Monday, November 26, 2007

Bad, Bad Kitty

We had lots fun with Bad Kitty a few weeks ago at Virginia Friends. Lucky us, she lives nearby, so we invited her to our place for some more FMF/FFM action.

Bad Kitty is tall, very sexy and a hot blond. When I met her at the door, she seemed especially tall. I was in my socks while she was wearing very high heels. But soon, those were off, along with the rest of our clothes.

As soon as we got to the bedroom (and enjoyed more 3-way kissing), Danni suggested that she get in her now-famous position, on her back, head hanging over the edge. That was my cue to shove my cock deep into her throat. As we’ve said before, she’s got skills beyond compare, and apparently doesn’t need oxygen very often.

While I was exploring her esophagus with my cock, Danni was working her pussy with her mouth, her fingers and then with her toys. Watching Danni work her magic with that pussy just got me harder and harder. Danni had Bad Kitty so wet, she was almost able to slip her entire fist into that slippery pussy. Bad Kitty wriggled and spasmed with pleasure, all the while sucking me deep into her throat.

I finally moved around to let Bad Kitty breathe, and Danni laid on top of Bad Kitty, kissing that wonderfully talented mouth. In turn, I got behind Danni and Bad Kitty and started fucking Danni doggie style.

We continued to mix it up for a few hours. I was so focused on the task at hand, and what a wonderful task it was, that I lost track of everything. Thankfully, Danni pulled out the camera.

I do remember Danni pulled out her double-headed dildo and started fucking Bad Kitty with it. Shame I was too focused on watching to use the camera.

At one point, Danni lay next to me while Bad Kitty was riding my cock. She watched with awe as Bad Kitty pumped up and down on my cock. She finally understands why I like the Cowgirl position so much. It’s such a great visual, watching a girl fuck and moan and then come while milking my cock with her pussy. Danni just had to grab some pictures of this, too. (Can you tell she had fun with her new photo-editing software?)

I flipped Bad Kitty over and pulled her knees back and started fucking her missionary while Danni sat on her face. Danni and I then kissed with every thrust into Bad Kitty's pussy. After a while, these hotties had me so worked up that all I could do was cum hard for them.

After we had all orgasmed a few times, we lay on the bed and talked for a good while. We hadn’t really gotten to know each other at VAF, and this gave us a chance to actually know something ~other than some wonderful carnal knowledge~ about each other.

After talking for a while, lying between these two hot naked women, my cock decided to take over for my mouth. I was ready to go again, and so were the girls. We went back at it, in various positions. Danni had squirted numerous times, Bad Kitty had gushed and the bed was soaked from all three of us.

Finally, we were all spent and as Danni lay curled up snoozing (as she tends to do after loads of sex, she's such a "guy") I kissed Bad Kitty goodnight at the door. We're looking forward to our next time together.

The end.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

SLS blog fan and Pulling the Wishbone

Received from a blog fan from SLS :

"hey danni - i read your blog today and it was so hot -love the stories of you and badkitty. what's the best way to start getting into the swing scene? my wife and I aren't up for six-somes where everyone fucks everyone (although that might happen..who knows). I think we'd be more comfortable with watching or being watched - what's the best way to get into a more milder scene than what you write about? "

Dear Mr. Anonymous,

I thought I'd be clever (or a smart-ass, whichever works best for you LOL) on this Thanksgiving evening and embed some answers within the email above based on past blog posts. We've written SO much over the years on many of these topics. You'll just have to dig through the archives for the gems. (Link to the archives are on the right-hand sidebar!)

We had other blog fans recently email us and say they'd stayed up all night to read EVERY post we ever made. Laughed my ass off on that one, especially when they wrote that they had to stop every now and again while reading to "get busy". LMAO!!!

