Friday, November 03, 2006

Desire Cancun LT&T Takeover – an eight part series, Part Three

From Danni:
we apologize that we told you to "Stayed tuned for more about Sunday night's adventures" and then didn't finish. So now for the rest of the story...

GoodBiLovin and her guy; how could we NOT say more about those hotties. We did the old bump-and-grind on the dance floor for a bit and then moved to the party room in the back. THAT was where the action really was.

The play room: a long, narrow room lined with mattresses (probably 8 or so) with a walkway down the middle. Red walls, black floor and ceiling. The only lighting was huge pillared candles and the porn flickering on 2 ceiling-mounted tvs. Nice clean sheets and loads of clean towels. Mecca for swingers!

I pushed GoodBi down on the mattress against the far wall to mark my spot! The Montana beauty was due for some Lickin! We kissed and I enjoyed touching her all over. GoodBi has beautiful skin and gorgeous 38D breasts. Some of the best implants I ever felt, nicely tucked under the muscle. This beauty could even make them "dance"...omigod!

I trailed down to her yummy shaved pussy and nuzzled her mound. The boys (GoodBi's guy and B) took positions on either side of her so she could expertly suck their now hard and throbbing cocks. I licked and fingered GoodBi while she sucked the boys off until she finally came up for air and exclaimed "my turn".

GoodBi pulled me down to her and then rolled me over to my back. She dove between my legs. She is definitely a BI girl! The boys had kept their positions, so now it was my turn to suck on their cocks, and suck and lick I did...their cocks and their balls. Stroking one while sucking the other and then trading off. By this time, GoodBi had me so worked up that I had to beg for a cock in me.

GoodBi took B and deftly and very erotically, I might add, covered his cock with a condom. I rolled over on top of GoodBi's guy who had already applied one. Well, her guy started to buck me up and down, and I told him to stay still...I'd fuck HIM. And fuck him "cowgirl style", I did.

Now, B and I are "bareback" fans, i.e we prefer not to use condoms, but do so on request. (I am allergic to latex and neither of us feels sex is as good when the cock is covered.) It's always very cool when those requesting them do so in such a sexy way. And, honestly, I've never put one on a cock in my life and wouldn't know how.

Now, back to the events of Monday at Desire...

Yes, that's a henna tattoo between Danni's ass dimples. It's entwined devil tails, the symbol for a "female devil" or el diablito. Shame it didn't last long...what with all the groping and fucking, not to mention the spa massages.

During the day we did our usual laying around the pool, hang out near the bar, watch the naked people, etc. and be general bums. Couldn't help but wonder... what the poor people were doing???

Monday was slated to be a Naughty School Girls theme– Oh, those bad girls!!! Danni dressed in her plaid pink/black skirt, high heels and a tight sheer white t-shirt with ponytail. Shame we never made it to the theme dance, though, but I digress. LOL

Sometimes it was hard to really "get to know" a couple during the day, so we made dinner plans with a couple we'd chatted with online for quite a while before the trip. In fact, the he of the couple helped me with a computer problem. His repayment was to be a BJ from Danni. Like she needs a reason! LOL

We dubbed this hot couple King David and Bathsheba (Sheba for short).

David, Sheba, Danni and I met at Desire's Japanese restaurant. A loud, raucous time was had by all. King David is the "king" based on his cock size. He tends to pull it out and shake it a lot, making all the girls squeal with delight. Danni told him he should throw it up the on hibachi grill, 'cuz it looked like a giant chorizo sausage. Shake, shake, shake...shake your cock!

Not to be outdone, here's a shot of Sheba's shakin' too!

Oops, my mind wandered again...back to the story. A couple of gals sat at the hibachi grill with us, stealing furtive glances. David and Danni sat closest to them and enjoyed taunting them with tales of "the Lifestyle" when we found out they were Tour Guides from DC (scouting Desire for future trips) and NOT Lifestylers themselves. Danni promised to email them when we arrived home, providing links to the DC groups we know that may be interested in their tour services. Hi girls!!! We'd luv to lead a Lifestyle Tour!

