Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Vegas Report: 1st Annual Swingercast Podcast - Saturday - Porn Stars and what we did as Pirates

Saturday, at last, at the Vegas Lifestyles Convention! We blew off the Sat. Pool Party where Ms. Lifestyles 2006 was crowned. Here she is for your viewing pleasure. Funny, though, we never saw her at any of the parties we attended...hmmm?

And, we had good reason to pass up the pool event! The afternoon seminar was "Behind the Scenes on Porno-Making". Couldn't pass that one up! The lovely Brooke Hunter, along with her husband and fellow porn star, Don Hollywood, and some skinny little crack-whore-lookin' girl not only talked about making porns, they actually enacted scenes!!!!!!

Have you ever seen the show "Whose Line Is It Anyway"? We shouted out what the story line should be, and they did it! Including pile-driver and the pop shot (aka cum shot)! Don's very well-endowed, but as you'll see from his pic below, he obviously must have had $$ on his side as well to land a hot babe like Brooke.

B and I arrived to the seminar early and we got front row seats on the floor. Brooke's pussy was so close to us, I could have reached out and licked her. But I refrained....don't touch the porn star (unless invited)! They did invite everyone to join them in a gang bang scene they were filming later that evening. I would have joined in if it had been an all-girl gang bang...LOL!

Here are some links to learn more (and see more) about Brooke:

Later, we hosted an event in our suite: Visit and listen to Episode 12 for the 1st Annual Swingercast Podcast. This was a Roundtable of swingers, and that's Swinger with a "Grrr", talking about our Hot Times, our Hot Love (as Allie from Swingercast puts it), and other Hot Swingers.

That's Episode 12 from the Danni654 Swingertime Suite at the Lifestyles Convention in Las Vegas!

Participants included Caroline & James and Julia & Paul from Seattle WA, Allie & John from Swingercast-land, and Isabel & Mark from somewhere-out-there! It was great fun! Just wish we'd had time to do our girls-only bubble bath "chat", too. But, everyone needed to go get ready for the grand finale...the Pirates & Wenches Party.

Yes, B got his cock sucked in there somewhere by this "pirate wench"! LOL The theme dance was just ok, so, as usual, we headed up to the suites... the New Horizons Club wast hosting in the Presidential Suite, and the featured event was Naked Girl Oil Wrestling. Needless to say, the place was packed! Before the oil wrestling started, B turns to me and says he just saw Devinn Lane from one of our favorite shows:

I said "no way"! We couldn't possibly meet two porn stars in one day. Being the alpha female that I am, I made my way through the crowd with B in tow and asked her if she was THE Devinn Lane. It was! And she even introduced us to her boyfriend and told us that they're swingers, too! I must admit that I barely noticed her guy; I was enthralled with her! Devinn looks SO good in person; her TV, videos and photos do NOT do her justice!

We were even more shocked when Devinn joined in the oil wrestling. She was SO HOTTT! I even got to watch her in the shower afterward...oh, to be that bar of soap!

Here are some links to check out Devinn:

C'est la vie! We'll miss you, Vegas!

But, we'll see you soon, Las Vegas!

P.S. If you'll be in Vegas (or you live in Vegas), we'll be there in January 2007!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Vegas Report: The Lifestyles Convention - Friday lets the Neon Glow

Yep, Friday was Naughty Neon night. The theme dance was {yawn} ok and there was a decent pool party. I swam in the pool in my dress (it was so damn hot!). When I got out of the pool, I molested the big "R " from our home club, VA Friends while his gorgeous, blonde wife looked on. Got him all wet...and hard! LOL

There wasn't much to my neon outfit...a little lime green. Looked like this dress, just in that hideous neon green! I can't believe we took absolutely NO pics on Friday! The dress was so skimpy, it was dry almost immediately after I got out of the pool.

The Friday pool party was sponsored by John & Allie's home club. They also had a small suite on the Penthouse Floor. I apologize for not remembering all of the club names, but follow this link to all of the clubs that sponsored parties: .

We ran into Isabel and Mark again and went to the East Tower suites with them; they, however, went off to a private suite party on the 4th floor and we headed to the Penthouse.

However, this night every suite had a "secure" back area, requiring you to be naked to enter. Well, that's all well and good...and definitely our intention, but I like to look first! If I don't like what I see, I'm not jumping in the middle! That's like going swimming before checking to see if they're shark-infested waters. Na-ah! Not this girl!

