Monday, May 29, 2006

Las Vegas Question from a fan...

We received the following email and thought we'd respond via the blog, since many of our readers may have the same questions:


We've really have enjoyed your participation on Swingercast and we've browsed your blog. We have a LV question and turning to you as that seems to be a favorite playground of yours. We are newbies, curious about the lifestyle, and our first time around would like to go to an off-premise club,if there is one in LV. The idea would be to be around others in an exhibitionist-friendly environment so she can dress very sexily and not run afoul of the club management.

Any suggestions for us? If nothing like this, what onpremise club would you recommend for us as newbies. We'd really just want to play with each other, but in an environment with others at this time. We want to take it slowly to make sure we are both comfortable with this.

Thanks, R & M

Dear R&M-
Glad to help, if we can. First, do you have a profile on any sites (such as the sites we have links to on the RH side template on our blog)? If so, tell us which one and your handle, and we'll check you out. That has always been the best way for us to hookup, even from the beginning. Or do you have pics (even g-rated face ones) you wish to share with us? You show us yours...

So do you live in or near Vegas or you're planning a visit? If so, when do you plan to be there? If you've checked out the blog, you know there is a Lifestyle Convention there in July. We'll be there! This would be a good place, actually, for newbies to see the full range of Lifestylers (from newbies to the hard-core) with no expectations of participation (you can OR don't have to, as you please!), an exhibit hall and classes/seminars, etc. We have lots of friends from all over the country that are planning to go, too!

As for regular clubs in Vegas, I hate to tell you, but they suck in our opinion. Red Rooster, Green Door and Couples Oasis are VERY hit and miss. I would not suggest that newbies go there for a first time. I'd be afraid that the places would be overrun with people that are not indicative of the Lifestylers we know and then would be turned off altogether. We know nothing about this club, but you may want to check it out: .

We've had good luck meeting lifestyle people we found via the various sites that live in or near Vegas. (Just don't expect the people OFF the strip to look like the people ON the strip!) Truthfully, you can dress sexily anywhere in Vegas! If you want a club which is a good place to see and be seen, check out Krave. I know my g/f and I plan to do the Krave Girl Bar when we're there! Or check out a strip club; Vegas has tons. My favorites are the full nude ones, especially the ones with "couch dances" in the back room! Yummy! Be sure to check out their websites and see if they are "couple-friendly"; otherwise, you'll be bodyguarding your wife all night from the single guys.

Hopefully, we've helped somewhat. Let us know how it goes!

xoxo, Danni (and B)

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