle Takeover ; now if you're ok just hanging with non-playing nudists and couples who're curious or voyeurs, this won't matter to you.

DO consider LT&T; the LT&T group hosts usually set-up a Yahoo! Group for the takeover as well. Join it and participate!

DO NOT take many clothes...I barely wore 1/2 of the stuff in my suitcase, so no sense in dragging it all over the place!

DO NOT go during a LIFESTYLES Takeover if you are not IN the Lifestyle. Don't take up space if you're just a voyeur or nudist unless you're interested in really "testing the waters". It's not fair to the Lifestylers (like us) who are there to PLAY.

DO come in early on Sunday and leave on Saturday morning, if at all possible. This would have been sufficient time for us. 5-6 days at Desire is more than enough.

DO NOT bother to stay through the following Sunday. If this is a takeover, most people arrive on Sat-Sun for a week and almost everyone leaves on Saturday; there were only a handful of people who stayed thru Sunday and said the resort was like a ghost town. I'd rather recuperate at home rather than pay for a "ghost" day.

DO take the following Monday off to recuperate. LOL

DO be sure to chat via the Desire Resort Forums, websites (like Lifestyle Lounge), etc. to find other like-minded people going at the same time you are. Despite how easily B and I can approach people and make friends, we are SO glad we had chatted with several couples before made the transition into the "swing" of things MUCH easier...and a LOT quicker.

DO meet people as early in the week as possible. Everyone we played with, we met on Sat-Sun when we got there.

DO try to arrange "dates", i.e. meet in the jacuzzi, by the pool, at dinner, at one of the bars, etc. We didn't really arrange many "dates" all thru the week with those we had met, it just happened. But that might not work for most people. We're just easy! Sometimes it was hard to really "get to know" a couple during the day.

DO know what your limits are before you arrive. Some play was in couples and some in groups. We even know of a loaner male of one couple who helped with another couple's fantasy of a MFM. Nice!

DO attend every party as if it were Saturday night. Parties are EVERY night, so there is no need to concentrate on a Saturday nite party like your normal swing club at home.

DO get a regular Oceanview or Gardenview room if you're on a budget; they're fine. You'll not spend much time in your room anyway.

DO upgrade to a jacuzzi suite if you can afford it; I know we will if/when we go again. (cost would have been almost double, closer to $500-600/nite vs $300) Why? We like to host "house" parties to ensure a better and bigger group atmosphere...our room was way too small for play dates, but we found other areas: disco play area, outdoor rooftop jacuzzi had beds, and the palapa beds on the beach (altho the sand was a little nasty LOL). If you like to host your own gatherings, it's worth the $$. If you would just as soon play elsewhere, save your $$.

DO NOT spend any extra money. This is an all-inclusive. There's no need. No need to tip, although I did leave the maids a nice tip at the end of the week for their work. All-in-all we spent $3000 for Desire & airport transfer ($2300) and airfare ($700). It does look like flights to Cabo are a little more $$$, though, from the East Coast. We heard some people say they got much better treatment by tipping under the table. Honestly, I don't see how we could have been treated ANY better.

DO not waste time hitting on the staff, no matter how hot they are. They are NOT allowed to play with guests for fear of losing their job. If anyone knows differently, let us know. I would have hit on Sue in a heartbeat!

DO NOT bother learning any Spanish; everyone speaks English, everything is written in English, too. And, the bartenders and wait staff love teaching you some! Or, try these links for some Mexicano slang:

NOTE: I was called mamey a lot. It's pronounced "MAH-may". It is Mexican Slang for "cunt". I just found that out. The bartender told me it meant "hot mamma". Hmmm....maybe on 2nd thought, we SHOULD have learned some select terminology.

DO plan your flights carefully. Consider customs coming back; it does take some time. Exchanging planes took us a good 2-1/2 hrs on a Saturday nite in Miami, so we were glad to have a layover. Some people were panicked and did not make their connection.

DO take this Travelers Tip – we would NOT recommend buying ground transportation in advance. Our prepaid van was $55 round trip and a cab was only $28 one way. The $1 savings certainly was not worth the risk of long delays and taxis allow for much more flexibility when returning to the airport. You’ll have no problems getting cabs to or from Desire. They're like vultures waiting just outside the gate! LOL

DO make a habit of checking out the pool, which is the centerpiece of the resort. This was definitely the place to meet...and check out the "meat".

DO pick up the phone and call room service (which is 24/7 here! anything you want!).

DO follow the rules, although we don't understand them. I missed that we couldn't have sex by the pool. Desire rules. They don't want to offend anyone. Hell, it's SEX, not public urination.

DO NOT forget your camera (and extra batteries and memory cards, if necessary). Ah, sweet memories.

DO be careful with your stuff. If you leave something of value laying around, it WILL disappear. They even leave written reminders and encourage use of the safe (very small) in you room. We were told that staff is searched before they leave the property, so we're not sure where stuff goes. Just hope it wasn't another guest. That would suck.

DO take a power strip and an extension cord. There's AC power just like in the States, but plugs are at a minimum and usually not in a very convenient location to where you need them. Everything provided in the room (CD player, mini-fridge, blow dryer, etc.) are hard-wired to avoid theft.

DO NOT take the towels. And, be sure to return the towels you check out at the pool. They WILL charge you for any missing towels. And, they're not worth stealing.

DO NOT leave wet towels laying on the floor. They develop a funky odor reminiscent of a boys' locker room.

DO NOT bother with the wireless internet connection. It is like dial-up with 20 people using the same one.

DO take the field trip offered to downtown Cancun.

DO NOT go shopping first; go PARTY first...that's what you came to Mexico for.

DO dress lightly for the theme nights. It's hot at Desire and even hotter in the Disco, dress lightly unless you like to be sweaty and stinky.

DO take your toys; no problems at the airport...just remember to remove the batteries while traveling. An accidentally turned-on vibrator will put security into a head-spin.

DO watch your stuff. If you take blow up dolls or floats and leave them at the pool, they WILL disappear. I guarantee they were taken by other guests. LOL

If we missed anything that you want to know about, just post it as a comment and we'll reply.

Adiós, México