Trapeze sponsored the Presidential Suite Fri night. It looked pretty dull to us. Since we weren't asked to get naked when we entered, that wasn't a good sign. LOL

We wandered back to the Club Lifestyles Suite where we had partied on Thursday night. Their secure area was the same way, although you could see inside a little better. The "guard" said you had to be having sex to enter. I asked if that meant we needed to get started in the hallway, but I don't think he appreciated my humor. So, we promised to get fucking as soon as we entered...and we did!

The huge back room was covered with mattresses as we mentioned before, lighted only by blacklights. Very cool atmosphere. Bodies everywhere in a variety of sex positions...fucking, sucking, etc. B surveyed the "lay of the land" and found one small spot on a mattress that was available next to a cute blonde and her guy.

We immediately stripped, and I started to give B a blowjob. When a little more space came available, B laid down and I continued to suck his ever-hardening cock. Then I flipped around on top of B in a 69 so we could both enjoy oral. Since I was already very wet, I got up fairly quickly and sat, reverse cowgirl, on B's cock.

The blonde was on her back with her guy between her legs munching away. I touched her leg to see if she was receptive (an "Allie" move), and she was. So our hands wandered all over each other for a bit. Her guy was grabbing my ass and B was squeezing her breasts. I leaned in and the girls kissed. The game was on! The blonde was stroking B's balls while I was fucking him.

Her guy got behind her, rolling her so she was facing us. I thought perhaps she might like to suck B's cock (I'm so considerate!), so I slipped off and dove down between her legs. Her guy was fucking her, so I licked her clit feverishly while stroking and pulling on his balls. Her guy's cock slipped out of her. I planned to suck him but the taste of precum (sorry, but yuck!), so I decided to fuck it instead. So I flipped around so my ass was towards him and guided his cock inside me.

Both blonde girl and I had access to B's cock, so she and I both licked and suckled him. B was the fuck-king! He just lay back with him hands under his head surveying the room. Here was two girls sucking his cock and many of the nearby couples were watching. We could only assume that since most of the action at that point was couples only (with little to no interaction with others) that we must have been quite a show. B said he could see a few people pointing and a guy gave him a knowing grin and nod. B was like a kid in a candy store.

Blonde girl finally flipped around at B's beckoning to sit on his face while sucking him. Her thighs would tighten and her legs would straighten out very stiffly.

She fucked B's tongue with a vengeance, so deeply that her g-spot was definitely enjoying it!

Nutcracker B's head was the walnut. I told him later that I thought his head looked thinner. All the girls who like oral LOVE that tongue.

I tried to slam fuck the guy in doggy, but he was bent the wrong direction for me to enjoy. So I turned to him and said "I need to sit on that" with the intention of sitting on him and...boom...he came just like that. Sex definitely occurs between the ears!

So I proceeded to shove him on his back, stroking his cock to try to get him hard again. To no avail. Since the guy came too fast, I ended up laying down, spreading my legs and fingering myself, since I hadn't cum yet.

A guy from the next mattress leaned over and dove between my legs. I'm sure he thought he was going to enjoy some sweet nectar. But he quickly drew away when he realized he wasn't tasting pussy juice but some other guy's cum. He (and NOT very discreetly, I might add) wiped his lips and face on my inner thighs as he sheepishly pulled away. Quality pussy eaters should not let a little cum in their way.

It became apparent that blonde girl wasn't going to fuck B, and, well, I needed to while she was still sitting on B's face (the full-on sitting that requires B to breath with his ears), I hopped on his cock and rode him hard.

Just as blonde girl was getting up from B's face, I could feel his legs straighten (I know his toes were curling) and saw that "cum face" starting. B was blowing his load at the same time I was cumming. Most of the time when I squirt, I need to pull away...all that liquid has to go somewhere! It was like a bottle rocket between B blowing and me squirting. We had the Bellagio fountains going in the orgy room. I'm guessing most people haven't seen squirting in person. I noticed all of the people around were watching quietly. So I apologized and asked if I had splashed them. They were all very animated at that point, saying no, that they enjoyed the show.

B's cock was still hard, so I went back to fucking him. He noticed that blonde girl and her guy were getting dressed to go said thank you and sent them on their way.

