Monday, November 13, 2006

Desire Cancun LT&T Takeover – an eight part series, Part Eight- WRAP UP

Uh, yes, there ARE crocs in the waterway you cross to enter into the Desire Resort. Do NOT feed them...anything.

A brief intermission. I just received this email and felt this would be the best place to respond:

Dear Danni,
I'm sure I'm not alone in wanting to know what happens on the upper deck between 4.30 and 8 before dark? the picture in daylight was very sexy -please tell us more in detail.............
James (London)

Dear James,

The upper deck houses the huge jacuzzi at Desire. The jacuzzi is on a rooftop near the lobby area. You can see the ocean from there but it does not overlook the ocean. The jacuzzi is on the upper area of the roof, surrounded by a wooden slatted deck. The bar is on one side and you can get drinks right from the barstools that are in the jacuzzi on that side. Also on the upper deck are large deck chairs and a shower, which is only enclosed by plexiglass. There is also plexiglass all along one side of the jacuzzi as that side is right next to the edge of the roof. Would be a shame to fall over backwards while getting a blowjob. LOL

The number of people who fill it during this time varies greatly. One evening we were there, we literally had to squeeze in between people to even get near the water. (Just like a tight pussy LOL!) I think everybody was in the jacuzzi at the same time. There was lots of play: girls kissing, guys getting their cocks sucked (one girl surrounded by 3 guys getting sucked off, lots of fondling and fingering. Another evening we were there, it was not nearly as crowded, and everyone seemed to be more in to socializing than playing.

We did go to the upper deck a few times after dinner and/or dancing, but never saw much action there other than couples alone on one of the canopied beds fucking or two couples side by side without much interaction between them. (not sure if they were swapping or if they were just in the "same room" playing with their own partner)

I guess the jacuzzi didn't thrill us all that much since we're a little jaded by all of the HOTTT times we have in ours at home. But, others seemed to enjoy it!

Kisses, Danni

OK! Last post on Desire...
Saturday we headed home to the good ole' US of A. First of all, Desire Resort was awesome. We slowly (but surely) reported about each day. This is our last post and serves as a wrap-up with our overall impressions and suggestions.

We'd love to do the new Desire Los Cabos for the March LT&T Takeover. Or perhaps Halloween again. We have a $80off/night coupon plus 5th night is free. Unfortunately, our schedules don't look like either will be possible this year.

We arrived mid-day on the Friday before the actual takeover week and left the following Saturday morning. So, we had 7 full days and nights + 1/2 day Fri on the front end. LT&T gave us the xtra day for no charge due to H'cane Wilma last year. I'm sure this was a great way for them to guarantee occupancy after they re-opened.

Some Dos and Don'ts (in no particular order):

DO go during a Takeover Week; lots of groups and clubs do them all year long. Check them out and decide which one is best for you (a simple Google search will work! Or, go during a Lifestyle Takeover ; now if you're ok just hanging with non-playing nudists and couples who're curious or voyeurs, this won't matter to you.

DO consider LT&T; the LT&T group hosts usually set-up a Yahoo! Group for the takeover as well. Join it and participate!

DO NOT take many clothes...I barely wore 1/2 of the stuff in my suitcase, so no sense in dragging it all over the place!

DO NOT go during a LIFESTYLES Takeover if you are not IN the Lifestyle. Don't take up space if you're just a voyeur or nudist unless you're interested in really "testing the waters". It's not fair to the Lifestylers (like us) who are there to PLAY.

DO come in early on Sunday and leave on Saturday morning, if at all possible. This would have been sufficient time for us. 5-6 days at Desire is more than enough.

DO NOT bother to stay through the following Sunday. If this is a takeover, most people arrive on Sat-Sun for a week and almost everyone leaves on Saturday; there were only a handful of people who stayed thru Sunday and said the resort was like a ghost town. I'd rather recuperate at home rather than pay for a "ghost" day.

DO take the following Monday off to recuperate. LOL

DO be sure to chat via the Desire Resort Forums, websites (like Lifestyle Lounge), etc. to find other like-minded people going at the same time you are. Despite how easily B and I can approach people and make friends, we are SO glad we had chatted with several couples before made the transition into the "swing" of things MUCH easier...and a LOT quicker.

DO meet people as early in the week as possible. Everyone we played with, we met on Sat-Sun when we got there.

DO try to arrange "dates", i.e. meet in the jacuzzi, by the pool, at dinner, at one of the bars, etc. We didn't really arrange many "dates" all thru the week with those we had met, it just happened. But that might not work for most people. We're just easy! Sometimes it was hard to really "get to know" a couple during the day.

DO know what your limits are before you arrive. Some play was in couples and some in groups. We even know of a loaner male of one couple who helped with another couple's fantasy of a MFM. Nice!

