Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Vegas Report: 1st Annual Swingercast Podcast - Saturday - Porn Stars and what we did as Pirates

Saturday, at last, at the Vegas Lifestyles Convention! We blew off the Sat. Pool Party where Ms. Lifestyles 2006 was crowned. Here she is for your viewing pleasure. Funny, though, we never saw her at any of the parties we attended...hmmm?

And, we had good reason to pass up the pool event! The afternoon seminar was "Behind the Scenes on Porno-Making". Couldn't pass that one up! The lovely Brooke Hunter, along with her husband and fellow porn star, Don Hollywood, and some skinny little crack-whore-lookin' girl not only talked about making porns, they actually enacted scenes!!!!!!

Have you ever seen the show "Whose Line Is It Anyway"? We shouted out what the story line should be, and they did it! Including pile-driver and the pop shot (aka cum shot)! Don's very well-endowed, but as you'll see from his pic below, he obviously must have had $$ on his side as well to land a hot babe like Brooke.

B and I arrived to the seminar early and we got front row seats on the floor. Brooke's pussy was so close to us, I could have reached out and licked her. But I refrained....don't touch the porn star (unless invited)! They did invite everyone to join them in a gang bang scene they were filming later that evening. I would have joined in if it had been an all-girl gang bang...LOL!

Here are some links to learn more (and see more) about Brooke:

Later, we hosted an event in our suite: Visit and listen to Episode 12 for the 1st Annual Swingercast Podcast. This was a Roundtable of swingers, and that's Swinger with a "Grrr", talking about our Hot Times, our Hot Love (as Allie from Swingercast puts it), and other Hot Swingers.

That's Episode 12 from the Danni654 Swingertime Suite at the Lifestyles Convention in Las Vegas!

Participants included Caroline & James and Julia & Paul from Seattle WA, Allie & John from Swingercast-land, and Isabel & Mark from somewhere-out-there! It was great fun! Just wish we'd had time to do our girls-only bubble bath "chat", too. But, everyone needed to go get ready for the grand finale...the Pirates & Wenches Party.

Yes, B got his cock sucked in there somewhere by this "pirate wench"! LOL The theme dance was just ok, so, as usual, we headed up to the suites... the New Horizons Club wast hosting in the Presidential Suite, and the featured event was Naked Girl Oil Wrestling. Needless to say, the place was packed! Before the oil wrestling started, B turns to me and says he just saw Devinn Lane from one of our favorite shows:

I said "no way"! We couldn't possibly meet two porn stars in one day. Being the alpha female that I am, I made my way through the crowd with B in tow and asked her if she was THE Devinn Lane. It was! And she even introduced us to her boyfriend and told us that they're swingers, too! I must admit that I barely noticed her guy; I was enthralled with her! Devinn looks SO good in person; her TV, videos and photos do NOT do her justice!

We were even more shocked when Devinn joined in the oil wrestling. She was SO HOTTT! I even got to watch her in the shower afterward...oh, to be that bar of soap!

Here are some links to check out Devinn:

C'est la vie! We'll miss you, Vegas!

But, we'll see you soon, Las Vegas!

P.S. If you'll be in Vegas (or you live in Vegas), we'll be there in January 2007!

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