We intentionally did not ask their names. In fact, I never spoke to the guy other than uttering the phrase that caused him to loose his composure and "blow".

Talk about anonymous sex! We have no idea who they were. We did see a few couples later that could have been them, but no confirmation.

The most awesome thing happened at the end of the orgy. As we (shakily) got to our feet and began scrounging for our clothes and dressing, the group all around us broke out in appluase. I did a little curtsy, although I had no skirt on. We'd never been applauded before! We didn't know that many people were paying attention to us. Hey, they were s'posed to be fucking!

We grabbed a soda and went back to our room, not seeing anything (or should I say anyone) that we wanted to "do". It was time to go to sleep anyway. One more nite....ahhhhh!

Monday, August 28, 2006

Vegas Report: The Lifestyles Convention - Thursday brings on the Marketplace!

Sorry to take so long to post about our adventures at the Vegas Lifestyles Convention in much sex...and so little time to write about it all! LOL You'd be worried about us if all we did was write on our blog. After all, we do live it first! On to the convention...

We covered the booth for John and Allie (aka Swingercast, the FIRST internet radio show for swingers!) on Thursday, the opening day of the Convention's MarketPlace exhibit hall....we didn't have much to set-up for the booth except put out some cards for Swingercast and for our blog Danni654 Swingertime. I played our Sex Party Play List for background music and handed out cards. B had the website up to show people who stopped by the booth. We even did a "fake" interview or two and caught up with our own recordings of prior events during the trip so we wouldn't forget to write about them when we came home!

Across the aisle, a guy was selling penis pumps, running a video the whole time. It was rather distracting, 'cuz the guy in the video had a huge penis. This guy was huge already; he could barely get the pump over it. Just don't see how those things could really work, but it was fun as hell to watch!

B and I were very excited to meet John and Allie. We'd never seen face pictures, only talking at length on the phone, so when John first walked up...we recognized him by his sexy voice and his microphone, of course! Allie was to meet him later, coming on another flight. It really was like meeting old friends. John took over the booth, setting up his real audio equipment. And this gave us a chance to "shop".

I bought some "blow-job proof" lip color and gloss from Elizabeth, a Smoochez rep, who also happens to be from VA. If you're interested in BJ-proof lip color, check her out at Smoochez
or email Elizabeth at . I must put too much "lip" into my BJs and pussy-eating, 'cuz (unfortunately) the color only lasts through one or two for me....LMAO! But it is gorgeous...and leaves NO ring around the penis! P.S. Tell Elizabeth that Danni of the VA Friends Club sent you!

Oh, Lifestyles was giving away a prize (don't remember what, sorry) to those who visited The MarketPlace and got their passport stamped. Working the booth was a great way to "meet" new people....if you know what I mean!!!!!! {wink}{wink}

Plus, it was an excuse to shop. We bought a Bungee Sexperience Swing (stories about the swing at home later!). And, I bought a very cute, yet sexy top from Whimsey Wear . Allie finally arrived and bounded up to us at one of the booths while we were shipping. This cute little blonde walks up to us and says "hi". B and I looked at each other and as soon as she spoke again, we recognized her sultry Ssah-Wing-Ger-Cast voice!

Jungle Safari was the theme for the evening party, so I wore my new top (basically a bra with some flowing gossamer fabric hanging from it) with rave reviews. The dance was as lame as the night before. (Lame by our standard...if we're dancing, we're playing, too!) The "nipple police" were out in full force, making sure no one was doing ANYthing. So we moved on...

Red Rooster Dark Room was hosting a party next to the pool. Interesting, but we've been told so many negatives about the Red Rooster from people we trust...I just wasn't "going there".

of Orange County CA was a sponsor of one of the Penthouse Suites, but that isn't where the action was for us on Thursday night of the convention. We wandered around a bit with our friends Isabel & Mark (see post for Wednesday of the Convention). We even stopped at a suite on a lower floor, hosting a private party. But, on we moved and since we arrived to the suites before midnight, so it was fairly quiet.