Oh, and this is the ONLY post on our entire 3 years of blogging that we've even used the word MILD, and then it was from sharing information from a Kinsey report. LOL "Mild" just doesn't describe us and Danni654 Swingertime! Happy Turkey Day!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

A Solo Storm

One of our favorite couples are Storm and Wolverine. If you search their names in our blog (see the SEARCH feature in the right-hand sidebar), you'll see we've had lots of hot times together.

Recently, we received a message from Wolverine on AFF, telling us that he was going to be out of town, and asked if we could "take care" of Storm, while he was gone. Well, we LOVE messages like this, and welcome any requests to "look after" your wife while you're out of town, lol.

Storm stopped by our place, and we went out for some dinner at a very intimate (swinger-looking) place we'd been hoping to try. After dinner and drinks, we walked back to to our Sex Palace South, everyone very comfortable in the knowledge of how much we enjoyed being naked together.

While Danni was in the bathroom, Storm and I started kissing, groping and removing each others clothes. When Danni came out, she noticed how hard Storm had me and suggested that my pants needed to be removed (as they were, at this point, merely puddled down around my ankles). Well, that took no time at all.

Storm was sucking my cock and Danni stood on the couch and sat her pussy on my face. This felt great (understatement of the year), and I fully (quite literally) enjoyed the attention. The couch (a sectional) was spreading apart, and I suggested that we head to the bedroom before I fell completely through the two couch sections and landed bare-assed on the cold hardwood floor.

On the bed, the three of us enjoyed each other immensely. Each girl took a turn riding my cock. While Storm was fucking me, I invited Danni to lay closely next to me to see the hot visual I had. Danni watched as Storm had a wonderful orgasm while riding up and down. It was so hot for both of us to watch her coming. And, yes, her orgasmic convulsions did remind us of Storm of the X-Men! HOTTT!

Danni then took her turn on my cock. Storm was licking both of us which turned Danni on so much that she squirted all over me. Things were very wet now, and Danni continued to fuck me hard.

Not one to hog the pussy, we laid Danni on the bed, and Storm dove in between her legs. While Storm was enjoying eating Danni's pussy, I moved around and shoved my cock back into her tight pussy.

While I jammed my cock into Storm from behind, Storm's face was fucking Danni at the same rhythm. This is definitely the way a three-way is meant to be. Storm was working the Hitachi wand on Danni, and Danni came over and over again.

The girls laid by back down on the bed, and Storm went back to milking my cock with her tight pussy. It didn't take long before she had me coming long and hard. I did my best to stay hard for a while, and the girls did a great job keeping me that way.

After fucking Storm a little more, I then moved on to Danni and fucked her hard until I came for a second time.

Danni and I used her toys on Storm, enjoying watching her orgasm from these new (to her) toys. After a while, we were all spent, and laid together, talking and enjoying our comfortable nakedness together.

We hated to, but eventually had to kiss her goodnight. Special thanks to Wolverine, for having faith enough in us to take care of his most important treasure.

Friday, November 09, 2007

We've got MAD SKILLS (Part Two)

We slept until about 11 after a very fun night being worn out by Bad Kitty (see MAD SKILLS, Part One). We grabbed lunch and went to a movie (Saw IV, which neither of us would recommend, even though we liked the first three of the series).

We got back to the hotel, and I took a nap for few hours. We had pizza delivered to our room and got cleaned up and into our "costumes" for the infamous VAF Halloween party.

I was pretty lazy, just throwing on silky lounge pants and a smoking jacket/robe and saying I was doing the Hugh Hefner thing. Now Danni, on the other hand, enjoys dressing up every month, and this month became a Dominatrix French Maid, aka a really BAD French Maid.

We got to the party around 10 and saw lots of our friends, including Charlotte and Junior (as surgeon and naughty nurse), OuiOui and Barney (as harem girl and pharoah), B&J, K (streaker) &C (punk rock chick), Bad Kitty and many others. We chatted and flirted thoughout the night. During the party, there was a costume contest for couples and single women. A big congratulations to B&J for winning the couples contest. They had amazing costumes and were the clear winners of the night. J ( the male 1/2) was dressed as an Oscar, gold lame suit and sword to match!