DO attend every party as if it were Saturday night. Parties are EVERY night, so there is no need to concentrate on a Saturday nite party like your normal swing club at home.

DO get a regular Oceanview or Gardenview room if you're on a budget; they're fine. You'll not spend much time in your room anyway.

DO upgrade to a jacuzzi suite if you can afford it; I know we will if/when we go again. (cost would have been almost double, closer to $500-600/nite vs $300) Why? We like to host "house" parties to ensure a better and bigger group atmosphere...our room was way too small for play dates, but we found other areas: disco play area, outdoor rooftop jacuzzi had beds, and the palapa beds on the beach (altho the sand was a little nasty LOL). If you like to host your own gatherings, it's worth the $$. If you would just as soon play elsewhere, save your $$.

DO NOT spend any extra money. This is an all-inclusive. There's no need. No need to tip, although I did leave the maids a nice tip at the end of the week for their work. All-in-all we spent $3000 for Desire & airport transfer ($2300) and airfare ($700). It does look like flights to Cabo are a little more $$$, though, from the East Coast. We heard some people say they got much better treatment by tipping under the table. Honestly, I don't see how we could have been treated ANY better.

DO not waste time hitting on the staff, no matter how hot they are. They are NOT allowed to play with guests for fear of losing their job. If anyone knows differently, let us know. I would have hit on Sue in a heartbeat!

DO NOT bother learning any Spanish; everyone speaks English, everything is written in English, too. And, the bartenders and wait staff love teaching you some! Or, try these links for some Mexicano slang:

NOTE: I was called mamey a lot. It's pronounced "MAH-may". It is Mexican Slang for "cunt". I just found that out. The bartender told me it meant "hot mamma". Hmmm....maybe on 2nd thought, we SHOULD have learned some select terminology.

DO plan your flights carefully. Consider customs coming back; it does take some time. Exchanging planes took us a good 2-1/2 hrs on a Saturday nite in Miami, so we were glad to have a layover. Some people were panicked and did not make their connection.

DO take this Travelers Tip – we would NOT recommend buying ground transportation in advance. Our prepaid van was $55 round trip and a cab was only $28 one way. The $1 savings certainly was not worth the risk of long delays and taxis allow for much more flexibility when returning to the airport. You’ll have no problems getting cabs to or from Desire. They're like vultures waiting just outside the gate! LOL

DO make a habit of checking out the pool, which is the centerpiece of the resort. This was definitely the place to meet...and check out the "meat".

DO pick up the phone and call room service (which is 24/7 here! anything you want!).

DO follow the rules, although we don't understand them. I missed that we couldn't have sex by the pool. Desire rules. They don't want to offend anyone. Hell, it's SEX, not public urination.

DO NOT forget your camera (and extra batteries and memory cards, if necessary). Ah, sweet memories.

DO be careful with your stuff. If you leave something of value laying around, it WILL disappear. They even leave written reminders and encourage use of the safe (very small) in you room. We were told that staff is searched before they leave the property, so we're not sure where stuff goes. Just hope it wasn't another guest. That would suck.

DO take a power strip and an extension cord. There's AC power just like in the States, but plugs are at a minimum and usually not in a very convenient location to where you need them. Everything provided in the room (CD player, mini-fridge, blow dryer, etc.) are hard-wired to avoid theft.

DO NOT take the towels. And, be sure to return the towels you check out at the pool. They WILL charge you for any missing towels. And, they're not worth stealing.

DO NOT leave wet towels laying on the floor. They develop a funky odor reminiscent of a boys' locker room.

DO NOT bother with the wireless internet connection. It is like dial-up with 20 people using the same one.

DO take the field trip offered to downtown Cancun.

DO NOT go shopping first; go PARTY first...that's what you came to Mexico for.

DO dress lightly for the theme nights. It's hot at Desire and even hotter in the Disco, dress lightly unless you like to be sweaty and stinky.

DO take your toys; no problems at the airport...just remember to remove the batteries while traveling. An accidentally turned-on vibrator will put security into a head-spin.

DO watch your stuff. If you take blow up dolls or floats and leave them at the pool, they WILL disappear. I guarantee they were taken by other guests. LOL

If we missed anything that you want to know about, just post it as a comment and we'll reply.

Adiós, México


Anonymous said...

Danni and B,

We loved all of your posts on your trip to Desire. We have dreamed of such a vacation and we were able to enjoy yours. Thanks so much for the loving attention to detail and the titilating descriptions of your friend. We so look forward to meeting you two someday.

Ken & Jen

Tomscockwhore said...

Thank you for taking the time to really talk about the trip. That will help anyone out when planning. It sounded awesome!