Since we arrived early, we decided to hang out in the Club Lifestyles Hospitality Suite, the largest one, in a very visible couch area. It was great fun when the four us lounged around, sipping our cocktails and chatting with all the sexy, hot couples as they strolled through. I was sure to "break the ice" by conducting an outfit poll as sexy girls came through. (Envision the Olympics rating system for sexiness.) It was all good!!! John and Allie strolled by at some point in the evening, too, we found out later. But, they said we all looked "busy". LOL

We broke Isabel in that night with her first full-on "public" sex. She's a shy thing, you see! I started things going pushing her back on the couch, spreading those creamy thighs and eating her pussy for all to see. She laid back, moaning, while I licked and sucked and fingered her VERY wet pussy with Mark and B carressing her breasts and kissing her hungry mouth. By the time I looked up from my vantage point, she was working both of their cocks and was fully naked. How did THAT happen! She told me later that she kept her eyes closed most of the time...she's shy, remember!?! If she didn't see anyone, then they couldn't see her! LOL

Things really got heated as the suite filled with couples engaged in various stages of sex...oral, group, 69 and some just voyeurs. I ended up sitting on Mark's waiting cock, pumping him hard until we exploded simultaneously. I was like a bottle rocket coming off his cock. Too much liquid all at one time! And, my aim couldn't have been worse, either....B's shoes were right underneath me on the floor. (He had to pour them out to put them on later.)

I saw that Isabel was doing a wonderful job of riding B's cock, so I decided to ride his face, glorying in that wonderful tongue. B so loves to stick his tongue deep in my cunt and ass! I couldn't deny him. Normally, I would have faced Isabel, but there was a beautiful girl right behind the couch with enourmous natural breasts that I wanted to touch, so I reverse-cowgirled his face. She had pulled her top down so I could see and touch. I suckled those breasts for quite a while and kissed her lucious lips, too. Her guy stood behind her the whole time and fingered her. Mark asked if he could touch, but she said no. Seems that all this couple really wanted was a little "light" girl-girl, to watch others fuck and get themselves excited. What a shame, I would have loved to do more, especially lose myself in those tits!

We all cuddled on our crner of the couch for quite a while, eventually dressing to leave. John and Allie showed up after all the action was over and even ended up doing a post coital interview with Mark & Isabel. Imagine!!!!

We highly recommend this convention to everyone. Stay tuned for our posts about Friday and Saturday night, too! We'll try not to take TOO long as we've had several sex parties since the convention to write about!

This was also the night we met Vera. We only chatted with Vera and her hubby earlier in the suites, and after they left us, B mentioned that he had wanted to fuck her just to say he'd fucked an old-order Mennonite, you know, something different! Men! Such dogs!!!! LOL

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Vegas Report: Sex is on everyone's mind at swinging convention, as reported by Reuters OnLine!

Reuters Photo: Shiela (L), 30, sitting on husband Chris Tucker's lap, kisses Shalee as her husband looks...

By Adam Tanner
Sat Jul 22, 12:28 PM ET

LAS VEGAS (Reuters) - Vera Rhodes has come a long way from her conservative upbringing in Pennsylvania's Amish community.

There she was a virgin until she married at age 30. Now, she is an enthusiastic 54-year-old member of the millions-strong "swinging" community who speaks openly of her encounters with multiple sexual partners.

"Last night it was really special," said Rhodes, who is divorced and makes a living giving massages in the Midwestern state of Iowa. "There was a couple from Mexico, a couple from Virginia and a couple from Ireland, from Australia."

"I like to participate in life as much as possible," she said with a broad smile.

Rhodes was among some 3,000 people gathered on Saturday at the Stardust Hotel in Las Vegas for the annual Lifestyles conference, a five-day, $700-per-couple event that offers a mix of seminars, socializing and sex.

Early on Saturday, Rhodes was back for more, joining the action in a suite where more than a dozen couples were having sex.

The conference organizer, Robert McGinley, 72, president of The Lifestyles Organization, estimates that there are 3 million swingers in the United States alone. He founded his group in 1969 and began holding the annual conferences in the 1970s.

He said his firm brings in millions of dollars in annual sales from organizing tours to swinger-friendly resorts, Internet sites and from conferences. The Las Vegas event is the largest annual U.S. swinging event, he said.

"The lifestyles community is rapidly expanding," he said. "It's an expanding economic powerhouse."


The crowd at the Stardust appeared mostly middle-aged and middle-class. And many were nowhere near as active as Rhodes. Organizers estimated that perhaps 40 percent of the couples were attending their first conference.

