Friday, May 12, 2006

Another Sex Quiz....or maybe not...posted by B

Danni scored a 140, ranking her as a 10. Before you applaud, read on and take the quiz yourself. Be afraid. Be very afraid. I, on the other hand, count myself lucky!

DANNI's RESULTS: Time to check in somewhere. You may murder for sex. You may try rape, particularly if you also have an intense power program and can’t meet your expectations any other way. You may do whatever it takes to fulfill your sexual urges and fantasies. You are dangerous. You are also capable of killing if you catch your significant partner, who you think you own, having sex with someone else.

Note from Danni: I'm not sharing my results from the "Power Quiz". I don't appreciate being referred to as a pyschopath. Calling me "alpha" is ok, I get that alot anyway! xoxo

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Karl Bakla said...

the quiz was wrong it said I wasn't willing to have an affair, sheeesh just ask any one if that's true