After the contest, the dance floor got very sexy. Danni and I were dancing and grinding with lots of sexy couples. Couples that we had never even seen before came up to us and got nice and friendly, some saying they were blog fans! My cock was being held by numerous dance partners all night long and Danni's tits and pussy was explored by more women than we can count.

At midnight we all headed upstairs. On the way up, A&C showed up, and they joined us upstairs. We didn't get too far down the hallway as a bunch of sex couples gathered near our doorway.

It didn't take long for people to come into our room. Bad Kitty and I were the first to get into the room, and we joked that we recognized the bed. Bad Kitty was quick to get back into her favorite (and now mine, too) position, and I was quickly shoving my hard cock deep into that waiting throat, and holding it there until she couldn't hold her breath any more.

Everyone else was filing into the room. Danni had taken A (the female 1/2 of A&C) onto the bed next to us and quickly had her naked and was working her pussy.

A hot little scene appeared near the love seat, as Charlotte and Junior were playing with a new couple we'd just met (LaTeishia and Harry, we think! lol). At one point, Charlotte was laying on the floor, LaTeishia was on top of her, and Junior was fucking LaTeishia doggie style. B&J had joined the group, and J (the golden Oscar) took his turn fucking LaTeishia without even removing his suit. Seems that "Oscar" has a zipper for his cock!

While Bad Kitty and I were 69'ing, Danni got up and put on her Barbie-pink strap-on. She fucked A hard with her strap-on for a long time. A likes it rough and begged Danni for more, more, more. 24 hours later, Danni's "guy muscles" were still sore, lol.

Bad Kitty and I were fucking by this point, enjoying our now familiar bodies. After Danni was done with A and the strap-on, she grabbed her double-headed dildo and approached Bad Kitty. She had previously mentioned to us that she'd owned a double-headed dildo, but really didn't know how to use it.

Well, Danni showed her.

With the double-headed in each of their pussies, they fucked each other really hard. At one point, Bad Kitty was fucking Danni so hard with her new found cock, that Danni just laid back and enjoyed being fucked by this incredibly sexy blonde.

While I was laying next to this scene, Charlotte finally came up for air and noticed that I was "available". Lucky guy that I am, she came over and hopped right onto my cock and started fucking the hell out of me. After some nice long fucking, she milked the cum right out of my cock with an intense orgasm. I tried to keep going, but nature finally took over, and I needed to take a break.

By this point, Danni's half of the bed was soaked. Danni had squirted all over from she and Bad Kitty using the double-headed dildo. Now when Danni's done, she's DONE. She was laying in a fetal position, almost sleep. Junior had come over and joined Charlotte and me. He flipped her over doggie style and started fucking her while Char was sucking me hard again.

This fucking and sucking was going on for a long time, so long that Danni passed out along the way at some point. Junior needed to take a break and headed down the hall for some food, so Charlotte hopped onto my cock and went back to fucking me.

Knowing that I didn't have another orgasm readily available, I flipped Charlotte over, laid her on her back and started fingering her pussy. I had her squirting 4 or 5 times, and the bed was soooo wet that we could have called it a pond. lol

Junior returned and the three of us decided it was time to grab a bite. We'd been playing for about 3 hours, and we all could use some energy boost. After groggily looking at the food, I decided that exhaustion was overtaking hunger, and I said goodnight to everyone.

Danni was long passed out as I joined her in bed. She never moved. But she was surely having wonderful dreams. By comparison, Danni's side of the bed was drier than mine for a change. Until next party....we're trying out MAC for Leather & Lace.

Monday, November 05, 2007

We've got MAD SKILLS (Part One)

Traffic to Virginia Friends was rough this night, so we didn't make it to the new hotel until party time. We signed in and headed to our room to unpack. Virginia Friends, our favorite club, has had a little rough patch with hotels, changes in ownership (and less-than-understanding management) had caused the club to move to a few different hotels. After a weekend at this new one, we really hope things work out. Hope this can be our club hotel for a long time. It's miles ahead of the previous hotels.