"I'm still thinking about it; we've been monogamous for 26 years," said one middle-aged newcomer from Palm Springs, California, who said she was raised a Roman Catholic.

At one seminar, several women were overcome as the presenter demonstrated a sexual device -- one passed out in the packed room.

For all their enthusiasm, few of the swingers tell family and friends about their hobby.

"Socially, we're pariahs," said Drew Alexander, 40, who attended with this wife Tina, 38. "We're behaving in a way that's completely against the ingrained Catholic values."

Another couple did not want their names printed but were far from shy. They made love early on Saturday in the hospitality suites where couples wandered from room to room to watch the action at close range. They emerged from their experience beaming, saying seeing others sparked more passion.

One attendee who stayed completely on the sidelines was the man behind the event.

"I've never been a big swinger, that's not the point," McGinley said. "What I would like to do is bring a new understanding of sexuality in our lives and our relationships."

We met Vera and her husband in the ClubLifestyles Suite on Thursday night! When we told her we were from VA, she immediately shared where she was from originally. Let's just say...that was too close for comfort. She grew up minutes from where we live now. And, I have a feeling that I know some of her relatives! Oh, and the "couple from Virginia" mentioned in the story was us...

Friday, August 04, 2006

Vegas Report: The Lifestyles Convention - Wednesday starts it up!

Wednesday...we woke up. Wow, already another day! Registered for the convention; we had to wear neon green wristbands to identify ourselves for all of the events. We were special, though, 'cuz we got neon pink wristbands also to ID us as vendors for the exhibit hall (for John and Allie at It was a while before the first event, so we gambled some and lost $ome.

Hanging out in the lobby area, you couldn't help but notice the wristbands, a guy wearing a Lifestyles Convention t-shirt, girls who look like they're here for the Ms. Lifestyle pageant, etc.

We stopped in for the opening session and met another couple with a booth in the Marketplace (the exhibit hall) who sell "Sensual jewelry and arousing novelties to compliment your lifestyle." Check 'em out at . (I bought a great ID charm for bisexual women.) Kisses to B&M.

Then we saw Isabel and Mark, old friends from Vegas last October, who detoured with us from Desires due to Hurricane Wilma. It was so great to see them again!

We met up with a few other new couples and all decided to head to Tony Roma's for dinner and sex talk, of course! Now that we were in full-on "lifestyle" mode, we tended to forget about people around us with small children.

After dinner, we all headed to our rooms to change clothes for the was "white night". I wore glow-in-the-dark pasties from my friends at . My pic even made their blog!

We met couples from New Horizons Club in Seattle, some couples from our home club of VA Friends, and even a couple from Iowa (and he was a brain surgeon! no shit!)

Another note for next Convention: ALWAYS be prepared at the Convention, always prepared. I forgot to shave before dinner, or else we would have had all 4 couples back to our suite for "dessert"!

Anyway, the DJ at the dance sucked, so Isabel and Mark, B and I decided to head up to the 3 hospitality suites in the East Tower early. There was not a lot going on, too early we guessed. The first suite was tiny with a small attached bedroom. Funny thing was all the lights were on and a single guy was drawing a bath and watching Jimmy Kimmel Live. (so where was the porn, I asked?) The next suite, the Presidential Suite, had 2 floors with the 2nd floor just couches and a pool table. The middle suite was the best set-up, we found, with mattresses everywhere. A 4-some was going at it and a girl was blowing a guy so we watched for a little while, nothing we really felt like jumping in to, though.

Note on hospitality suites: go later in the evening (or should we say earlier in the morning) which is when the real action occurs. But (as we learned on other nights) if you go too late, you won't find an open space to move in for fucking!

So, Isabel, Mark, B and I decided to go back to our suite in the West Tower. After some girl-girl smooches, I got to be selfish, laid back and let Isabel eat my hungry pussy. She is masterful at cunnilingus...wonder where she learned her technique!?!?

Somehow, I ended up with 2 dicks! I think too much when sucking 2 dicks at the same time. I try to give equal time to each, so I'm always trying to at least jerk off the cock that I'm not sucking at the time. Just too much to coordinate at one I stop to lick a ball?...did I suck too long on this one and neglect the other? LOL

Then, I got my turn to lick Isabel's sweet cunt. After a while, Isabel requested the double-headed, and I was happy to oblige. I do believe she came as her thighs stiffened and at that point I couldn't shove her end in her tightened cunt with my pussy grabbing on to the other end.

