Monday, May 18, 2009

We’ve been pretty AWOL lately...

... both from playing and posting with work and life keeping us busy. But, hopefully things will heat up, so to speak.

After partying all afternoon at an outdoor festival, OuiOui and Barney joined Danni and me back at our place. The hot sun and alcohol took a bit of our energy, so Danni took a nap. OuiOui and Barney soon went into our guest room to take a nap too, but OuiOui couldn’t sleep and came back to join me in the living room.

I offered her a couple of “red” shooters, and before you knew it, our clothes were flying off. OuiOui sucked on my hard cock and then hopped on me, riding me cowgirl style. After a bit, I flipped her onto the couch and started eating her pussy. Then I started fucking her, legs high in the air. Clearly I hadn’t played in a while, and OuiOui had me blowing my load in no time. That damn pussy knows how to milk a cock.

As we were cleaning up, OuiOui’s husband, Barney, walked out, and immediately knew what happened. So, I guess he was cool with sloppy seconds and grabbed OuiOui, threw her back on the couch, and took over from where I left off. That damn cum slut worked her magic on Barney too.

Danni woke up after a bit, and told OuiOui that she had a dream that she heard me fucking. We all laughed and explained that it wasn’t a dream. Apparently I have a unique “grunting” that let’s Danni know that I’m fucking someone.

Into the evening, Storm and Wolverine came over. It’d been 3 months since we’ve all seen each other, so we all got caught up for a while.

Danni then came over and started rubbing my cock and kissing me. She pulled me over to the couch and my pants fell to the ground as I was walking. I sat down, Danni got on her knees, and she started using that expert mouth. While Danni was blowing me, Wolverine was fucking OuiOui, and Storm and Barney were on one of the mattresses, going at it.

It wasn’t long before all 3 pairings were lying next to each other. Storm and Barney finished up and were chilling on the couch. I sat next to Storm, and soon she was stroking both Barney’s cock as well as my own cock. Storm then started sucking me. Damn she felt good.

Of course, I had to get me some of that Storm pussy, and we were going at it. After numerous positions, Storm got on me and worked that tight pussy around my cock. She fucked and fucked me until she had me in a hot and sweaty orgasm.

I was dead... tired.

Everyone eventually finished up, and we sat around the kitchen table and caught up. Between the beer, the heat, the sex, the shots and more sex, I was pretty well spent for the night. I excused myself, kissed the girls g’nite, and slept a very deep (and happy) sleep.