After dinner..and, yes, a few drinks, too. Danni and Sheba both agreed that we should skip the dance and go straight to the real party! on the beach anyone? Danni ran up to the jacuzzi area and grabbed towels for everyone. We headed to the beach and grabbed the first palapa bed we could find.

Danni accidentally erased all of our audio files we use to write our blog. It's tough to try to remember a week long sex party after the fact. So, I apologize for being a bit sketchy on the details. I do remember that the girls kissed a bit, but we tended to pair off rather quickly. Sheba wanted to test my tongue and Danni wanted to try out that "sausage".

While Sheba and I worked each other orally, some gymnastic fucking was going on between David and Danni.

And when the king comes, beware of the bear noises. Yes, he growls and howls just like a bear. I think that was a "first" in our swinging lifestyle.

Sheba and Danni requested cold drinks, so we sent King David to the bar. Meanwhile, Danni and I took turns working Sheba. Danni did the "alphabet song" with her tongue on Sheba's pussy. Danni slipped her fingers into Sheba's wet pussy, curving them in that "come hither" movement she uses, stroking Sheba's g-spot. We found out later, though, that she only got to W before Sheba could take no more. So, Danni still owes Sheba XY and Z!

When David returned with drinks, he was ready to go again. So, the king did his kingly duty and hopped on top of Sheba for some husband-wife fucking. There cums the bear again! ROAR!

We drew so much attention (damn bear noises!) that other friends wandered up to chat with us while we were "resting". Gee, we never did make the theme dance. ;-)

On to Tuesday....


Tomscockwhore said...

The beginning of the week and good fun already (insert jealous sigh here!).

Is it Thanksgiving yet?????

Danni and B said...

More on my "bareback" comment in this post:

We've heard the argument by other swingers for using condoms with their playmates. We appreciate the argument, but these same people also engage in unprotected oral sex with others. So I did a little research for you. Please read on...


Oral Sex Is Not Considered Safe Sex

Studies have demonstrated that oral sex can result in the transmission of HIV and other STDs. HIV- the virus, which can cause AIDS, is in the blood, breast milk, vaginal fluid or semen of someone with HIV, so you are at risk if you get any of these fluids in your bloodstream.

In fellatio and cunnilingus, there is a risk of transmission for the receptive partner (the person who is licking and/or sucking) because infected pre-ejaculate ("pre-cum") fluid, semen or vaginal fluid and blood can get into the mouth. (This includes, but is not limited to, menstrual blood.) For the insertive partner (the person who is being sucked or licked), there is a risk of infection because infected blood from a partner's bleeding gums or an open sore could come in contact with a scratch, cut, or sore on the penis or vagina.and blood can get into the mouth.

Although the risk is many times smaller than anal or vaginal sex, HIV has been transmitted to receptive partners through fellatio and cunnilingus, even in cases when insertive partners didn't ejaculate ("cum").

Anilingus carries a small risk of transmission for the insertive partner (the person who is licking or sucking the anus) if there is exposure to infected blood, either through bloody fecal matter (bodily waste) or cuts/sores in the anal area. Anilingus carries a theoretical risk to the receptive partner (the person who is being licked/sucked) if infected blood in saliva comes in contact with anal/rectal lining.

If you are concerned about becoming infected with a STD, one should use a condom when giving oral sex to a man or a dental dam (latex square) when giving oral sex to a woman.

Herpes, syphilis, gonorrhea, genital warts (HPV), intestinal parasites (amebiasis), and hepatitis A are examples of other STDs which can be transmitted during oral sex with an infected partner.

You cannot pass on or become infected with an STD as a result of kissing. However, you could pass on cold sores (herpes simplex, HSV1) to your partner through kissing.

Any sexual activity, which can lead to bleeding or cuts/breaks in the lining of vagina or anus, is considered risky, including 'fisting' or certain S&M activities.

The only "safe sex" is sex that doesn’t allow any infected body fluid to enter your body – and doesn’t allow you to infect your partner, either. Activities that are safe include hugging, touch, massage, masturbation. Sex toys, whatever, are fine, too – just put a condom over them, and if you switch them from one person’s body to another’s – change the condom.

So, unless you are practicing safe sex all-the-way-around, we're not sure we understand the condoms-only rule during full swap.

Just my 2 cents.