Did we mention that Isabel enjoys sucking dick? While she was laid back with me between her legs (either licking or fucking her with the double-headed), the guys were getting sucked off again!

The guys eventually moved in on the action. B and Isabel ended up pairing off with Isabel on top wildly fucking B's tongue with her pussy, then B flipped her over, got on top and fucked her mouth. Lots of gymnastics going on, 'cuz the next time I looked, B was fucking Isabel doggy and then next she was on top.

I ended up with my head hanging over the edge of the bed with Mark fucking me. I always like Mark in the missionary position with one or the other of us on top. He's got a magnificent curve to his cock that hits my g-spot just right! He had me squirting all over the place, over and over again. Remember me calling him Superman?

B and Isabel finished before Mark and they snuggled up next to us and watched. After all were satisfied...ahhh...we kissed them g'nite and promised to look each other up again during the Convention.

We were ready to go to sleep! In a few hours, we get to man the booth! Gotta get some zzzzzs...

Thursday, August 03, 2006

Vegas Report: Blackjack, Blowjobs and The Beatles - Monday and Tuesday

Monday in Vegas brought us to the day we had to say goodbye to Doris. She had to get back to her regular life without us. Boo-Hoo!!! And Bye-Bye!

After we tucked Doris into a cab to the airport, I spent 'bout an hour by the pool. The 110-degree heat was just too much to bear (the pool was like bath water), so back to the air-conditioned bar and drinks with umbrellas for me. B was already there playing video poker. We just bummed around and took naps to get ready for staying up late and getting on Vegas "Party" time.

My sexxx scenario for the evening? I had "bought" B's company for the night. We had dinner at Kokomo's at the Mirage. We highly recommend their Lobster Milanese (rates right up their with an orgy!). B did his best to be my "boy toy", treating me even more like a queen than he treats me everyday.

We had a little time before the show at the Mirage and hit the blackjack tables. The cards were with us this night! The table was fun, too...met someone who had been stationed in VA at one point in her military career. Her hubby was in their room watching their kids so she could play go, girl!

Then it was off to LOVE...

We thought we had really shitty "nosebleed" seats, but as this was a Cirque du Soleil show, being able to see everything from ceiling to floor was perfect. It was an awesome show...if you like the Beatles (and we do!)...then you will absolutely love LOVE!

We also enjoyed the show in the seats next to us...two really drunk old guys that fell asleep, had sneezing fits, had to be ushered back to their seats, poured their drinks out on the steps...typical drunk-shit! Not sure how they even got into the show.

When we left the Mirage, we found that a huge storm had hit. Streets were flooded, traffic was backed up, trees had fallen, lots of areas still had no power. Remember, when it rains in Vegas, the water has NO where to go. MK (our HOTTT dancer g/f) was planning to meet us after the show, but a tree fell on her house and she lost power, so she had a lot to deal with at home.

Power was out back at the Stardust, too. It was an odd sensation to see a casino running on only emergency generators. It was hot and eerily dings, bells or whirring from the slot machines! Luckily, the elevators were working, and security was handing out glow sticks since there was no power in the rooms.

Hmmm...glow sticks, huh? We decided since we had nothing else to do, let's go fuck!

In the dark of our suite, we started up one of our glow sticks. I decided to put my boy toy to work. I opened the drapes to the shining lights of the Strip. Then I pulled my dress off slowly in front of the window, backlit by the Strip.

Oh!!! Note to self: It's a good thing to be selfish!

B ate my pussy a lot, fucked me hard in every position we could think of, fucked my ass, then (upon my request) pulled his cock out and blew his load all over me. Must be true love!

B then used several of my toys on me until I had my "guy orgasm".

Just listening to the digital recording about the night's events again (yeah, we had to do something to remember a 9-day Vegas trip) has made me all wet!

We both just laid on the bed...spent...with the lights of Vegas flowing over our sweaty naked bodies in the blackness of our suite. Then...the lights came back on! Talk about a shock to the system! After so much Red Bull & Vodka (me) and Mountain Dew (B), we were still "up" and ready to roll.

