Sunday, November 12, 2006

Desire Cancun LT&T Takeover – an eight part series, Part Seven

Friday brought us to the end of our stay in paradise. Tropical & Sexy, the Farewell Beach Party was the theme of the night. You guessed it, we bummed around the resort all day and enjoyed the rooftop jacuzzi for the last time. Lots of naked fun and socializing. We departed early before getting too much playtime in, 'cuz we had planned an early 6-way for dinner on the patio next to the pool and then in the Disco play room with King David and Bathsheba. We wanted to introduce them to our new friends, Jiggy and Metal Man (see previous Desire posts; I'm too tired to create links right now LOL)

The ocean breeze, the lightnening in the distance, and the sexxxy company fulfilled our every DESIRE (pun intended) for our last night. After a FUN dinner, we headed str8 to the play room behind the Disco. Sometimes, words just cannot adequately express an event. So enjoy the pics....

Metal Man checks out Danni's tits, 'er boobs, 'er juggs...whatever!


Jiggy dials in Tokyo...

Danni gets Jiggy...

Danni tries out Bathsheba's Feeldoe. Yes, Danni has a dick!

Jiggy fucks Danni and makes her first girl SQUIRT!

Danni and King David compare, Danni wins! Altho, King D's "guy leg muscles" win in the actual fucking department! All hail, King David!

Bathsheba had a few turns with Metal Man doing her doggie-style. I ROTFLMAO (rolled on the floor laughing my ass off) when she exclaimed afterward that she had a puffy pussy and may never close her legs again. All hail, Metal Man!

Stay tuned for our recap, thoughts and suggestions if you plan a trip to Desire, Cancun ...


Anonymous said...

Loved the blog...I liked the tuning in Toyko!!
And OMG! that WAS funny when Sheba professed she had a puffy pussy!! LOL really hard, right now. Just got an email back from L&P in FLA, re; the hostage
photo's (from Carlos' & Charlies'). They have promised them to us by weeks end.

Keep your legs CROSSED.

Thanks again for everything!

Tomscockwhore said...

That feeldoe looks fantastic!