Friday was a fairly quiet night, between 50 to 75 people. We had a few drinks, caught up with some old friends and were pretty mellow for most of our time in the bar.

At midnight, the party went up to the secured floor, and everyone seemed to lose a lot of their clothes. Definitely a good thing.

We enjoyed talking to lots of people. We normally don't hang in the hallway very long, since parties just seem to start early in our room. But, this night had been pretty mellow, so there was no instant party starting up.

I (B) noticed a sexy tall blonde and recognized her as a single female we'd been emailing on SLS for a while, trying to find a time to get together. I went over to her and introduced myself. Sure enough, it was Bad Kitty.

Danni and I chatted with her and others for a long time. There was lots of BDSM play happening in the hallway, with floggers leaving red marks on asses and backs. Ouch. Danni had to run the bathroom for a minute, and Bad Kitty and I continued our conversation (actually, Danni told me to "seal the deal"). Suddenly, Bad Kitty saw a couple she knew, and before I knew it, she was leaving with them. Damn!

Danni came back and asked what happened. I just proved that it's all about the women, and guys just aren't good "bait". We hung out a little longer, watching with cringing awe as women spanked women, men spanked women, and women were spanking men. And, when I say spanking, I really mean beating the shit out of each other. That's certainly not the way that Danni and I play, but there seemed to be a lot of happy victims.

Suddenly, I noticed that Bad Kitty had returned and was nestled up next to Danni. This was a VERY good thing. After talking for a while, Danni sat Bad Kitty on a cooler, spread her legs and went down on her, eating and fingering her pussy. Bad Kitty was clearly enjoying this. The girls received some great interest from those remaining in the hall. A few people were even interested in trying to join them, but the girls were very focused on each other.

After a while, they got up and grabbed my hand and said it was time for the three of us go back to our room. BABY!!!!!

We got to our room and Danni has to make another bathroom trip. She told me that Bad Kitty really liked to suck cock, and I should shove my cock into her mouth, she'd be right back. Well, with this request, it took be about .17 seconds to get hard. I love my Danni!

Bad Kitty smiled and hopped on the bed, laying backwards, with her head hanging off the edge of the bed. My pants were already off, and she grabbed my cock and forced me into her mouth.

Now normally, this position can put a woman in a pretty vunerable position, and it's pretty easy to get deep into her throat. Most women need some workup towards deep throating, if they can do it at all. Well, not Bad Kitty. She grabbed my ass and forced my cock all the way into her throat. There was absolutely no gagging. As we told her, she's got "Mad Skills" when it comes to cock sucking. That term would be used with Bad Kitty throughout the weekend.

Bad Kitty would keep my cock in her throat for an amazingly long time. At one point, she was lamenting that she had to breath at all. She would love to just keep my cock right there, but funny how the body occasionally requires some oxygen.

Danni came out and went right at that available pussy. Bad Kitty sucked me for maybe 20 minutes while Danni was eating, fingering and attempting to fist Bad Kitty's tight little pussy. Danni and I would kiss each other, since it was so easy to reach each other.

We flipped Bad Kitty around so I could work on her slurpy, wet pussy, and Danni lowered her cunt onto Bad Kitty's face. Bad Kitty is fairly new to the girl/girl thing, so Danni was careful not to shove her cunt directly onto her face, in case Bad Kitty wasn't ready for serious pussy eating. Well, Bad Kitty clearly likes pussy, and she grabbed Danni's ass and forced her pussy hard onto down onto her face, and tongue.

In the meantime, I spread Bad Kitty's legs and ate that tasty pussy. I explored her wet cunt, licking her g-spot and clit, feeling her "cunt-vulse" from both Danni and I working her.

