Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Desire Cancun LT&T Takeover – an eight part series, Part Five

The young lady pictured here at Carlos' n Charlie's could make her titties dance like I've never seen before. I tried to take a video, but the lighting was not good. Damn! Would have been a great new vid for Swingercast's website.

Wednesday brought us to "field trip" day! The LT&T hosts arranged for about 50 of us to venture off the Desire Resort property into downtown Cancun. And, yes, this was the perfect opportunity to take those pretty (clothed and scenic) pictures that we could show our vanilla friends and family when we return home.

Ok, maybe we won't show this one to our families and vanilla friends, but it WAS funny as hell! Think he can do the "Mexican Hat Dance"? LOL

The trip was to Carlos' n Charlie's (CnC) where "Spontaniety is our Specialty" is their motto. Well, we took their motto to a whole new level. We found out later that this was the 1st time during a Desire Resort "field trip" that anybody had down and dirty, honest-to-goodness, group sex-huh??? What???? That's just wrong!!! Unfortunately, we don't have some of the best pictures taken at that party. We'll re-post this day's activities if/when we receive the pics from our friends in FL. PPLLLEEEAAZZZEEEE!!!!! Send the pics, Send the pics, Send the pics. Send the pics to

So who was the gang at the CnC party? >pics and names removed by request< , for one couple. We'd chatted with these guys for quite a long time. >pics and names removed by request< were also part of last year's LT&T group that missed out on Desire due to Hurricane Wilma. We're just glad we got to meet them this year.

>pics and names removed by request<

Plus Jiggy and Metal Man, the hot couple you already read about in Part Four. At least this was our 6-way; no one else seemed to join in, at least not like WE did. But, I'm getting ahead of the action...

As soon as we arrived at CnC, we were ushered past the bar, handed shots (tasted like "Sex on the Beach" to us) and corralled into the back room. Quickly, the wait staff began to plaster huge sheets of brown paper over the windows and every crack or crevice in the separator walls. We took that as a good sign, a sign that this was gonna be a serious PARTY! The music started and a few hotties took to the tabletops and began dancing. A little boob and ass flashing teased us. Drinks with umbrellas and tequila shots ensued (those tall "The Yard" drinks; the ones that come with a disclaimer).

The LT&T hosts pulled out the whipped cream, which we understand is the typical party, encouraging one after the other of the girls to adorn the top of the grand piano in the middle of the room. A few girls took turns taking a top off or unsnapping their shorts for some whipped cream licking. The lovely, Jiggy, was one of those girls and my guy, B, helped lick up all that pussy cream. What a guy!

More whipped cream antics....

I could say that the boobs and whipped cream got me excited, but I think it was just that the brown paper was up and I felt like fucking. Again, I honestly don't remember what happened when, but...I noticed that my "Yard" seemed to still be full despite how much I drank of it. Next thing I knew, >pics and names removed by request< drink was empty and there were lots of empty shot glasses...I took my top off...and proceeded to give the very bleary-eyed >pics and names removed by request< a lap dance. He was so toasted, though, all he could do was laugh.

>pics and names removed by request< and Jiggy were frantically rubbing on B's crotch, while I lap danced. Surprise, surprise but out popped B's cock for some two-girl sucking.

I moved over to the bench seating pulled up my skirt, bent over to expose my nakedness to Metal Man. As we groped each other, he asked if it was ok to fuck at CnC. I said "of course". And away we went. As I arched my back to get the best benefit of Metal Man's piercings, my head basically ended up underneath B who was sitting on the bench next to me getting blown. I leaned over and helped lick and suck him...hmmm, THREE girls on B's cock at one time. Jiggy eventually took over and sucked him off. (I was afraid I'd bite it off since I was being pounded hard from behind.) Jiggy apologized later that she had to spit, it was just way more than a mouthful. LOL

Metal Man fucked me as hard on this day as he had the night before. I squirted at some point while he was fucking me. The floor at CnC will never be the same. After we both came (ok, well, I had already cum a bunch!), I had to sit down on the bench for a rest. I noticed that >pics and names removed by request< , who had been sitting next to B, was now laying on the bench totally naked. B had dived between her legs to lick and tongue-fuck her princess-ness. Well, I couldn't NOT participate. So, I moved over to caress her face and kiss her.

After eating out >pics and names removed by request< pussy, I noticed B was hard and throbbing again. I always like his 2nd-time-around hard-on, so I pulled my skirt up again and slammed my cunt down on his cock. I made quick work of B, enjoying more squirting pleasures while roughly rubbing my clit.

We were just getting started when we noticed that CnC's back room was emptying out. The wait staff told us that the party was over. Hell! So, we straightened ourselves up the best we could and moved out into the streets of Cancun. As we were leaving CnC, one cute couple (she had a delicious New Zealand accent) showed up for the party, which we explained to them they had missed ALL of the action. They had gone shopping instead. Hmmm...

We had about 30 minutes before the bus would arrive back to pick us up, so we did the quickie shopping excursion at the open air bazaar across the street. Oh, and we found a store with Mountain Dew so B could replenish his sweet-tasting cum. LOL

The bus ride back to Desire was a blast! Girls flashing passersby. A little discrete fucking here and there.

And Jiggy doing what she does best...gettin' jiggy with a bus full of Mexicans behind us.

Jiggy had tried to explain to the busload of Desire couples that we were having an orgy when we got back to the resort. Funny how some people who come to a Lifestyle Takeover are (1) more "in" to going shopping and (2) don't understand an orgy invitation. Duh!

Anyway, the evening's theme was PJ's & Lingerie. So after getting cleaned up when we arrived back at Desire from CnC, we donned our PJ's and rushed over to >pics and names removed by request< jacuzzi suite where the orgy would occur. Well, the four of us didn't wait long and all jumped into the jacuzzi since no one else showed.

The girls led the way (as usual) with some sensual kissing which we quickly moved to the king-sized bed. I pushed >pics and names removed by request< down on the bed, and B and I proceeded to lick her moist pussy together. We wish we could remember all of the specifics, but it had been a long day of hot fucking. I do remember hopping on >pics and names removed by request< "reverse cowgirl", which I found out later is his favorite position. I held myself up by the columns at the foot of their bed and fucked him hard. And, I do remember plugging in my Hitachi Wand and sharing it with >pics and names removed by request< as she had never tried one. After finishing up with some more hot fucking with >pics and names removed by request< , I finished myself off with the Hitachi. I think they were surprised how loud I get. (Disclaimer: we're writing this 2 weeks after the fact, so please don't be too critical of our poor memories. We DO remember that a great time was had by all!)

Thursday's post is coming up...this was the day for the Desire Halloween Party. Definitely worth the wait...


Anonymous said...

Oh my. I miss Desire. I miss whipped cream. I even miss those unlucky shoppers.

But it is good to have you both back. :)


Tomscockwhore said...

Hey kids! I sure do love to hear your stories. I've partied at Carlos and Charlies but nobody blocked off the windows for me. Hmmm, maybe they should have!! After a bunch of "yards" I was plowed, and the pictures I have are great. I do remember some table dancing in the middle of the place and then stumbling back to the ship! SO jealous of you guys! Tgiving cumming up QUICK!!!