Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Vegas Report: Liquor and Lick Her, Margaritas are Quicker! 1st Sunday

As requested, we've added our review of club Piranha on AmericanLowLife . If you visit Las Vegas, be sure to add your profile there and post your plans! Great for planning hook-ups and getting the real scoop on the local hot spots.

Sunday found us struggling to get out of bed. When B and I awoke, Dirty Doris (our very sexxxy single g/f) -- who we thought was asleep in the adjoining bedroom of our suite -- had disappeared! OMIGOD!!! ALONE in VEGAS!!!

Thanks to mobile phones and text messaging, we soon discovered that she had awoken early and trekked up the strip to go shopping. We agreed to get our asses out of bed and meet her at Margaritaville, just across from Caesar's Palace.

B and I taxied up to M-ville from our Stardust lair. Doris hadn't been shopping long. She did, however, spend quite a while at a local bar and was feeling pretty good by the time we showed up.

Notice the shirt: "We Are the People Your Parents Warned Us About" . Gotta love that one! And a great shout-out to our fellow sex bloggers!

B and Doris did quite a few shots of tequila. We weren't driving, but I was "designated walker" since I was only having Frozen Hurricanes. LOL Hey, WE'RE WALKING HERE! (You know, that famous line from Midnight Cowboy .) Oh well, and with Tequila comes kisses...

...and nipple pinches...

...and then we took our stroll back down the Strip back to the Stardust. Doris strutted her stuff in her new pink pussy hat. It was so fucking hot (temperature-wise, too!) that we had to walk in and out of casinos to cool off. Doris and I even walked through the sprinklers at the Wynn . Our clothes were soaked but almost completely dry by the time we walked the few blocks back to the Stardust.

We were a spectacle. I had my camera out telling people along the Strip that we were with MAXXIM magazine...could we take their picture? Had quite a few takers, especially one hottie that looked just like Alicia Keys.

Once we made it back to the hotel, B and Doris were feeling a little frisky!

...and that long Gene Simmons-like tongue came out!

See the similarity?!?! I'm a lucky girl (and so are my girlfriends!)...

Anyway, the day ...and an afternoon of fucking... wore us all out!

Once we finally awoke from our post-sex naps, we decided to find a Drag Queen show to get the evening started. As luck (pun intended) would have it, we found Lucky Cheng's just across the street from the Stardust. The show was great! Lots of lesbians in attendance and a whole table of gals who showed off on the stripper pole. These drag queens actually had REAL breast implants. The highlight of the show was when the MC sprayed whipped cream all over his (YES, HIS!) breasts and surprised one of the guests by shoving her face in them.

After the show, we walked the Strip towards the old downtown. Along the way, we stopped at the Riviera which features the "Crazy Girls" show...hence this awesome sculpture out front. A group of cute young things were doing their best to get pics in front of these gorgeous asses cast in bronze. We even took photos for them as a group. They just wouldn't flash asses or titties or anything! So I just had to show them how it was done! Sucking on Doris' nipples...

...and flashing my ass. I received lots of hoots and hollers from passersby, especially some very offended little old ladies! LOL

We finally made it to the Stratosphere where Doris and B wanted to do the rides on top of the tower: Insanity, X-treme and Big Shot! Squeamish me (Danni) stayed in one of the casino bars while the "kids" did their thrill rides.

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