I finally got up and lifted Bad Kitty's knees up and shoved my cock into her tight, wet cunt. Danni was telling me to fuck her hard, but Bad Kitty had told me earlier that she enjoying the sensual part of play, and not just raw fucking, so I didn't got into "slam fuck" mode. But, I took immense pleasure in feeling my cock going in and out of her. She seemed to enjoy this, too.

After a long while of fucking, I couldn't hold back any more and came hard. I did my best to remain hard for a while and did so for maybe 5 more minutes. But eventually, we all settled down on the bed, snuggled together and talked for a while, getting to know Bad Kitty better.


Danni got up to go to the bathroom, and Bad Kitty and I started kissing again. She rolled over on top of me and felt my hard cock pressed against her. She lit up with a big smile. So Bad Kitty hopped on top of me and lowered herself onto my waiting cock. We continued fucking; I enjoyed watching her fucking me from above, as Danni came out of the bathroom.

Danni started licking my balls and Bad Kitty's ass, both of us loving the feel of her mouth. Danni told Bad Kitty to ride me hard, and she did, and after a more great fucking, Bad Kitty had me coming again.

By this time, we'd been playing for over 2 hours and all of our legs were quivering. We kissed goodnight and said we were looking forward to seeing her tomorrow.

P.S. Danni and I have "Mad Skills", too! ;-)

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Dolce (F) and Gabana (M) do sushi

We woke up this morning, only to find a yahoo IM from Dolce (F) and Gabana (M) asking if we might be available to meet tonight. At the same time, Enigma sent me an IM (we chat often), and I asked her if they were interested in a little six-way tonight. They jumped right on it, literally.

The 6 of us met for Chinese, and we spent some time getting to know Dolce and Gabana. As dinner wrapped up, Danni suggested that we head back to our place, which we all did.

Now, we don't usually pay attention to fortune cookies, but ours foretold of the evening ahead (no lie, this is what we got at the restaurant! LMAO):
"A couple of extra friends could be floating in your direction."
"Go above and beyond your duty. You will benefit from it."
"The joyful energy of the day will have a positive effect on you."
"Turn on the charm. You'll be glad you did."
"You'll meet your big cheese today."
"You are attractive to the opposite sex."

When we got back to our place, Danni grabbed Dolce and Enigma, and the 3 girls went into the bedroom, as the guys hung out and had a drink. We always disagree as to how long the girls spend in the room without the guys. I figure that it's a few hours, Danni thinks it a few minutes. It's probably somewhere in between.

After a while, we peeked in and saw the girls all naked and intertwined. They told us to come on in and to bring our cocks with us. We gladly obliged.

Everyone had a chance to have sex with everyone. I started with Dolce, first with oral and 69'ing, later with some long fucking. Danni was fucking The Shadow and Enigma was with Gabana. Eventually things changed up, and I had time with both Enigma and my love, Danni.

Everyone had come at least once. The Shadow and Danni were done and having drinks. I was hanging out with them when I noticed that 3 people were missing. I walked back into the bedroom and found Enigma playing with Dolce and Gabana - again. So I hopped on the bed to watch. I soon got involved in the action, and we had a nice little 4-way going on.

Enigma and I got up after we finished. After a bit, I saw that 2 people were still missing, so I again went back into the bedroom, to find Dolce and Gabana still going at it. Boy, don't these guys have a breaking point?

Dolce started working me gain, sucking on my cock. They asked if I would indulge them in one of her fantasies, a bit of double penetration. I said that I'd love to help them out and got in position to shove my cock in her waiting ass. Unfortunately, I'd already come a few times, so the best I could get was a kind of rubbery hard on, not the cock of steel that you really should have when you are doing DP. I appologized, and told them that I owed them a DP, and they they needed to grab me early in the evening next time.

So to Dolce and Gabana, you have an IOU-DP waiting for you (just fill in the blank below!).

We eventually kissed everyone goodnight and everyone left with a big smile on their face.