Monday, August 28, 2006

Vegas Report: The Lifestyles Convention - Thursday brings on the Marketplace!

Sorry to take so long to post about our adventures at the Vegas Lifestyles Convention in much sex...and so little time to write about it all! LOL You'd be worried about us if all we did was write on our blog. After all, we do live it first! On to the convention...

We covered the booth for John and Allie (aka Swingercast, the FIRST internet radio show for swingers!) on Thursday, the opening day of the Convention's MarketPlace exhibit hall....we didn't have much to set-up for the booth except put out some cards for Swingercast and for our blog Danni654 Swingertime. I played our Sex Party Play List for background music and handed out cards. B had the website up to show people who stopped by the booth. We even did a "fake" interview or two and caught up with our own recordings of prior events during the trip so we wouldn't forget to write about them when we came home!

Across the aisle, a guy was selling penis pumps, running a video the whole time. It was rather distracting, 'cuz the guy in the video had a huge penis. This guy was huge already; he could barely get the pump over it. Just don't see how those things could really work, but it was fun as hell to watch!

B and I were very excited to meet John and Allie. We'd never seen face pictures, only talking at length on the phone, so when John first walked up...we recognized him by his sexy voice and his microphone, of course! Allie was to meet him later, coming on another flight. It really was like meeting old friends. John took over the booth, setting up his real audio equipment. And this gave us a chance to "shop".

I bought some "blow-job proof" lip color and gloss from Elizabeth, a Smoochez rep, who also happens to be from VA. If you're interested in BJ-proof lip color, check her out at Smoochez
or email Elizabeth at . I must put too much "lip" into my BJs and pussy-eating, 'cuz (unfortunately) the color only lasts through one or two for me....LMAO! But it is gorgeous...and leaves NO ring around the penis! P.S. Tell Elizabeth that Danni of the VA Friends Club sent you!

Oh, Lifestyles was giving away a prize (don't remember what, sorry) to those who visited The MarketPlace and got their passport stamped. Working the booth was a great way to "meet" new people....if you know what I mean!!!!!! {wink}{wink}

Plus, it was an excuse to shop. We bought a Bungee Sexperience Swing (stories about the swing at home later!). And, I bought a very cute, yet sexy top from Whimsey Wear . Allie finally arrived and bounded up to us at one of the booths while we were shipping. This cute little blonde walks up to us and says "hi". B and I looked at each other and as soon as she spoke again, we recognized her sultry Ssah-Wing-Ger-Cast voice!

Jungle Safari was the theme for the evening party, so I wore my new top (basically a bra with some flowing gossamer fabric hanging from it) with rave reviews. The dance was as lame as the night before. (Lame by our standard...if we're dancing, we're playing, too!) The "nipple police" were out in full force, making sure no one was doing ANYthing. So we moved on...

Red Rooster Dark Room was hosting a party next to the pool. Interesting, but we've been told so many negatives about the Red Rooster from people we trust...I just wasn't "going there".

of Orange County CA was a sponsor of one of the Penthouse Suites, but that isn't where the action was for us on Thursday night of the convention. We wandered around a bit with our friends Isabel & Mark (see post for Wednesday of the Convention). We even stopped at a suite on a lower floor, hosting a private party. But, on we moved and since we arrived to the suites before midnight, so it was fairly quiet.

Since we arrived early, we decided to hang out in the Club Lifestyles Hospitality Suite, the largest one, in a very visible couch area. It was great fun when the four us lounged around, sipping our cocktails and chatting with all the sexy, hot couples as they strolled through. I was sure to "break the ice" by conducting an outfit poll as sexy girls came through. (Envision the Olympics rating system for sexiness.) It was all good!!! John and Allie strolled by at some point in the evening, too, we found out later. But, they said we all looked "busy". LOL

We broke Isabel in that night with her first full-on "public" sex. She's a shy thing, you see! I started things going pushing her back on the couch, spreading those creamy thighs and eating her pussy for all to see. She laid back, moaning, while I licked and sucked and fingered her VERY wet pussy with Mark and B carressing her breasts and kissing her hungry mouth. By the time I looked up from my vantage point, she was working both of their cocks and was fully naked. How did THAT happen! She told me later that she kept her eyes closed most of the time...she's shy, remember!?! If she didn't see anyone, then they couldn't see her! LOL

Things really got heated as the suite filled with couples engaged in various stages of sex...oral, group, 69 and some just voyeurs. I ended up sitting on Mark's waiting cock, pumping him hard until we exploded simultaneously. I was like a bottle rocket coming off his cock. Too much liquid all at one time! And, my aim couldn't have been worse, either....B's shoes were right underneath me on the floor. (He had to pour them out to put them on later.)

I saw that Isabel was doing a wonderful job of riding B's cock, so I decided to ride his face, glorying in that wonderful tongue. B so loves to stick his tongue deep in my cunt and ass! I couldn't deny him. Normally, I would have faced Isabel, but there was a beautiful girl right behind the couch with enourmous natural breasts that I wanted to touch, so I reverse-cowgirled his face. She had pulled her top down so I could see and touch. I suckled those breasts for quite a while and kissed her lucious lips, too. Her guy stood behind her the whole time and fingered her. Mark asked if he could touch, but she said no. Seems that all this couple really wanted was a little "light" girl-girl, to watch others fuck and get themselves excited. What a shame, I would have loved to do more, especially lose myself in those tits!

We all cuddled on our crner of the couch for quite a while, eventually dressing to leave. John and Allie showed up after all the action was over and even ended up doing a post coital interview with Mark & Isabel. Imagine!!!!

We highly recommend this convention to everyone. Stay tuned for our posts about Friday and Saturday night, too! We'll try not to take TOO long as we've had several sex parties since the convention to write about!

This was also the night we met Vera. We only chatted with Vera and her hubby earlier in the suites, and after they left us, B mentioned that he had wanted to fuck her just to say he'd fucked an old-order Mennonite, you know, something different! Men! Such dogs!!!! LOL

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