Sunday, November 19, 2006

Hoover and Lou, part 2

Whew, at least my fingers are working (as opposed to other appendages) and I can type out this little recollection of last nights activities.

Lou and Hoover (THE Hoover!) came over for another extended round of sexy fun. We had dinner at BW3 and came back to the Sex Palace for a couple of drinks, then quickly got naked and hopped in the jacuzzi.

Danni began kissing Hoover while Hoover was stroking both of our cocks. The girls were fingering each other under the water when I stood up, my hard cock admiring these sexy vixens.

Danni started sucking my cock as Hoover was sucking Lou. After a few minutes, the girls traded off, and I had Hoover back on my cock as Danni got reacquainted with Lou's manhood.

Standing in the jacuzzi can be a bit slippery and potentially dangerous when you've got a girl's head bobbing up and down on you.

So, we headed upstairs. While Hoover was in the bathroom, Lou and I took Danni to the bed.

Danni got on all fours on the bed and began to suck me while Lou ate out Danni from behind. When Hoover joined us, both girls sucked on my cock and balls while I worked on Hoover's pussy as she hopped on me 69-style.

It was time for a little girl-girl action, so Danni called "swap" and exchanged places with me, so she was on her back. She wanted Hoover to do a bit of Hoover-ism on Danni's pussy. She knew Hoover was a little tentative with the girl-girl thing. We ALL knew she could suck a cock but wanted more pussy practice. Both Lou and I gave up our pussy positions and fed Danni our cocks. When I realized Hoover's ass was in the air, I decided to do a little doggie fucking on her. After a bit, Danni called "swap" again and flipped around so she could work on Hoover's pussy.

As Danni suckled and fingered Hoover's pussy, her wet and waiting ass was in the air. Of course, when Danni's ass is in the air, I'm all over it! I fucked Danni's tight cunt while she continued to work on the Hoover. Lou had stayed in position and fed his hard cock to Hoover as she lay on her back with Danni kneeling between her legs.

Being the gentleman that I am, I offered Lou a chance to fuck Danni from behind. I then took my turn being Hoover-ized. Lou fucked Danni hard from behind and as he did, he fucked his girl, Hoover, with Danni's face.

After a while of this hot action, the Lou-fucking-Danni action got a little too hard and Hoover turned around and sat on my cock. After some of this paired-off fucking, both Lou and I came hard into our little hotties.

While the men relaxed, the girls started enjoying each other. Danni pulled out her vibrator, and Hoover learned the art of getting a girl off with a toy. I then took the vibrator and began working it on Hoover. She laid back with her eyes rolling in the back of her head as all three of us enjoyed watching her get off.

Watching Hoover enjoying the vibrator was so exciting that I was brought back to life. Hoover felt my hard cock next to her and moved down and began sucking me expertly. At the same time, Lou and Danni continued exploring each others bodies.

Again, Hoover hopped onto my cock and starting fucking me hard, holding onto the canopy above our iron bed. After some hard fucking this way, I flipped her over, spread her legs and pumped away until she had me coming again.

Hoover and I took a break and went downstairs as Lou and Danni kept at it. Hoover stepped out for a smoke, and I went upstairs to watch the show. I watched them 69'ing each other, and they weren't even aware of me until I popped open a soda.

Danni eventually cried uncle, and Lou went downstairs. Much to my surprise, I hadn't realized that Hoover had been locked outside on the back deck. Yikes, that had to be cold. I'm so sorry.

They eventually came back up to the bedroom, and we chatted for a while and watched the porn on the HDTV. We were making our own commentary about the activities on the screen, which eventually got me charged up again.

This time Danni was going to have her way with me. She hopped on me 69 and made sure that my cock was nice and hard again while I tongue fucked her wet cunt and ass.

Danni then hopped on me the same way that Hoover had done a while ago. At the same time, Lou was fucking Hoover doggie style. Danni's cunt grabbed so hard onto my cock that she had me cumming very quickly (at least quick for the 3rd time of the night, lol).

Now, we were all really beat, needed a break and went downstairs. Danni heated up some nachos and we watched more porn on the other HDTV. (Yes, if you didn't know already, we like the PORN!)

Hoover was falling asleep on the couch, so we knew it was time to get to bed. We kissed goodnight and headed upstairs as Lou and Hoover headed to the guest room. I was laying under the covers about to pass out when Danni came from the bathroom and started getting friendly with me. (What an optimist!)

But, as only Danni can, she brought me to life again with her mouth, and we fucked and fucked and fucked some more until she had me cumming for the fourth time that night. Ouch! Uncle!

So now I sit on the couch, fingers working, but everything below the waist needing to be left alone.

Until tonight ;-)


Tomscockwhore said...

Hey sexy ones - you guys always have toooo much fun. I love the pics!

Anonymous said...

WOW....brrrrr...WOW....What else needs to be said! ;) Next Time = Swing Time!