We threw some clothes on and headed to the Stardust casino to play more two-deck blackjack. Since the AC in the Stardust had been off for a while, the casino was really hot. We decided to walk up the Strip and check out some casinos we'd never visited before.

Frontier, Treasure Island and the Wynn...where we played more blackjack (regular kind this time)...and actually ended "up" by a few dollars.

By the time we left the Wynn, it was really late...or really early, depending upon your perspective.

...we got to watch the sun come up over the Strip. It was a beautiful sight that my camera could not do justice. Off to bed, though...

B awoke with morning wood a few hours later. Since he was so tired, I rolled over and popped my mouth on his hard cock, sucked him off (which took no time at all for some reason!) and swallowed every drop! Then we passed out again for a while. Ok, on to Vegas time...we got at 12:30 and B at 3pm on Tuesday!

Had a very lazy Tuesday...lunch, played two deck BJ...shopped for souvenirs (just me, of course!)...

Tuesday night we did downtown Fremont Street for the first time ever. We strolled around and saw the world's largest big screeen overhead, an artist painting with spray paints, had dinner at the 101-yr old Golden Gate. The GG is the oldest hotel in Vegas (celebrated 100 years in 2005) and I think some of the original patrons were dining next to us, based on their use of oxygen tanks and walkers.

Downtown has old casinos with old buildings. The casinos are tight, aisles squished together without the ambiance of the newer casinos. Not a selling point for Vegas for me.

By the way, I wore camouflage so no one could see me. LOL We did pop into a topless strip bar (for shits and grins), sat next to the long, narrow stage. There were a lot of couples (convention goers or just lookers?). The female of one couple and I made eye, winking and smiling.

We noticed a cute girl (no "girl-friendly" fingernails, though) sitting next to B. Her guy walked back up to her after a lap dance in the back room without his girl. He just left her sitting there. He was ecstatic. Told B that he spent $35 and thought the dance was great. We asked if he could touch her and he said "no". B and I both looked at each other, perplexed...THAT was "great"???? Not the strip clubs we enjoy!!!!!

Some guy stumbled up to us and asked B if B would do anything that he would do for $1? Well, he was very tattooed, bald, drunk and scary-looking, but we agreed anyway. LOL He wanted B to put $1 between my titties with his mouth. Duh! Do it all the time!!!! Just after that one of the strippers crawled over to me, let me kiss her breasts and smell that sweet sweat of hers and, of course, proceeded to take the $1 out from between my breasts with her mouth. Cute! Money is like a magnet to those girls!

The overhead ceiling show had started when we left the strip club. We then popped into and gambled at the Golden Nugget.

I flirted with the dealer. Hey, she had her tongue pierced, had VERY girl-friendly hands, and she was very flirty back. I was up almost $100, but we walked away since she didn't get off work for another 5 hours. BJ (that's blackjack, not blowjob!) odds downtown were not as good as the other casinos, either. By the way, HI Carrie Ann from Portland OR...we'll be back in January to see you!!!!!!

When we arrived back at the Stardust, I turned into Horny Hooker Danni...I still had my camos on, so B couldn't see me. I gave B a very sensual lap dance of my own. I clinched his cock and stroked it with my ass cheeks. Then I dropped to my knees and sucked his cock to its maximum throbbing, pulsing hardness. I sat on him, of course, and ended up tying B up...pinned his arms down by sitting on his chest and fucked his tongue with my pussy.

He did threaten to take away some of my pay for the evening, since I didn't do his complete request...tying B up with the Japanse rope handcuffs, sit on his chest, pin him with my legs and use the double-headed on myself until I squirt all over his face. Oops! I forgot!

I ended everything up with the Hitachi wand on his balls and jerked him off my other hand. I used the wand on myself, but needed a cock. So I pulled out the DI vibe and B tongue-fucked my ass...until I eventually exploded, shooting the DI out of my pussy and across the bed.

We literally passed out where we lay and awoke a few hours...across the bed sideways with no covers.

Despite where we were, our Playboy and "Call Me for Sex" cards (you know, the ones they pass out every night on the Strip) in our room were turned upside down by the maid. We got a chuckle out of that...guess we offended her! Damn...we've only just gotten started...stay tuned for the LIFESTYLES CONVENTION REPORT...and more naked pictures!