Friday, August 04, 2006

Vegas Report: The Lifestyles Convention - Wednesday starts it up!

Wednesday...we woke up. Wow, already another day! Registered for the convention; we had to wear neon green wristbands to identify ourselves for all of the events. We were special, though, 'cuz we got neon pink wristbands also to ID us as vendors for the exhibit hall (for John and Allie at It was a while before the first event, so we gambled some and lost $ome.

Hanging out in the lobby area, you couldn't help but notice the wristbands, a guy wearing a Lifestyles Convention t-shirt, girls who look like they're here for the Ms. Lifestyle pageant, etc.

We stopped in for the opening session and met another couple with a booth in the Marketplace (the exhibit hall) who sell "Sensual jewelry and arousing novelties to compliment your lifestyle." Check 'em out at . (I bought a great ID charm for bisexual women.) Kisses to B&M.

Then we saw Isabel and Mark, old friends from Vegas last October, who detoured with us from Desires due to Hurricane Wilma. It was so great to see them again!

We met up with a few other new couples and all decided to head to Tony Roma's for dinner and sex talk, of course! Now that we were in full-on "lifestyle" mode, we tended to forget about people around us with small children.

After dinner, we all headed to our rooms to change clothes for the was "white night". I wore glow-in-the-dark pasties from my friends at . My pic even made their blog!

We met couples from New Horizons Club in Seattle, some couples from our home club of VA Friends, and even a couple from Iowa (and he was a brain surgeon! no shit!)

Another note for next Convention: ALWAYS be prepared at the Convention, always prepared. I forgot to shave before dinner, or else we would have had all 4 couples back to our suite for "dessert"!

Anyway, the DJ at the dance sucked, so Isabel and Mark, B and I decided to head up to the 3 hospitality suites in the East Tower early. There was not a lot going on, too early we guessed. The first suite was tiny with a small attached bedroom. Funny thing was all the lights were on and a single guy was drawing a bath and watching Jimmy Kimmel Live. (so where was the porn, I asked?) The next suite, the Presidential Suite, had 2 floors with the 2nd floor just couches and a pool table. The middle suite was the best set-up, we found, with mattresses everywhere. A 4-some was going at it and a girl was blowing a guy so we watched for a little while, nothing we really felt like jumping in to, though.

Note on hospitality suites: go later in the evening (or should we say earlier in the morning) which is when the real action occurs. But (as we learned on other nights) if you go too late, you won't find an open space to move in for fucking!

So, Isabel, Mark, B and I decided to go back to our suite in the West Tower. After some girl-girl smooches, I got to be selfish, laid back and let Isabel eat my hungry pussy. She is masterful at cunnilingus...wonder where she learned her technique!?!?

Somehow, I ended up with 2 dicks! I think too much when sucking 2 dicks at the same time. I try to give equal time to each, so I'm always trying to at least jerk off the cock that I'm not sucking at the time. Just too much to coordinate at one I stop to lick a ball?...did I suck too long on this one and neglect the other? LOL

Then, I got my turn to lick Isabel's sweet cunt. After a while, Isabel requested the double-headed, and I was happy to oblige. I do believe she came as her thighs stiffened and at that point I couldn't shove her end in her tightened cunt with my pussy grabbing on to the other end.

Did we mention that Isabel enjoys sucking dick? While she was laid back with me between her legs (either licking or fucking her with the double-headed), the guys were getting sucked off again!

The guys eventually moved in on the action. B and Isabel ended up pairing off with Isabel on top wildly fucking B's tongue with her pussy, then B flipped her over, got on top and fucked her mouth. Lots of gymnastics going on, 'cuz the next time I looked, B was fucking Isabel doggy and then next she was on top.

I ended up with my head hanging over the edge of the bed with Mark fucking me. I always like Mark in the missionary position with one or the other of us on top. He's got a magnificent curve to his cock that hits my g-spot just right! He had me squirting all over the place, over and over again. Remember me calling him Superman?

B and Isabel finished before Mark and they snuggled up next to us and watched. After all were satisfied...ahhh...we kissed them g'nite and promised to look each other up again during the Convention.

We were ready to go to sleep! In a few hours, we get to man the booth! Gotta get some zzzzzs...

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