Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Vegas Report: The Lifestyles Convention - Friday lets the Neon Glow

Yep, Friday was Naughty Neon night. The theme dance was {yawn} ok and there was a decent pool party. I swam in the pool in my dress (it was so damn hot!). When I got out of the pool, I molested the big "R " from our home club, VA Friends while his gorgeous, blonde wife looked on. Got him all wet...and hard! LOL

There wasn't much to my neon outfit...a little fishnet...in lime green. Looked like this dress, just in that hideous neon green! I can't believe we took absolutely NO pics on Friday! The dress was so skimpy, it was dry almost immediately after I got out of the pool.

The Friday pool party was sponsored by John & Allie's home club. They also had a small suite on the Penthouse Floor. I apologize for not remembering all of the club names, but follow this link to all of the clubs that sponsored parties: http://www.lifestyles-convention.com/ls2006/ls2006-hosted.html .

We ran into Isabel and Mark again and went to the East Tower suites with them; they, however, went off to a private suite party on the 4th floor and we headed to the Penthouse.

However, this night every suite had a "secure" back area, requiring you to be naked to enter. Well, that's all well and good...and definitely our intention, but I like to look first! If I don't like what I see, I'm not jumping in the middle! That's like going swimming before checking to see if they're shark-infested waters. Na-ah! Not this girl!

Trapeze sponsored the Presidential Suite Fri night. It looked pretty dull to us. Since we weren't asked to get naked when we entered, that wasn't a good sign. LOL

We wandered back to the Club Lifestyles Suite where we had partied on Thursday night. Their secure area was the same way, although you could see inside a little better. The "guard" said you had to be having sex to enter. I asked if that meant we needed to get started in the hallway, but I don't think he appreciated my humor. So, we promised to get fucking as soon as we entered...and we did!

The huge back room was covered with mattresses as we mentioned before, lighted only by blacklights. Very cool atmosphere. Bodies everywhere in a variety of sex positions...fucking, sucking, etc. B surveyed the "lay of the land" and found one small spot on a mattress that was available next to a cute blonde and her guy.

We immediately stripped, and I started to give B a blowjob. When a little more space came available, B laid down and I continued to suck his ever-hardening cock. Then I flipped around on top of B in a 69 so we could both enjoy oral. Since I was already very wet, I got up fairly quickly and sat, reverse cowgirl, on B's cock.

The blonde was on her back with her guy between her legs munching away. I touched her leg to see if she was receptive (an "Allie" move), and she was. So our hands wandered all over each other for a bit. Her guy was grabbing my ass and B was squeezing her breasts. I leaned in and the girls kissed. The game was on! The blonde was stroking B's balls while I was fucking him.

Her guy got behind her, rolling her so she was facing us. I thought perhaps she might like to suck B's cock (I'm so considerate!), so I slipped off and dove down between her legs. Her guy was fucking her, so I licked her clit feverishly while stroking and pulling on his balls. Her guy's cock slipped out of her. I planned to suck him but the taste of precum (sorry, but yuck!), so I decided to fuck it instead. So I flipped around so my ass was towards him and guided his cock inside me.

Both blonde girl and I had access to B's cock, so she and I both licked and suckled him. B was the fuck-king! He just lay back with him hands under his head surveying the room. Here was two girls sucking his cock and many of the nearby couples were watching. We could only assume that since most of the action at that point was couples only (with little to no interaction with others) that we must have been quite a show. B said he could see a few people pointing and a guy gave him a knowing grin and nod. B was like a kid in a candy store.

Blonde girl finally flipped around at B's beckoning to sit on his face while sucking him. Her thighs would tighten and her legs would straighten out very stiffly.

She fucked B's tongue with a vengeance, so deeply that her g-spot was definitely enjoying it!

Nutcracker B's head was the walnut. I told him later that I thought his head looked thinner. All the girls who like oral LOVE that tongue.

I tried to slam fuck the guy in doggy, but he was bent the wrong direction for me to enjoy. So I turned to him and said "I need to sit on that" with the intention of sitting on him and...boom...he came just like that. Sex definitely occurs between the ears!

So I proceeded to shove him on his back, stroking his cock to try to get him hard again. To no avail. Since the guy came too fast, I ended up laying down, spreading my legs and fingering myself, since I hadn't cum yet.

A guy from the next mattress leaned over and dove between my legs. I'm sure he thought he was going to enjoy some sweet nectar. But he quickly drew away when he realized he wasn't tasting pussy juice but some other guy's cum. He (and NOT very discreetly, I might add) wiped his lips and face on my inner thighs as he sheepishly pulled away. Quality pussy eaters should not let a little cum in their way.

It became apparent that blonde girl wasn't going to fuck B, and, well, I needed to cum...so while she was still sitting on B's face (the full-on sitting that requires B to breath with his ears), I hopped on his cock and rode him hard.

Just as blonde girl was getting up from B's face, I could feel his legs straighten (I know his toes were curling) and saw that "cum face" starting. B was blowing his load at the same time I was cumming. Most of the time when I squirt, I need to pull away...all that liquid has to go somewhere! It was like a bottle rocket between B blowing and me squirting. We had the Bellagio fountains going in the orgy room. I'm guessing most people haven't seen squirting in person. I noticed all of the people around were watching quietly. So I apologized and asked if I had splashed them. They were all very animated at that point, saying no, that they enjoyed the show.

B's cock was still hard, so I went back to fucking him. He noticed that blonde girl and her guy were getting dressed to go said thank you and sent them on their way.

We intentionally did not ask their names. In fact, I never spoke to the guy other than uttering the phrase that caused him to loose his composure and "blow".

Talk about anonymous sex! We have no idea who they were. We did see a few couples later that could have been them, but no confirmation.

The most awesome thing happened at the end of the orgy. As we (shakily) got to our feet and began scrounging for our clothes and dressing, the group all around us broke out in appluase. I did a little curtsy, although I had no skirt on. We'd never been applauded before! We didn't know that many people were paying attention to us. Hey, they were s'posed to be fucking!

We grabbed a soda and went back to our room, not seeing anything (or should I say anyone) that we wanted to "do". It was time to go to sleep anyway. One more nite....ahhhhh!

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